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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I have pics....but, no time to post them.....sorry!

But...I can tell you that Isaac has lots of junk coming out of his ears. I called the peds and they want me to bring him in AGAIN tomorrow. He did NOT throw up today though...yeah! He isn't coughing as bad...just junky ears! (at least it's out and not in!)

Chris is snotty. Poor little red nose!

Eli made me help HIM make cupcakes tonight....like I don't have enough to do!

OH..and Isaac can FINALLY sit up in the bumbo chair!!! (I have pics...tomorrow!)

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Andrea said...

Oh,Kathy! I hope everyone gets well soon!

Mandy said...

Poor Isaac. If it's not one thing it's another. Hey, let Eli know that Seth is out of school the entire month of October so he can come to Vegas and hang out with him.

I sent you and Joe an email. They are building an auto plant in San Jose and are hiring over 1000 people. The cars look like a Lotus so Chris will be in HEAVEN!! You know you really want to move to Cali!! PLEASE!!!

The Portas said...

At least there were SOME strides today! No throwing up, and now sitting in the bumbo! I hope the ear stuff isn't a big deal and clears up very soon. GET WELL, Rollers! Mmmmmm, can I have a cupcake, Eli? And hey, whatever happened with those aliens? Did they ever come out of the sky?

Take care! xoxoxox

Grandma Judy said...

Yeah for Isaac,
Yeah for Isaac,
Yeah for Isaac,
Yeeeaaaahhh ! !

Rachel said...

YEAH bumbo chair!!!!!!!

So sorry Isaac is not feeling well. Prayers are going out from the Dominguez Household!


cindy said...

Yay for sittin in the bumbo chair...and he looks like an old pro sitting on that stool!! The pictures are just too cute.

Good for Eli being a smarty pants. (ok, and Chris, too, since he does have an A in Japanese and all!!!)

I'll check back in a bit to see what the doc said about those ears!

Love ya,


Linda said...

Hi this is Karen's mom. I just wanted to say how thankful I am that you got Karen started on a blog and calling and talking to her, this has helped her a lot and, to blog with other mom's with simular babies and have their support. I wish all you mom's out there the best.

T & T - K&K said...

Hello my little busy bees. Feel better and take lots of naps :-)...Kat wouldn't that just be great!
Yaaaaa for Isaac sitting in the Bumbo

Tina:0) said...

Oh no, not the ears! That stinks - hopefully it clears up (along with Chris' snots!)! But way to go for sitting in the bumbo chair!! What a big boy! AND no throwing up?! How great is that?! Yeah Isaac!

Sending big hugs all around!

PS - did you get my email(s)? If not, could you email me at gabnvaeh@yahoo.com? Thanks:0)

Samantha said...

Yay Isaac! Way to go on the bumbo! As for the ears...that is the reason he got the tubes...to let the junk drain out and not stay in there to get infected. Please let us know that this is what the peds office told you. ONE WEEK ISAAC...GIVE YOUR MOMMY ONE STINKIN WEEK OF NO ISSUES PLEASE!!!

Much love,