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Monday, September 29, 2008

Eli's just laying in the floor in the dining room--
oops, I mean PLAY room...SHOW me that face!!!
I'll move your hand with my foot!

This was Isaac eating over the weekend...
notice it coming back out of his mouth.

Great smile...
but, the food is still coming out!

Joe, Chris, and Eli had their football shirts on ALL weekend!
SO much to tell you...i've been a bloggin' slacker!

First of all...Chris is a Redskins fan..so, sorry my Texas mamas and Crabby old man!!!

Eli likes the Titans...and his jersey was too small this year...so, they all went out this weekend and got him one that fits. Joe is obviously a Steelers fan. I don't know who Isaac will cheer for--I'll have to make him a Gabba Gabba jersey!

I came outside on Saturday because we were all headed out....and CHRIS was in the drivers seat of the mini van driving around in the cul de sac! Now...Joe was in the passenger seat...but, I could see poor little Eli's head bobbing back and forth in the backseat everytime Chris slammed on brakes or ran into the curb!!! (We have alot of work to do in the driving department for Chris!)

We're ALL still super tired...maybe it's the season. It's still really hot here...a nice cool day would perk up!!! I know...listen to me complain about sunny, high 90 days...what's wrong with me!!!

Ok...I don't know if it's the passing of Colin...but, I've been very paranoid about Isaac and his color. I thought there have been times lately where he looked blue...but, when I hook up the sat monitor..he's showing 95ish. But, tonight at the big boys swim classes...Joe even commented on how blue Isaac looked. So, Isaac is asleep right now on the floor...satting at 92-93. Looks like I might have to bring the O2 BACK OUT full time! That just stinks! We keep it on him at night...but, it's been SO nice not having it on during the days. But, he has been sleeping alot, and not sitting up AT ALL lately....so, he may just need a little help. ( I wish he would just tell me his problems--tell me something!)

I'm sure that there are other funny things that happened over the weekend...but, you know I can't remember anything. So...I'll catch you all tomorrow!!! Thanks for checking in on us!

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T & T - K&K said...

It must be the season because we are like zombies over here (except Kalob..he's on a 72 hour marathon)
That is a GREAT picture of Joe and Isaac..just perfect!

And is it really time for Chris to be driving??? Already...no way!! On the flip side of the car story, it's a good thing Joe was IN the car with him because it could have been different..hahaha (been there done that)
I think the O2 idea would be good. Heck let's all head on down to the oxygen bar and all get some (only in vegas could that be cool)
night night sir Isaac, sleep tight

jencooper said...

I am loving the new pictures!! I always knew that I loved me some Eli...a Titans fan. Being that we are full-blooded Longhorns around here - we watch the Titans (even is Vince Young isn't doing so hot.) But, we don't like the Cowboys so......

Isaac - QUIT BEING A STINKER!! Us mom's can't take all of this second guessing! Seriously - could we please get him and Grace together so they could stress each other out?? She isn't looking blue, but she is SO pale.

Chris....I will remember to stay off the sidewalks next time I come to Vegas! hehe!

Love you guys!


Mandy said...

Wow... you posted way early tonight. Just tell Joe to teach Chris to drive the motorcycle instead of the van. :)

You are going to have to post pics of the boys at swimming practice. You know you have pictures of them already.

We will get Isaac a little Steelers outfit. Joe needs someone else that will cheer with him. And I'm guessing he's in a good mood since the won the game tonight. :)

Mami Adame said...

I think we all become a little bit more nervous and anxious when a little one goes to heaven.
I really wish there was a way for our babies to tell us what was wrong if anything!
Isaac looks good...wish Angelina had sats in the 90s! You're a wonderful Mommy, you are so on top of it all!

Grandma Susie said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that picture of Joe and Issac!!!

I agree with Mandy . . . Isaac needs a Steelers outfit, at least until he puts up a fuss for a team of his own. :) I know the Steelers won their game last night, BUT, . . . the Titans are UNDEFEATED so Eli must be pretty happy too! (That boy is getting so long, you can really see it with him laying on the floor) He's very handsome too.

Chris learning to drive? OH MY!!! We're all getting old aren't we?

Rachel said...

I am exactly the same way right now...TIRED! Thats all I can say about that. I feel like I can NOT get enough sleep.

I worry about your baby doll too. I loved Colin to death and was totally not expecting that news. You just know that I pray for your boy every night and will continue to do so! He will be fine. He's so strong and he will show us all one day just how strong he has always been.

Praying for you guys always,


cindy said...

Yay for Joe! Go Steelers!!! We're from Pittsburgh, so I'm not a Cowboys fan, I am a die hard Steelers fan. We are the minority around here!

What in the world is up with Isaac? Hopefully you won't have to go to the oxygen full-time again after having all this newfound freedom!

Steph's been begging me to let her start learning how to drive. Doesn't sound like it would be good for my sanity, though!

Love ya,


The Portas said...

Tired tired tired, me too!! Fabulous pics. Especially that CUTIE one of Joe and Isaac both smiling beautifully.

I've been on high alert since Colin's passing, too. Too scary. Yucky, I'm so sorry to hear that you may have to put the O2 back on him. Maybe it will help him out a bit, though, and give him the boost he needs to a bit more.

Chris is driving?! I remember how BAD I was when I started. I can't imagine teaching Elijah to drive someday. Scary!

Take care.....oh, and you can come over anytime to enjoy some of that cool fall weather you want. It's been PERFECT here for so many weeks!

Vanessa said...

It's okay I still love my Cowboys!

Wow...Chris is driving!! This should be interesting. I don't even want to think about my child driving one day.

I have been very paranoid lately with Arianna's breathing, color, etc. Colin's passing has hit me so hard like it does with any one of our heart babies that earn their wings. Your a wonderful heart mom and you know what is and isn't normal for Isaac. If he need his O2then give it to him.

Well I have to head out the door but wanted to say hi to my Vegas buddy. By the way, sounds like my sisters 30th birthday party will be in VEGAS!!! Of course we have to wait until next January. The first thing I told her was, "Yes...I can go see the Rollers!"

Much love,


Tina:0) said...

Those pictures are too cute!!

I, too, have been on alert since Colin's passing. If Vaeh moves wrong at night, I'm up in an instant! Hope the color thing clears up! Give him big hugs for me!