We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Eli's just saying "HI!"
This was Isaac eating a little sweet potatoes yesterday...

He's such a messy eater...

He tries to look over his glasses all the time...
too cute!

OK...Nora (our pt) wanted me to get Isaac a stool to sit on.
This will help his feet touch the ground...

he learns more balance...

he makes the funniest faces!

another one...

and a cute one to say BYE!

We all still have coughs and sniffles...but, we're getting better.

Chris felt bad this morning, so he stayed home from seminary...but, by the time for Eli's school to start...Chris wanted me to take him in late. ohhhhh....

Eli is doing great in school. Joe and I were talking last night about spelling tests. Eli has one every week...and we never study...he knows all the words already. When Chris was this age...OH MY GOSH...we'd have to study words for an hour each night. It's SO funny how different the boys are. (now...don't get me wrong...Chris is the one with an A in Japanese right now...)...It's just funny thinking back to when Chris was a first grader.

Isaac threw up today...breaking our streak of no-throw-up days! STINKER! But, it was just once...short and sweet. The GI docs called today and scheduled his scope...It will be 9/29..that's a Monday...and I've already scheduled the boys to start swim lessons...umhmmm...I'll have to think about that day! He's still got the yucky cough, but the snot seems to have VANISHED...YEAH...NO SNOT!!!

I just LOVE not having anything DRAMATIC to report....lazy days here!!!
**PS...would someone tell Las Vegas that it's fall now...and to start cooling off already!

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Lee Family said...

Isaac is such a big boy sitting up on the stool all by himself yeah for Isaac. Kathy I am so glan you are feeling better. Take care and I will call you this week. Karen

Mandy said...

The pics are too cute. He is really starting to look more and more like Eli and Joe.

Tell Eli we are sorry about his spelling test. Seth still doesn't have any here in Cali.

Don't work too hard making your tutus. Call you later.

Amber said...

He looks so....grown up, sitting on that stool!!! What a big boy!

So glad it sounds like everyone is on the mend...did Joe avoid it then?

Our days are perfect right now...cool in the morning, warm during the day and cool in the evening. It's like a real...fall. We are enjoying it while it lasts...which is NEVER very long around here!

The Portas said...

No drama is great! I love the pictures of your cuties, and I'm so happy that you had a relatively quiet day. No more throwing up, Isaac!!

The sitting on the stool is a great idea!


Tina:0) said...

Glad to hear everyone is feeling better! The pics are great - he's such a ham... I love it!

As for cooling off... let's just say that we had warm jammies & blankets out last night! I'm with Amber, going to enjoy it while it lasts. Usually winter isn't far behind...YUCK!

Hope you all have a good week!

Grandma Judy said...

Oh, I love him sitting up. Do I need to send him my little upholstered rocker?
I could always make a seat belt for it!

I am so thankful there are people out there that are trained to realize what our special little Isaac needs. I'm still waiting for a bath chair....for Isaac, not me.
Give me a few years...I'll be wanting one too!

Samantha said...

Does it EVER cool off in Vegas? You live in the stinkin DESERT my friend :)

I am happy that the sickness seems to be fading...for the most part! Isaac looks adorable and all grown up! How precious he is! I hope that the scope can find out why he is throwing up all the time. I know that we typically want tests to show nothing, but I think it would be great to find the problem and get it fixed!

Much love,

jmckeel said...

Who would of thought - a stool! Toooooo toooooo cute! :) I hear your busy making tutus?! Keep up the good work; I don't see how you have time. Isabella is still hanging in; I'm wondering if she wants to come out? Take care, Abby

Grandma Susie said...

Eli & Issac are both looking so grown up, Isaac especially, sitting on that stool. Too Cute! These are great pictures - I'm printing some of them off for myself :)
Hope everyone continue to get better.
As for the weather, when everyone else starts complaining about their unbearable winters, you guys will be in shirt sleeves. Anytime now, right?

jencooper said...

I want to come through the computer screen and love on that little boy. Could he please look any cuter on that stool?

Eli is such a cutie too!!

Sorry to hear about the throw-up streak being broken. Isaac - stop that!!

It is finally cooling off a little here in Texas (she says as she knocks on wood.)

Love ya!!

crabby old man said...

enjoyed the pictures, the Rollers make a nice looking family.