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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can you hear that??
Uh huh...it's ME...still COUGHING! I'll have a coughing attack that lasts for about an hour...then, POOF...it goes away. My snot is clear...it's just this cough....what's up with that???

SO, guess what?!??! I called the GI's office today and left a message for Dr. Baron's nurse:
"Isaac hasn't thrown up in a weeks...should we still do the scope on Monday?"

Well...I got a call this afternoon...and Dr. B said that if Isaac was doing great...we didn't need to rock his boat...so NO SCOPE ON MONDAY!! Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP!!!!????
(now....watch him throw up tonight!)

He's (Isaac) is doing remarkable. He still sleeps alot. He wakes up about 8am...by 10am he's ready for another nap. He eats while napping...and he's awake by noon. We watch The Young and the Restless together (HUSH...don't judge me!)...and we leave to pick up the big boys from school at 1pm...where he falls asleep again. We get home and I start his feed at 2pm (he's still sleeping)...and we leave at 3pm to pick up Eli (where sometimes he's awake...sometimes he's not). He plays a little while...and he falls asleep right in the middle of the living room floor about 5pm for a power nap...he wakes up about 6pm when I feed him again...and he rolls on the floor until about 8-9pm when he's down for the night. He's like an infant! He ate a little baby food today..but, wasn't very interested. I've noticed that he looks blue at different times during the day...but, when we're home and I check him...he's satting at 94-95...so, I'm not pulling the O2 out just yet...I don't like dragging it around!

Eli is a big boy. He comes home every afternoon and does his homework BY HIMSELF. I don't even have to read the directions to him...he's TOTALLY OPPOSITE of Christopher at that age. (Heavenly Father knew that I would need a break after Chris and before Isaac).

Chris is doing good in school...holding onto a C in Algebra! (C in algebra for Chris...I'll take it!) Last night was Open House at his school. But, it was 6:30-8:30...Joe works late, and I just couldn't take Isaac AND Eli to a High School for that long, that late....I hope Chris wasn't upset that we didn't go. He said he didn't mind....but, I felt bad.

It's after 9pm...and Joe is STILL at work. I'm ALL ALONE in this house...it's just me, my boys, and my tutus...oh, and our little stinkin' dog.

Terri FINALLY called me today! That would be Matthew's mom...that lives in Vegas...and driving 15 minutes to my house is TOO far for her to travel!!! We've only met up 3 times...she's a slacker...I'm whipping you into shape TERRI!....WATCH OUT!!!

I'm watching Jon and Kate plus 8...it's soo cute..I think I've seen every episode. I'm going to have to write to TLC and tell them to do a "heart mama" series. Can you imagine: the drama, the throw up, the feeding of the beds, the tubes...oh, it's the perfect reality show...keeping you on your toes!!!

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Mami Adame said...

You crack me up! You make me laugh in your posts and in your comments to me and others!
I practically begged for antibiotics but they wouldn't give them to me! If they were prescribed to you for this time, I'd take them. Running any fevers? If yes, take them. They told me it was viral...whatever..I want the "insta-feel-better-SHOT!" Seriously moms SHOULD be immune to getting sick! Usually I am, not so lucky this time.
By the way EVERY kiddo gets stinky whenever they have something like an IV or a wrap (no-nos)on for too long. No way lil Isaac is a stinky little boy...too cute for that! Although I was surprised when I discovered boys ARE stinkier than girls. Wouldn't have believed til I had my own! But I'm sure yours aren't stinky ;)
Off to watch Lipstick Jungle, then to bed!

The Portas said...

That's a lot of sleeping! Can I sleep that much, too? I am SO HAPPY that Isaac has been doing so well, with no throwing up. Thank God for that. And no scope on Monday???? AWESOME!

I like the Heart Mama series idea. I think it would be a hit!

I hope Joe came home and snuggled on you before bed. Have a great day...hopefully that cough leaves your body soon. xoxox

Tina:0) said...

Y & R vs. Gray's Anatomy - I won't judge you if you don't me (lol)!

Yaay for no scope!! Keep it up, Mr. Isaac. Can I nap with him?!?

I agree with you & Megan... a heart Momma series sounds good! They have soooo many families to choose from, could be interesting!

Sending big hugs & some noodle soup for you!

Rachel said...

I am so glad to hear that he is doing so well. I was totally devestated by the news of Colin and just hate to hear when Isaac is not well. Great Job Isaac!!! Keep up the good work! Your are simply priceless!!!

I too, LOVE John & Kate plus 8. I think i have seen Every Single Episode a dozen times. I can't get enough of that show for some reason.


cindy said...

Steph has that same cough thing! She cries that she needs to go to the doctor to get the "strong stuff", then it stops....only to start back when I'm too settled to go to the doctor but not too settled to get out the Robitussin!

Glad Isaac is doing so well. Also glad you have the scope off your plate. You didn't sound like you were lovin' that idea.

Way to go Eli & Chris. Keep up the good work!

Feel better! Sending lots of love,


crabby old man said...


jencooper said...

Shhh....what's that....I CAN actually hear you coughing all the way here in Texas!

I am so happy to hear that there is no scope on Monday!! That is great news.

Love on those boys for me!!


Mandy said...

You're a nerd Kat. You can your tv shows. You haven't even talked about the new season of Yo Gabba Gabba yet. What's wrong with you??

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...


You big silly!!

Don't be telling everyone what a big slacker I am!! LOL

you are totally guilting me into being a better "heart mama friend"..

You know I love you more than my luggage!!