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Monday, February 16, 2009

Isaac is on a ROLL!!!

He's doing so stinkin' awesome...I can't even believe it! He's suppose to be the baby that gets every cold and germ bug around...but, he's doing wonderful. (he's still kept in a semi-bubble--keeping him in the stroller all the time is how I take him out in public...and NO ONE is allowed to touch him). I forgot to tell you that when Shirley, the nutritionist came by last week, she gave me MCT oil (but, it's powder form), so it lasts longer. This just adds more calories for him, and we're adding the DuoCal (powdered calories), and heavy whipping cream to everything he'll eat. (he will be a butterball one day...he will!) But, he weighed in at 20 pounds...still....and he's 32 1/2 inches long. Based on those measurements, she said that he's the size of a 10 month old (that's why he looks like a baby to me--and everyone else). But, he's still plotting along on his curve. I MIGHT be brave and head over to LabCorp tomorrow. I need to get my blood work done to see if DiGeorge is in me...and to also get ALL the littel containers my ped will need to suck out Isaac's blood (I hate to do it...but, we need to check those t-cells, his response to vaccines to see if he's ready for live vaccines yet, and now the allergy tests---I don't know if they can suck that much blood out at one time?)

The big boys are doing good. They still don't pick up their clothes, or towels after their baths...but, if that's their only problem...aren't I lucky?? (well, lucky until I yell and remind them to pick up their junk because I'm NOT the maid!)

I hear Isaac...laughing...again...in his crib. It's 10:00pm, and he's just having a blast laughing with himself (which, by the way, he doesn't laugh all day...it's this new energy he gets at night...weird!)

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Sarah said...

How sweet is that... hearing him just having a good ole time in his bed.
Makes me think of one of my favorite things to hear... when Evan is asleep and giggles.

The Portas said...

Elijah giggles to himself in his bed, too. Hmmmmm, maybe they've hidden cell phones under their mattresses and they are all calling each other?!

That little man is amazing. He is doing so well. I just love him!

When is the blood sucking? I hope it goes well, and quick! Have a good day, you guys..xoxo

Dina said...

Oh Kathy - I'm sorry I didn't even think to give you my number. I knew I wouldn't be able to get to you because I didn't have a car and I thought the weather would be lousy for you to take Isaac out in to.
My bad:( It was a very busy weekend and they had our days planned tightly. But we are going back so I'll make sure next time I do a better job trying to connect with you.


Lee Family said...

I am so glad he is doing awsome go Isaac!

My girls are the same way towels all over the place and clothes all over there room.

Have a good week.

Lots of hugs Karen

cindy said...

WooHoo! Keep up all the good health over there! Yay for Isaac!

Those big boys. They just need to grow up and marry a woman who will pick up after them! LOL

Lots of love,


Vanessa said...

Just go get your test believe me you'll feel better you did. I did mine and it came back negative. I really thought I had it because there are some things I have that remind me of 22q.