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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You know the drill....I took plenty of pics...just had NO time to post them.

So...let me tell you about our day...so vividly...that'll you'll be able to recreate the moments in your mind (not really...but, it sounded good!). We got Chris off this morning, I was too tired to walk this morning ...and then Isaac and I took Eli to school. Then, we went to visit with Heart Mama Karen (Logan's mom). Isaac slept on the floor most of the time. Logan was trying sooo hard to get to Isaac...but, even when he woke up...he only stared at the tv...he had no interest in anyone around him. He's not a very good playdate buddy.

Normal pick ups from school in the afternoon...BUT....here's the amazing thing:

Isaac eats at 6pm..so, about 5:30 I put him in the high chair and started trying to give him baby food. WELL, in thirty minutes he ate HALF THE JAR!!! So, it's 6:00 now...I don't want to start up his feeding pump...we take Chris to scouts and then make a quick Wal-mart run and are back home at 7:00. SO....I decide to see if he'll eat some more baby food. I put him in the high chair...and in 30 minutes...HE ATE THE WHOLE JAR!!! Now, these are stage 2 jars...so, they are still the little ones...but, he has NEVER eaten that much in ONE DAY...nevertheless within a 2 hour window! He's amazing!!! So, it's after 10:00 now, he's snoozing...and eating with the pump. We'll see how he does tomorrow.

Ah...and tomorrow we have his 18 month well check. I just LOVE how Kelly tells us every month what Aubrey's doing....so, here's what Isaac's doing at 18 months:
**rolling EVERYWHERE
**eating the legs of our furniture
**getting 6.5 ounces of milk every 4 hours through the feeding pump
**still on oxygen at night
**watches WAY too much Yo Gabba Gabba on television...but, he does watch Dora
and Diego now
**he still eats his glasses...so, he doesn't wear them as much as he should
**he gets in position to do the army man crawl...but, then plops on the floor (no crawling yet)
**he will still NOT put any pressure on his feet
**he sucks on his pacifier ALL day and night
**he LOVES his bouncy seat...although his bum is getting a bit too big for it!
**he still doesn't babble...but, he smiles, giggles, cries, and screams....we ALL know what he wants and when he wants it
**he makes all this work sooooo worth while...I just love munching on him snuggling with him.

I think that about does it. Eli's always being the stinker and Chris is always trying to get away with something. and Joe...made it home a little after 9 tonight.

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Lee Family said...

Thanks so much for coming over my house today Kathy even though Isaac slept and watched tv the whole time :) I had a really nice visit with you and Logan just adored you smiling and trying to reach and touch you that was huge for Logan considering he crys when ever someone walks in the front door. I am looking forward to our next play date. Lots of hugs Karen

Mandy said...

Hey, you forgot to tell everyone about Chris!! How could you forget that??

Grandma Judy said...

Yeah for Isaac.....
You know the rest.

Abby's off to her OB appointment, hoping they will put her in the hospital.
Christy's in the kitchen with Catherine, Luke and Kenny are still sleeping, and Lauren and Carter are sitting on PaPa's lap watching tv. All is quiet for now....

The Portas said...

A whole jar of baby food in such a short time? That is AWESOME! I'm hoping for another one of those days. Show your mama how much food you can fit in that belly, Isaac!

What a sweet boy. I hope his 18-mo. well visit goes well. Hugs to you all today! xoxo

jencooper said...

Woohoo Isaac!! You are doing awesome. I think that you are doing such terrific things!! And I am so proud of you for eating that much food!! Way to go!!!

I am glad that you were able to have a playdate. What fun!!


Rachel said...

WAY TO GO ISAAC!!!!! Keep up the good work buddy, you'll soon be as big as your brothers!


cindy said...

Way to eat up, Isaac! Loved the play-by-play. He does things his own way and in his own time. I would love to come over and watch him roll around everywhere. I'm sure he's very determined to get wherever he's going...like to the nearest table leg!! ;)

Lots of love,


Kelly said...

A WHOLE jar! Way to go Isaac! You're going to hit that 20lbs in no time at that rate! =) I loved your bullet list of what he's doing. I learned new things about him (although I read everyday). I didn't realize he's having 6.5oz every 4 hours. That boy eats a lot! The OT told me that 7oz every 3 hours during the day is too much. Ummm... not if she eats it, and wants it. So that's about right for their size since Aubs and Isaac are about the same size.

Well baby=shots. Blah. I hope it goes okay.