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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I cut Isaac's hair today (I'll take a picture tomorrow to share). He was up all night coughing! Yeah...Isaac....AND ELI.....serenity NOW! please...
I checked his sats this morning...and they were 93...urrghh...I'll see how he does tonight..but, we might have to make a trip to the peds tomorrow and put the O2 back on him. (you know...RSV season doesn't until October...GEEZ LOUISE!!) He's still throwing up and wretching...but, he is still taking a little baby food with each feed...so, that's good. (like, it takes us a day-a day and a half to finish a stage 2 jar!) TURLTLE ISAAC!

Eli's cough sounds awful. I'm still giving him multiple breathing treatments also...but, he made it to school today (and stayed there).

Chris...wanted my help tonight with Algebra.....I don't think he's listening in class. We had a nice LONG talk about that tonight. (Shoot...I've got other things to do with my time than his algebra homework)...just joking...I showed him how to do it...and he's fine!

Joe...made it home tonight by 8:30!!! He got to see the kids BEFORE they went to bed!

**oh, and about that picture... I know...he looks like a little redneck with his overalls on, and unbuttoned on one side...but, he's a cute little country stinker!
**and Kelly...that picture of him in the infant car seat...it's just hanging out in the garage...so, I throw him in it when we're in there. I haven't been able to carry him in that thing since he was 6 months old. (didn't want you to think I had big muscles or anything!)

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Mandy said...

Poor Chris. Don't you know he just wants one on one time with you. You're such a nerd anyways, you can just do his homework for him. :)

As for Eli, just send him to moms and put a huge breating machine in the room for the both of them. He's starting to get the Judy germs. (I love you mom!) But then again, he just wants your attention also.

And for Isaac, he just sees the other two are getting your attention so he's acting up just to get on your nerves. Just send him to me and he'll be okay. (I'll trade you, Isaac for Meghan.)

It's nice to see Joe got home early. You were nice to him RIGHT?? Okay, we love you and take care of your boys.

Mandy said...

Hey, I forgot...... you haven't look at the kids blog. There are new pics up of our Magpie.

Lee Family said...

kathy, I am sorry to hear about the problems you are having with Isaac, I know how you feel.If forgot to post on my blog that Logan's Gen. appt is this thursday. But call me, If I dont here from you I will call you.

Andrea said...

Isaac is so adorable in this picture! I hope your little guys get well soon! And my mom totally wants to watch your boys for you so you can have a vacation!

Vanessa said...

He is just so adorable! You make me want to come to Vegas and love on that little man.

Please dont remind me. I was just talking about RSV season today. I'm not sure if they are giving Ari another year of synagis or not. What do they plan on doing with Isaac?

Guess what...we got a new pulse oximter today. And it's not the huge bulky one like we had. I am so jealous of your small pulse ox, but this time we got a smaller one with a nice case. Isn't it sad when I get excited over medical equipment?

Hope you all have a good rest of the week. Tell those boys to stop with that coughing. You guys deserve another vacation.



crabby old man said...

" I know...he looks like a little redneck with his overalls on, and unbuttoned on one side...but, he's a cute little country stinker!" I'M A OVERALL MAN MYSELF & also a registered NorthEast Texas REDNECK , you can unbutton the sides & scratch anywhere anytime.
May GOD bless the Rollers

Mommaof2 said...

That stinky RSV season! Hopefully we're all safe & sound this year - no getting sick, kiddos! That includes ALL kiddos (hint, hint Eli!)

Okay, here's a trade. I 'll have Vaeh come 'teach' Mr. Isaac to eat if you come out here & help my kids with Algebra when the time comes - deal?! I HATE math & dread homework!

Yay that Joe got to see the kids while awake! Hope you all have a great rest of the week! Give that man some smooches from us!

The Portas said...

Can I just reach through my monitor and kiss on that soft, sweet baby skin? How is it possible that I want to smooch on him more every time I see him? I love the overalls!

Sorry for the icky throwing up, sickness, etc. going on with you guys. I hope it all clears up soon.

Algebra? Uhhhh, I may need to hire you in a few years. When Elijah comes to me for Algebra help, I will be clueless!

Sooo glad you ALL got to see Joe for a bit! I hope that becomes more of a trend. Joe, I bet your sweet family misses you!

Take care guys, hoping for a calm, healthy rest of the week for all of you. xoxoxoxo

Colin's Blog said...

Oh no...RSV season. I don't even want to think about it. I'm going to try to get Colin the shots but, I don't think they will be approved.

Anyway-adorable picture of Isaac as always. No gunky stuff boys!! I am so scared of colds & viruses AND Algebra!! I would not remember how to do that at all. Poor Colin will not be able to get any help from me!!

The Domanicos

T & T - K&K said...

Mornin mornin mornin....yes it's cold season & for our kids RSV season. K&K are already sick and were headed to the docs today because of the barking (might be the croop) oh my, poor little men. Sick already! Do you feel like a stretch rubber band ready any second to snap back to original form or something like it. Take naps when u can....that tired bug will sneak up on ya!! Let's talk soon..

jmckeel said...

Cute pictures! How does ELi hang on when riding the motorcycle? It seems that those boys all act up at one time, uh? How is Chris liking seminary and school? Take care, Abby

jencooper said...

Yucky coughs - STAY AWAY!! You are not allowed!!

We are waiting to hear if we are going to get Synagis one more year. I heard that the insurance companies are not wanting to pay. Nice.

Algebra...you are good! I wouldn't know where to start...I am terrible at math.

Isaac - keep eating boy - if you are slow. I am proud of you.

Smooch on those lovebugs for me!


Kelly said...

Adorable as usual! He looks so tall these days!

I'm sorry to hear about all that coughing. Blah! They are just spreading all those lovely germs from Eli's school. Hopefully the coughs go away soon! I woke up with a cold. Arg! It's only week 3 at school. sad!

Oh that explains it! I thought I was weak since I'm having a hard time picking her up in the carseat. Your little man is bigger than her. I thought you were Mighty Woman! ha!