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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Isn't this the life...
he's just so peaceful asleep...
no cares in this world...
just perfect!
We ALL made it to church today....and it was SO worth the preparation on Saturday night and getting everyone up early this morning. There were awesome speakers and it was SO nice to talk to friends that I haven't seen in a while. Although...I do feel a little off, because we have to take Isaac's stroller in. NOT because we're too lazy to hold our baby...but, he's either on O2 or he's hooked up to the feeding pump (for an hour). So, as other moms are dragging those big carriers around or their big babies...I'm just strolling my Bugaboo. (and I know that everyone doesn't know why I'm carrying the stroller--I see the looks)...BUT, I can't hold Isaac and that pump without tangling it all up! (so, if you see me at church with the stinkin' stroller....that's why!) AND...I look just as silly at stores. Because Isaac can't sit up in the carts yet, I'm pushing a stroller and pulling a shopping cart (all the time!). So...we're one BIG FAT SILLY looking family!

Not much happening here.

MANDY came over tonight. I watched my sweet little niece for a few hours. The only stipulation to watching other kids is, NO POOPING allowed! I have this thing...I cannot change other kids diapers...it just grosses me OUT! Well, wouldn't you know...she pooped! I tied a shirt around my face, and proceeded to change her diaper. Gagging, and gagging....(four times if you must know)...I don't know how I made it through (I don't know how her stinky odor made it through that shirt)...but, we did it! She was happy to wear some of Isaac's diapers with Mickey Mouse on them, I was happy that I didn't throw up...all is well.

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T n T - K n K said...

Kat, I'm so happy you all made it to church this beautiful Sunday. Isaac, just like your other boys ARE perfect! I will attest to that. I never thought about that rule of thumb on diaper changing...I'll have to keep that in mind :-) Cause really God designed that whole smell thing "that way".
I still get the double takes with my arm, just wait until I unveil my hair...that will for sure be a show stopper!
Night Rollers~~
oh wait...are you guys coming to see Dr. Seuss with us tomorrow??? It's gonna be fun...massive kids in one room with an overstuffed giganto Cat..wooohooo!!

Vanessa said...

He is so precious!!1

I'm glad you guys made it to church. So how is it that we are told not to go anywhere during RSV season and you guys are always going out somewhere? Maybe I should just start going regardless. Yeah right...I'm too chicken.

Happy Belated Heart Day!

crabby old man said...

church is nice for GOd's good ; all the time

Lee Family said...

I am so glad you all made it to Church that is very huge. And Kathy do not worry what other people think about bringing the stroller in who cares! Let them stare they are all just jelious :)

I am the same way when it comes to other kids dirty diapers I will not change them, You are not alone.

Sounds like you start Church @9am, we are now at 1pm and let me tell you it is very hard because that is when Logan naps, plus everyone around here has been sick latley so we have not been going and when you don't go other members look at you like you committed a sin for not going when they have no idea what is going on in your household. You can tell I get very upset about it.

Anway enough babble I hope you had a nice weekend. Talk to you soon


The Portas said...

That photo is ADORABLE. That is how I'd like to be all day long!

The other people's kids' poop thing is funny. I've never thought about it, I guess. I have this thing where I can shut my nose "off" without plugging it with my fingers and I do that with every diaper change.

I hope you're having a peaceful day!! oxoxo

Jenkins said...

No one cares about the stroller. It was just great to see you at church. Any strange looks were probably from people wondering why they hadn't thought about bringing a stroller themselves! If I ever get to design a church building, it will have a row of "stroller parking" seats in the RS room! Kind of like the mommy parking at Babies-R-Us!
Good to see you all. Give Isaac a hug from all of us who are too scared of our germs to get too close!

jencooper said...

Ahhh.....now that looks comfy!! I wish that I could sleep like that all day long!!

I totally cracked up with the diaper story. That is hilarious!

I hope that you had a terrific weekend!


Rachel said...

I love how he sleeps with his hands behind his head.