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Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'll post longer tomorrow...
but just wanted to let you know that we are ALL so tired! We even skipped Eli's tennis lesson this morning (poor Eli). We did make it to Christopher's tennis lesson at 10. It was SO pretty here today. The little boys and I laid under a tree on a blanket in the shade for an hour...just talking, playing, and Eli watching you tube on my phone. It was perfect.

Joe had to work half of the day...then, he took us out for dinner, we got the boys new church pants...and then the BEST SURPRISE...Sonic for dessert! (that commercial about the banana split has been killing me!)

The big kids are upstairs watching a movie, Joe and I are downstairs watching a movie...and Isaac is asleep on the floor. Although, he just did it again...where he wakes up from a sleep...and just screams bloody murder. I hook up the pulse ox...he's satting in the low 90s,but his heart rate was in the high 16os. I'm not certain if the rapid heart rate is what is hurting him...or if it's something else, and the crying starts the rapid heart rate. He was already hooked up to the holter for 24 hours...but, it showed elevated heart rates...but, nothing that Dr. Mayman told me he was worried about. hmmm....any ideas??

We're going to finish our movie (Leatherheads) and get to bed!

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Tina:0) said...

Poor little guy:0( I hope he was able to get back to sleep fairly easily?!

Sounds like a little piece of heaven on earth... sitting under a tree with your little ones on a sunny day!

Hope they can figure out what is the cause of his discomfort.

Give that little man some hugs & kisses for me!

Mandy said...

Have a great weekend and I'll call you Tuesday after I have lunch with the missionaries. :)

I'll get pics of Moo Moo and send over soon. I promise. And I'm going to tell the RMH that my money has to go to a new TV so when you go it will be there. :)

Love ya
.... your YOUNGER sis :)

Grandma Judy said...

Could it be chest pains......or nightmares?

crabby old man said...

May God Bless the Roller family

The Jones Family said...

Well, if you gave him some of that YUMMY Sonic ice cream...could be gas! :) Watching a movie...it sounds like fun!!

Vanessa said...

Hope you all got some rest. I can't wait till the day Isaac can tell us whats wrong instead of us trying to figure it out. I hope he had a better night tonight.

The Portas said...

How was Leatherheads? Sounds like a great Saturday for you guys, minus the strange Isaac screaming. :( Poor little guy. I wonder what's bothering him. Maybe he's having bad dreams about mean doctors and nurses. I hope you guys had a fabulous Sunday! oxoxox

Mami Adame said...

I vote bad dreams too. Just think if he didn't have heart issues, you wouldn't have even checked his heart rate. Its so hard when there is so much to be suspicious of. Hopefully it stops super quick!
We have Leatherheads too, just haven't watched it yet...did you like it?