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Monday, February 09, 2009

uh....huh....I got this for Joe for Christmas...
and we FINALLY took it out today.
I could only work out for about 20 minutes
(Joe more than doubled my time)....
but...oh, if it works!
Then, I ate some pumpkin pie.

Mr. Isaac would NOT go to sleep last night. It was 10:00, and I put him in the crib...then, he would sit up and fall over and BANG himself into the side of the crib. ouch! This continued about 10 times before I had to just take him out of the crib...he's going to hurt himself. (so...you know how my mind works...I have a solution for this...but, you'll have to wait a few days while I make it!)

FINALLY, about 11:00 he fell asleep in my bed...and I was able to put him in his crib. I walk down the hall to check on the big boys (because it's just habit...) and Eli was AWAKE, under the covers...with his book and book light...reading away. SO, I take him and put him in my room (in a little bed on the floor). BAM...like magic, he falls asleep.

NOW...I can sleep. NOPE...It's about 2am now...and I hear noises. (Joe doesn't...someone could come into our house shooting a gun...and he'd sleep through it). I sit up...listen carefully....and it's RAIN! RAIN in Las Vegas...are you kidding me?? Like a real rain storm! How weird!?!?!?

OK...now, I can go to sleep. Then, it's that darn 5:30 alarm...oh...my bones!
and the rest of our day proceeds as normal.

Tomorrow Isaac sees his GI doc. I don't expect any real changes to what we've been doing...but, it'll be nice to get a weight check...and any new ideas he may have.

OH...and Eli. He wouldn't go to school today. He just KNEW he would have asthma problems today. urrghh...where's my day of peace?? (anyone seen it??)

They're calling for RAIN again tonight (and snow a little higher up...oh my!!

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Mandy said...

I still say that boy isn't sick!!

See you tomorow.

Oh, I think we left Meghans blanket there. She keeps crying for it so we are going to have to come over in the morning to get it.

Samantha said...

Rain and snow this year...you guys are defying the laws of Vegas! I am glad that things are slow right now...that is all greatness! Good luck at the GI doc today...I cannot wait to hear his weight. Now that he is moving and groovin more, he will probably lose a little bit :(

Have a fantastic day!

Love ya!

The Portas said...

Lots of weird weather everywhere this year! I just love rain showers, but only when they are not the norm.

Oh my goodness, you need to put Joe in charge for a night and then go get a room at a hotel and sleep from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am ALL BY YOURSELF!

I hope the GI visit goes well today and that tonight brings lovely, peaceful sleep for all of you!


Lee Family said...

You need to get some pillows and masking tape and put it all around the crib. Good Luck what ever you do I want to see pics.
Hope Eli's Asthma gets better poor guy.

Lee Ann Goodwin-Murray said...

Kathy, wanted to stop in and let you konw that I was thinking of you! Aunt Louise sent a picture of me, you, and Mandy with Grandma Goodwin.. I'll have to figure out how to use my scanner and send it to you :) I hope that all is well with your family!!

oh, p90x works! I've lost 10 lbs in 30 days :) The hubby and I do it together every night....you'll see rapid results as long as you're strict with the diet :) No more pie after workouts! :) Keep it up, it's really fun and make sure you take the pictures! You'll really notice when you have pictures to compare!! Talk to you soon :)