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Thursday, February 26, 2009

what have you done???
uh huh....
why is that out???

I see...
you smeared it all over your favorite toy!

What can you say to that face???
He's got me WRAPPED!

I was busy playing with my coupons...and I looked over...and butt paste was everywhere! On his face, in his hair, on the carpet, his clothes, and that toy. Such a mess! After a quick bath, change, wipe down of the floor and toy...we're good to go!

I was a big girl today and had my blood drawn....to check for the DiGeorge junk in my genes. They gave me the tubes to take to Isaac's peds tomorrow to get his drawn (I keep procrastinating with him....I just don't want to torture him!). BUT, I have already started to prepare him. I gave him a full baby aspirin tonight(instead of his usual half tablet) (I ok'd it with the nurse)--to thin his thick blood, skipped his lasix tonight (so that he's not too dry), and I have the numbing cream out to lube him up tomorrow. We'll be ready to go!
I really should go to nursing school.

Why is it that I can surf the internet ALL DAY LONG...checking on my heart babies, coupons...whatever.....but, when I sit down for a few hours to start my TAXES...I feel like I'm going to DIE!!!???!?! Seriously, I started two hours ago...and I was jazzed, ready to finish it. Now...I've saved the file, and started blogging (shhh...don't tell Joe).

So...in the wonderful world of "Drama at the Rollers"...our garage door broke this week. The spring broke. So, I call me neighbor and get the name of the guys that fixed hers (thanks MK). But, when they came out...they tried to charge us $500! (seriously...I haven't told you Mk..but, can you believe that??). Today, while holding down my couch, I just typed in "Garage door repair in Las Vegas" and I clicked on the first one. I called them, they came out today....and parts AND labor...only charged me $170. SO...If you're in Las Vegas, and your garage door breaks....call me...I've got a good repair company for you! The girl on the phone was so sweet, the man that came was polite and nice....and they didn't try to rip me off!!!

I haven't made it to smog the stinkin' van yet (although, we washed and vacuumed it yesterday)...but, maybe that will be on my list tomorrow. At least if I get a ticket for expired tags...it'll be clean!

The big boys are doing good. Eli lost his glasses AGAIN...but, they were found tonight in Katie's (the dog) kennel. (don't ask) Chris had an Algebra test this week....fingers are TOTALLY crossed for him...he tries so darn hard.


Terri K. is back in town...if she doesn't call me this weekend, I'm going to start sending her BAD EMAILS!

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Mandy said...

Okay. In the morning on the way to the store, we are going to get the van smog. (Or I'll take it while you are getting Isaac ready to go!)

See ya in the morning.

The Portas said...

Butt Paste fun! I just don't like the smell of that stuff, but it works on Elijah's little bum, so we use it every day!

$500 to fix a spring in a garage door?? I would call them back to let them know they are crooks! Tell them the $170 price... That's horrible!!

Good luck with the blood draw today. You've done all your prep, Nurse Kathy, so I hope it goes smoothly. xoxoxo

Grandma Susie said...

Isaac is starting to get into trouble? Making big messes is just like a 2 yr old (well almost 2). Yeah Isaac!

Good luck with his bloodwork . . . I'm glad that your getting all the torture stuff done that he has to have this week, so next weekend "we can just play"! The three of us will get in on Friday late afternoon, but we'll be taking Carrie to Kyle's first (does Chris want to go with us over there?) I can hardly wait!!!!

Lee Family said...

I can not beleive that boy he is into everything. I can not beleive they wanted $500.00 tyo fix a garage door you can get a new one for that much.
Hope everything is going fine miss ya. I will call you so we can get together I am fianlly 100% are you????