We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Isaac...what did you do to the cow??Uh....nothing!

Isaac....what are you up to now??
I'm just a little hungry!
I think I'll eat this tv tray leg...

Isaac...what are you doing now??

Well...I'm still hungry...
so, I think I'll try my bouncy seat leg...

so yummy, so yummy...

now..I must try to eat the seat...it looks tasty!

Oh yes...it it tasty!

Eli....what are you doing now??

"I just found my Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Joe...you guys are going to be late for church...
"I know..that's why we're taking the motorcycle!"

Chris...you look too handsome tonight for your
first dance. (I'm crying inside!)

STOP right there...I can hold this mask myself!

and suck my thumb at the same time!


Can you tell by our weekend pics that NONE of my boys were being particularly helpful! Isaac is like a puppy...he eats the legs of all the furniture! Chris is exhausted from his Saturday night partying at church (that just sounds funny doesn't it!). Eli has been playing air guitar with his tennis racket all weekend. AND Joe..thinks that everytime I take a nap, I should take the two sick babies with me! (I hope he gets this cold!)

I'm still sick, Isaac is still sick, Eli is still sick.....we're just miserable. I can't get Isaac's nose to stop running, he has that junky cough...but, his lungs are still clear...so, I guess he's ok. Chris woke up today excited to go to church! (to talk about the girls from the dance I'm sure)...So, Joe got up and took him.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures...these crazy boys are what keep my motivated each day...even though my snotty haze...I love them to pieces!!!

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Mami Adame said...

Love the pics! Hope you all get better soon!


Amber said...

Kathy....if your Joe is anything like the "typical" husband....DON'T hope that he gets sick....it will be worse than everyone else put together! ;^)

Love the pictures...did the cow go in for repairs???? I noticed those clean floors...in all of the furniture chewing...perhaps you don't need me after all. :^(

Hope you are feeling better....very soon!

The Portas said...

Chris' first dance?!?!? Ohhh that's so cute! He looks so handsome. I hope you had a great time, Chris!

So many sickies in one house! I really hope you get better soon. It's especially no fun when the mama is sick.

The pictures are great. That little Isaac man makes my heart melt.

HEALTHY prayers being sent directly to you guys! xoxoxox

Tina:0) said...

Okay, Isaac, now all you need to learn is that food tastes sooo much better than all that stuff!

First dance - what memories that brings back! Hope you had a great time, Chris!

Looks like you have a rock star in training! Way to go, Eli!

Praying the 'snotty haze' clears soon!

Grandma Judy said...

Joe has hair....everywhere! I'm so use to that bald head.

Hope ALL of you get feeling better soon!

jencooper said...

Yep - exactly what Gracie's monkey looked like! I still haven't attempted surgery on it.

SOrry to hear that you are still SICK! Grace is with my in-laws while I am here at the hospital with Bennett. She STILL has fever...another call to the pediatrician today. Ugh - Icky and Lulu need to stop it already!!

Your boys...all of them....look so handsome!! Thanks for the pictures!


Mandy said...

The pics are so cute. And I'm with mom, where did all Joes hair come from??

You have always said that you can't wait until Isaac does normal little kid things. Where, here they are. Just wait until he starts pulling on things and making a mess. Then you will kind of wish he was just laying around again.

Eli.... poor Eli just wants all the attention back on him again. I think you should just send him to mom and grandma so they can spoil him. Just send him to NC with Christy next week and he can stay there for a while. He'll call when he's ready to come back home.

And Chris was so funny talking about the dance. I couldn't believe that he called wanting to talk about it. Chris doesn't ever want to talk on the phone.

Have a peaceful week and I hope you start to feel better soon.

Lee Family said...

I just love the pictures of Isacc he is such a cutie I want to eat him up. I am so sorry everyone is still sick over there I feel for you guys. Take care and lots of hugs. Karen

Kelly said...

Ugh. Still sick!? Hopefully the sicky germs move out soon!

Isaac is too funny! Chewing on furniture, sucking his thumb while getting a breathing treatment. Boy he has a funny personality! He keeps you on your toes.

Your other boys are all too handsome! I hope the dance went well and Eli feels better soon.

cindy said...

That Isaac can just come on over here, roll around and munch on my furniture legs all day. I wouldn't get a thing done around here because I'd be snapping pics of him every second! (oh wait, YOU do that, too!!:) )

Eli commands attention with those glasses on...just like he likes it!

And Chris looks so handsome! Love the tennis shoes...way to stand up for individuality! Steph has her first dance next weekend - Homecoming. I'll take a picture of her all dressed up, then we can photoshop it with a pic of Chris and it will look like they're on a date! We'll just shrink Steph!

Sending lots of get well wishes!

Love ya,


Vanessa said...

I just loved all the pictures. Isaac is too funny going around eating everything. Maybe you need to make his food look more like metal.

Hope you kick this bug soon.


Rachel said...

LOVE the pictures. I love the one of his little hand in the air. I love baby hands and feet.

Hope everyone is doing better!