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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Well....I woke up this morning and thought I was going to die! I did drag my bum out of bed to get Chris off to school. Then, I started Isaac's feeds and went back to bed. It was time to wake up Eli...and he still sounded horrible...so, I thought that we should ALL just sleep. Eli ended up sleeping about 6 hours today...taking all his meds all day...by tonight at bedtime...his eyes were still puffy, but I think he'll be ready for school tomorrow. I...had so much sinus pressure in my head..I thought it would EXPLODE. But, taking a nap this afternoon and taking all my allergy meds...I'm feeling so much better. and now for Isaac. He's on a bit of a roller coaster. This morning..bad...then, Nora and Nicole came and worked with him. He was amazing! He put pressure on his feet, on his arms...he didn't cry TOO much...and only turned blue twice. This afternoon, he napped with Eli and me...slept great. Woke up...great..so great that Chris watched him for two hours so that I could go BACK to sleep. THEN, it's dinner time...the snot will not stop pouring from his nose. He's sneezing, snot everywhere, still coughing...and I had to put the O2 back on him! I think it's going to be a LONG night (I'm with you Karen!)...
SO, I'm thinking that if he's up tonight...I'll need to take him back to the peds tomorrow (because he's been on the antibiotics for a week now).

I was able to help Chris with his algebra homework tonight (without getting loud!) and helped him prepare for his quiz tomorrow. Eli finished his homework for the previous night...got his bags packed...and he's really worried about how much worked he missed today.

Oh..I almost forgot. Nora (our PT) is going to help me get Isaac a bath tub chair. He still doesn't sit up well, so I have to still give him a bath in the kitchen sink. So far, he still fits..but, the bath chair will give him more support to take a big boy bath!!! AND...she's going to see if they make bouncy seats for bigger kids...he LOVES his...and he's almost too big for it. He still can't sit in the bumbo seat (no trunk control--he topples out)....he's such a silly goose, I can't even put him in a grocery cart (even if I had a cover for it)...because he can't sit up straight. SO, when we're out at a store...I'm still pushing the stroller and pulling the cart (so, don't laugh at me when you see me in a store!)

Ok...I think that about covers it~

Thanks for checking in on us!

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Mandy said...

You're such a nerd. It's nive to hear that you helped Chris without getting loud. Can I please send you Seth now. Those two boys are so much alike. I think they get it from you and not me. :)

Take care of yourself and I'll call you this weekend to check on you.

The Portas said...

When babies learn to sit it makes everything easier. I remember how much easier life got when E learned. Sounds like Isaac is really close to being a solid sitter. Then there's one less hassle for Mama!

Yuck yucky, you guys are all so sick! I'm so sorry about that. I will say some extra prayers for HEALTHY ROLLERS and a quiet day.

Have a great weekend!! Xoxoxx

jmckeel said...

Sorry to hear all the sickness is going around. Hope that you all feel better real soon! Especially that little Isaac. We will say some extra prayers. I'm sure he will love a bath chair! Take care, Abby

Krista said...

So the sickness has made it's way west! Praying it goes away soon...as you have way to much on your plate...but how exciting that Chris can watch the little guy...what a blessing.

Blessings for a great weekend

Vanessa said...

That was so nice of Chris to watch Isaac so you could get some rest. I just hope this nasty thing goes away soon.

The bumbo chair worked for Arianna as long as she had head/neck control. That would be awesome if there is a bouncy seat for bigger kids, cause I know how much he liked his.

Well, hope today has less coughing and no vomiting. I'll check back later on you guys.


crabby old man said...

I do not know how U handle it all wish I lived close enough to help U & Terri.
May God Bless

Mommaof2 said...

What's up with all this sicky-ness? It was Momma's turn today to go to the ER here! (I'm fine-promise!)

Sounds like you got a much needed & much deserved nap! What a guy, Chris! Way to help out Mom when she needs it!

As for the bouncy seat, Vaeh's is a rocker chair that's very similar to a 'bouncy' set. It's rated at 40 lbs., so Isaac should be good in that for a while! I found it at WalMart after Vaeh's original broke. Its a Fisher Price & is blue/ red with animals on it & some other toys that attach.

Hope you all are feeling better soon & have a good weekend!

Sarah said...

Sorry to hear you guys aren't feeling well. I didn't get your first comment... This comment made me smile... I don't isolate on purpose, I just know that the closer it gets the more I've been told that I shut everything else down. Thanks for the advice and for always being so kind and sending us comments. It really does mean so much to have heart friends that understand. We all should get together sometime - wouldn't that be fun.

jencooper said...

Ugh. I can totally understand how you are feeling. I was there about a month ago. Ick.

I hope that you are feeling TONS better!! Hang in there!


cindy said...

Checking to see how you guys are feeling today!

Sending lots of love and get/stay well wishes!


Lee Family said...

I canot believe he put pressure on his feet and his arms. That is so exciting. I am glad Noa will help you with the bath chair, you know I have also been talking to her about one I have been searching the net alot trying to find different things for Logan. I am right with you on the Grocery thing. I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon so we can have a play date. I will give you a call on Saturday or Sunday to check on you. Hugs Karen