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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to my sweetie pie husband, Joe. Who always seems to find my last nerve and just hang onto it for dear life. We have celebrated through some awesome times and the yucky ones...and today, although I may sneeze and cough on you, I hope that you have the most wonderful birthday and feel the love that we have for you. You work so darn hard for our family...and we appreciate all that you do for us.

Happy Birthday Sweet Cheeks!

and...it's my parents' anniversary. Oh, Dad...I hope that you remembered!

and...this is why I LOVE A Thrifty Mom!

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Mandy said...

Why are you up so early?

Anyways, Happy birthday again Joe.

And Happy Anniversary mom and dad. (Mom, I'm sure dad remembered all on his own.) :)

cindy said...

Happy Birthday to Joe,that hard workin' man!! Hope Kathy doesn't get you sick for your birthday!!

I am going to be pay attention to that blog and be more thrifty!! A girl can live a long time on a bunch of frozen turkeys and 40 boxes of cereal!! ;)

I want to come through my computer and hug that sweet Isaac to pieces! His little voice is so cute!

Hope you feel better. No sick days allowed for us moms, ya know!!!

Sending lots of love,


Lee Family said...

Happy Birthday Joe, You are a great Husband and Father for working so hard for your family. Working those long hours everynight is very hard on a person. If you can slow down a little today and enjoy your Birthday with your family.


Grandma Judy said...

Happy Birthday Joe. Save me some cake!

The Jones Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE! We love you guys and are looking forward the the family get together in the next few weeks!

The Portas said...

Happy birthday, JOE! Hope you celebrated and felt loved all day long, because you obviously are! oxox