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Monday, September 08, 2008

Yet another short and sweet post.

Isaac is still coughing...but, he is still eating really good (about 1 jar of baby food a day!)

We have an appointment tomorrow morning to see Gi...SO, maybe he'll have some new ideas of what's going on with all of this back arching, wretching, and throwing up!

Chris turns 14 tomorrow!!! We're all waking up at 5am to get him off to church and eat some cake for breakfast!!! OH...and Chris got a haircut today!

Eli...is alive. I forced him to TRY some lasagna (I'm SO MEAN!) tonight...he survived.

It is SO past our bedtime...will update tomorrow and I might even throw in some pics!!!

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Mandy said...

FINALLY!!! I'm soo tired and I need sleep but I have to make sure I'm the first to say Happy Birthday to Sto. And don't forget to tell him I called while he was sleeping. (Sorry Joe)

Happy Birthday to you
You belong in a zoo
You look like a monkey
And you smell like one too

Grandma Judy said...

Happy Happy Birthday Chris.
I'm behind you 100 per cent.

Don't spend all that money at one time!

Eli, be nice to Chris today!

Isaac, be sure to eat lots of cake.

Hope ALL of you have a great celebration!

Colin's Blog said...

Happy Birthday Chris!! Hope you all have a nice breakfast. Love the pics below-Isaac gets cuter everyday!! No more puking Isaac and great that he is eating some food!!

By the way-no football for me!! That's all Tim and Colin!! Hope you enjoyed that brownie!!


The Portas said...

I have to force myself NOT to eat a whole pan of lasagna if it's in front of me! I want Eli's issue.

Praying you get some answers at GI today. And WOW, up to a jar a day for Mr. Isaac? That is WONDERFUL news!

Looking forward to pics. We want to see Chris' hair cut! And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Chris! I hope you have a great day. :)


Rachel said...

Thank you for your comment! I read about you guys every day. Love the posts, some of them crack me up.

I'm sorry that Issac is sick. Poor baby. But thank the Lord he's still eating!

I can't get Melana (my little one) to eat anything right now. Not that she looks like she's missing any meals, but Gosh it is a pain in my butt to get her to eat.

Talk to you soon! Ps...I bet my Mason and your Chris would be great friends.


jmckeel said...

Happy Birthday Christopher!!! I hope you are enjoying high school! Isaac, I hope you feel better real soon! Don't scare us all like that; especially your mama. Abby

Mommaof2 said...

Happy Birthday, Chris! The big 1-4! Just think Mom, a couple more years & then... driving!

How great is that - an entire jar a day?! Now, just gobble down some cake Mr. Isaac!

Okay, so what's for dinner tonight? I'll just have the left-over lasagna! Sounds great!

Hope you had a good visit with GI today! Give that little man some love from us!

cindy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRIS!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!!

Looking forward to hearing what the GI doc says!

And Eli, pass the lasagna, please!!

Big hugs to all...

Love ya,


Lee Family said...

Hope you had a nice Birthday Chris.

Lots of hugs Karen.