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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I can watch tv, suck on my paci, and shake
my maraca...all at the same time!

Poor Eli...he's SO BORED...
the only thing he could think to do was wash the wall!

Wash the patio...

He's doing a mighty fine job....isn't he??

Well....we're sick. I'm sick, Eli's sick, and Isaac is sick.

Isaac saw the immunologist today. He doesn't need to draw more labs to check his t-cells until January. They are still well below normal...but, nothing we can do about it. He listened to his lungs..and they are still clear--thank goodness. He has the most horrible cough (we all do). He looked into his ears...and with tubes, AND being on antibiotics for 6 days...he STILL has an ear infection! ISAAC!

Eli is still sick...he's on week three of this yucky cold. Eli's such a drama KING when he's sick...so, tonight...he needed a breathing treatment, a vapor patch for his chest, benadryl (to dry up the snot), robitussin (to stop the cough), the humidifer on in his room, the nose strip across his nose, and his singulair. (I think I got it all).

I had to help Chris with his algebra homework again...OH, it's going to be a LONG year! He went to his guidance counselor's office and asked to be put into a lower level algebra class (one that goes a little slower)...and no dice! SO...I'll be complaining about that everyday (just hush and listen to me complain!) please!

OH...and Isaac almost choked to death! He was laying on the floor upstairs in our game room. It's the HUGE room over the garage...half is my work space, and the other half has the couch, fridge, and tv where the kids play video games. Anyway, Isaac was playing on the floor watching Yo Gabba Gabba and I was at my table sewing. I heard him coughing, then gagging..and I'm thinking, "Oh gosh, don't throw up here"...I run over to him, sit him up (assuming our throw up position)...and he opens his mouth and I see something green in it! AND..he hasn't eaten anything green today! I scooped my finger in his mouth...and took out a green plastic disk. It was the bottom of one of those quarter toys that come in that little plastic case. SO, I am going to have to start CLEANING the house! urrghh!!

That's all I've got...I must go now and sleep my cold off!

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Lee Family said...

Kathy I am so sorry everyone is sick over there. You all have to get better. And Isaac choking OMG that is scary. I am glad he is ok. And yes you have to clean the house :) Hope thursday goes better for all of you. Lots of love Karen

Amber said...

I'm done painting....let me come clean your house! :^)

Did I see a baby doll stroller on the patio?

Grace has thrown up everyday this week....thinking of you....and WHY? With her hair, it almost always requires a full bath...her skin is so DRY!

The Portas said...

Oh no, you're all sick??! I'm so sorry to hear this. What is with all the nasty sickness going around lately? Yucky, the choking thing is scary. I worry about that kind of thing happening all the time. Thank goodness it didn't get any further down his throat.

Praying for a HEALTHY day for you all and for that Algebra to be a breeze!


Mommaof2 said...

Oh, poor Isaac! Ear infections STINK (I know, I get them a lot myself:0() Hopefully the snots dry up, along with the coughing!

They wouldn't let him go to a class that will help him understand algebra better?! I thought they were supposed to educate our kids, not push them & when they need some help understanding make them feel somehow less smart! Sorry - not looking forward to Gabby & Vaeh being in the school system! Chris - I feel your pain. Me & math are like oil & water!

Hope you were able to get some rest! Praying that you're all feeling better soon!

Give that little guy's cheecks a big squeeze for me!

Grandma Judy said...

The Math teacher from last year told Chris what class he should take. Evidently SHE thought he could do it. Just hang in there with him. They told him too that once he was in a class he wouldn't be able to change. I guess it's back to the good old days when the teachers TELL us what we need to take.

Tell Chris to take the good with the bad...try hard in Algebra and have fun in Japanese.

Your dad and I are going through this mess too. I'm telling you, it from the feathers from the Boas you ordered......made in China. We probably have the China version of bird flu! ! !

Please find Elil more chores to do around the house. He needs something to occupy his time. Have him read to Isaac.

Take care of little Isaac. They might need to give him a different antibiotic. Oh well, enough of my suggestions. You know what to do!

Love you all.

jencooper said...

Ugh...we have the snots in the Cooper household too! We can't seem to get rid of it!!

Man - so scary about Isaac. That is my biggest fear about my kiddos. I am so glad that you were able to get that out of his mouth!

Thanks for sharing the pics. Your kids are adorable!

I hope that you feel better very soon!!


Kelly said...

Ugh. Sorry to hear you're sick, and everyone is sick. That's no fun!

I hope you feel better soon!

Josh, Carley and Kaitlyn said...

Hi. Thanks for stopping by! Your kiddos are beautiful too!! Thanks for the well wishes for the surgery!

cindy said...

Yikes...I always say I worry more about Jakey choking on something than heart stuff or anything! Steph had to fish a huge piece of broccoli out of his mouth tonight...I thought he was a goner, too!

Hope you all feel better soon and don't wind up sick over the weekend!

I have the same problems over here with the math. It's getting too hard for me to help now!!! Oh, and happy belated birtday to Mr. Christopher!!

Sending lots of love and get well wishes to the Roller clan,


Vanessa said...

Hope you guys start feeling better soon.

What a scare Isaac gave you. These kids get their hands on everything.

Much Love,

kc'sbunch said...

Hey, I don't know how it is at Silverado, but at Liberty (where I taught the slower math, Algebra 1a and Algebra 1b) The slower classes wer not better. If you can get him a tutor (I happen to know a good one) it would be better socially for him to stay in the normal math class. In my algebra 1a and 1b I had the WORST behavior managemant problems of any class Ive ever taught. I could barely teach I was so busy disciplining. Obviously you are the mom and will do what is best for Chris, but you might try to sit in on a 'slower' class and see if Silverado has the same problems as Liberty! Naughty, naughty highschoolers.