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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I think I'll eat my star toy!
Who's a big boy!?!?!?

Eli making his cupcakes!

Eli went out tonight with a friend...and came
home with an ALIEN!

Sweet Jen brought over this little cake...
I've already eaten most of it!!!

He just looks so darn cute in the seat..
I couldn't stop snapping pics!

He's got the "side Lean" going on...

Side Lean, hand prop, tongue...what's UP!?!?!

Forward lean.....
But...notice the feet touching the floor!!! YEAH FOR ISAAC!

Ok...we went to the peds. Guess who has a DOUBLE EAR INFECTION! Yep...you got it. We get tubes...we get lots of gunk coming out...and still they get infected (while, by the way, he just got off a 10 day round of antibiotics)..so, we've got more antibiotics and ear drops. I did ask them to do a RSV test and that came back negative...thank goodness! He's really acting better. Not coughing as much....sleeping most of his day away. We didn't have a chance to practice our eating food today...maybe tomorrow.

Eli went to the park tonight with a neighbor (I JUST LOVE THEM!). His friend, Daphne, is just the cutest thing. I can call her mom at the last minute if I'm at a doctor's appointment and need her to pick up Eli from school...and she doesn't mind asking me the same (which makes me feel good...to be somewhat useful to someone else other than Isaac.) Anyway, she's a good mom that takes her kids out in public (other than to shop)...and she always calls to invite Eli.

Chris is feeling better. He was SO tired this morning when I woke him up (5:30 is just SO darn earlY!)...but, he did it...made it to church, to school.....came home and did his chores, homework...and went to a friends for a little while!

I FORGOT to tell you that I've been battling the ANTS! Two days ago we found them in our guestroom downstairs. Yesterday, they were in my BATHTUB and sink (they are looking for water)...and today...the found the KITCHEN...JACKPOT! Now, we pay people to spray for bugs...they come every two months. So, I call them and they send someone out today. In the meantime...I've bought my own spray...killed my own ants...and he comes today. Does he spray....NO...he puts out little bait traps. He told me that I killed them already...these traps are "just in case" there are a few strays! Now...If I can buy a $4.00 bottle of spray...and it works, why am I paying him $65 every two months?? I've got to think about that one!
Anyway...I have successfully gotten rid of all the ants....Yeah for KATHY!!!

That about does it.
Joe is alive and well. Still working his bum off...but, enjoying the motorcycle ride to and from work each day.

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Mandy said...

If all you needed were bait traps, I have extras here. I told you to ask for the gel. Do you not listen to what your little sister tells you???

It's great to see Isaac sitting up like a big boy. He gets his what's up homie pose from Joe. :)

I hope everyone gets better soon.

Tina:0) said...

He is just too darn cute! Back here we call that lean the "Detroit lean!" Most guys do that while driving (in their teens after just getting their license!)

I love him sitting in his bumbo! He looks great - sooo big! But what's up with these ears?!? Poor guy - no wonder he's sleeping!

I'll bet Chris looks forward to weekends - sleeping in! Does he get up before noon on Saturdays?! (lol)

Smooch on those cheeks for me!

The Portas said...

Kathy's Pest Control! Hee hee, I love it! You should start up a business. Will you come here and consult me on what to do about these horribly yucky spiders we have living outside our house that WILL NOT DIE? And I keep finding them wandering around our living room! GROSS!!

I love the bumbo pics. He looks like such a big boy, sitting up so tall. And, his feet are touching the ground, yay! Sooo yucky about the ear infections. The kid just can't catch a break. I think he just misses ME! He needs some Megan snuggles and then he will feel all better! Give him some kisses and hugs from me.

I hope Chris has some down time planned for the weekend. What a busy man he is! And Joe, too. Your boys sure do work hard. Eli, I love the alien!!

Have a great, HEALTHY, fun weekend, Roller family! xoxoxo

Rachel said...

I absolutely LOVE that second picture. He is so Awesome.

My email address is rdominguez@yellowdognetworks.com.

Send me an email so that I can get your address and I will tell you why I dont like the boys over there.

Also...they are never allowed to call me when they are there and they wont answer the phones either when i call.

Write me and I'll explain a bit more in detail (but private)

Love you guys! You're such a beautiful family!


PS...I only have email at work. I leave at 4:30.

Samantha said...

We spray on our own and save tons of money now. Jonathan is in charge...but like you...I had to take charge the other day...they first got into our MEDICINE cabinet...then they were hanging out near the sink in the kitchen...I killed them all! HA! I guess we can add exterminator to our many hats we wear now :)

I am sorry that Sir Isaac still ended up with double ear infections...poor baby! Hang in there!

That cake looked too good to eat...hope you enjoyed every bite of it ;)

Much love,

jencooper said...

Ants.....ick. We have been fighting bugs here too!

Your boy looks so adorable sitting in the bumbo so big!! He is getting so big. I am sorry to hear about his ears. Ugh.

I will try to do better about signing....I need my kids to settle down! :)