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Friday, September 05, 2008

Well...my day was about like Vanessa's!

Isaac was still up all night coughing, so I decided to take him to the docs this afternoon. First of all, she tells me that he's satting at 100! (seriously, he's NEVER been at 100)...but, whatever. Then, we actually see a NP and not our ped...she walks in and says, "oh, look at him. Is he walking and running around and playing?" Seriously...she didn't even GLANCE at his records. I have to break her heart, tell her he just barely sits up...and give her his crazy long history in 5 minutes. His ears are fine, his lungs sound clear (even though he sounds like Darth Vader when he breathes)...but, she did feel my concern for him getting anything more and gave me a script for antibiotics if I thought that he got worse over the weekend and needed them. WELL...better safe than sorry, I'm getting it filled tonight and starting him on them. He's really throwing up bad today...so, we're off the milk and on pedialyte. (There goes my hopes of getting him up to 19 pounds!). AND...something is hurting him, because he just starts screaming, then stops breathing, turns blue, I have to shake him...then, he breathes again and has to fall asleep from all the excitement. He's done this about 4 times today...and one time I had him hooked up to the pulse ox....his sats get down in the 70s and his heart rate jumps up to the 180s...WHO KNOWS?!?!? (Well...if someone knows...would you just tell me!) please.

Eli...is having a sad day. The older kids have been at the house all day...and that means that Eli was left out and didn't get all of Chris' attention. Poor Eli.

Chris...had his friends come over directly after school, they ate pizza, played Rock Band, watched a movie, and I just dropped them off at school for the football game. I'm sure they're having a blast! (I just can't believe they are THAT old!)

OH...and I signed both boys up for swim lessons (well, Chris for the rec center's swim team) and both for tennis lessons. I'm getting Chris ready for school try outs and grooming Eli for his later years. SO, we'll have some type of practice everyday! But, better that than them wasting away in front of video games each day!

AND...the cutest thing just happened...Chris just called and asked Joe if he'd go to the football game and watch the rest of it with them . HOW SWEET!!! What kid calls their dad and invites him to hang out with him at a football game?? OH....I'm just going to have to smooch on them all when they get back. (Joe must have thought it was sweet too...because, he just came in from work, ate a piece of pizza, and took Eli to the game). I try not to brag on my guys...but, sometimes I just can't help it...they are AMAZING!

Sweet dreams everyone!
Hope you ALL have a great weekend!!

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Mandy said...

Alright Kat.... why is it always poor Eli? Chris is at the age now where he wants to hang out with his friends. Don't you remember leaving me at home so you could go out??? Mom didn't always make you take me every where with you. Just tell Eli to come here and Meghan will play with him.

And wait... why did Joe take Eli to the game? Come on, you know Eli isn't into watching football and Chris only invited Joe. Do I need to call and have a talk with you this weekend??

Okay, I'm sending out Chris his money tomorrow. Make sure you don't forget dads birthday in a few weeks. (I'll remind you weekly.) And Seth is off the entire month of Oct so if you want him, you can have him. :)

Give Isaac a kiss for me and tell the other boys hi. Have a fun and peaceful weekend.

Amber said...

I love that he wanted his dad there...I am praying for that relationship with our son!

I'm sorry your baby isn't feeling well, it's so hard when they can't tell you...I hope you all find rest this weekend.

Mommaof2 said...

100?!?! How great is that!! Was that on or off the O2? Poor little guy, I'll send him some extra so he can very easily surpass that 19lb mark! (lol)What's up with this hurting thing? Is anything triggering the episode? I know what you mean about seeing a different doc (or NP). Vaeh saw one of the other peds in the group once & that was the last time! He came in & through the course of the visit says "she's had her full repair, right?" WHAT?! Guess these docs don't know how to glance at a chart prior to entering the treatment room. Now when I schedule her I specifically request that she see no one else other than her doc!

Poor Eli! I remember that feeling of being left out - stinks! Sounds like you have a couple of budding tennis stars on your hands!

Hope the guys had a good time at the ball game. Praying that whatever's troubling Mr. Isaac resolves soon & that he's back to his normal, adorable self! Give him big smooches for me!

Grandma Judy said...

We survived Hanna.....just alot of rain and wind, and some flooding. It fizzled out pretty fast. Nothing like some of the others.

Check his teeth Kat. He might need some Ora gel.

I'm so proud of Chris, adjusting to high school. Those big kids better not pick on him!

Eli will be fine......just give him an extra toy!

Kelly said...

Alright Mr. Isaac! you'd better shape up... or show your mama what's wrong so she can fix it! That doesn't sound like fun Kathy! I hope you get it figured out and Isaac is fine.

Sounds like the other boys are doing well. Love the pictures below. =) The last picture he looks SO grown up! Have a great weekend!

Vanessa said...

What are these kids doing to us?!?!

Hope Mr. Isaac feels better.

Got to take care of my cranky girl, so have to make this short.

Take care,

Samantha said...

Okay...ENOUGH Isaac! Seriously. Give your mommy a break and stop scaring her!

I am thinking of you guys. Hang in there and I hope your weekend is better than your Friday.

Much Love,

Colin's Blog said...

These heart kids are always such a mystery! Colin always has something weird going on too!! Isaac-get better buddy!! I do not own a pulse ox and am thankful for that!! We get heart rate and sats checked at the office and that is enough for me!!

Hope Eli had a better weekend and yes-your boys are all so sweet!!

The Domanicos

The Portas said...

Brag away! You have the best boys ever!

Yucky about all the commotion with Isaac. I'm so glad you started the antibiotics early and hopefully whatever is bothering him goes away. Poor little man. Sending him many kisses. xoxo