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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Well...Howdy Partners!!Although I look good sporting the cowboy hat..
I must continue to watch the television...

This is how I eat sweet potatoes (I think
that some actually stayed in my mouth!)

Mom said that I'm sometimes a little "devil"...
I don't know what she's talking about!

Just wanted to say HEY!
So...there's Isaac. Looking great. You couldn't look at those pics and tell that he was up again last night coughing, threw up 2 times today and wretched 3 times...all episodes turning his bright blue shade...just to keep me reaching for the pulse ox. He's still hovering around 93...so, I'm keeping an eye on him. (any lower and he's back on the O2). His chest has sounded junky most of the day...but, tonight I don't hear anything (just another way that he's always messing with me)!

Oh...and Isaac does get his RSV shots again this year (probably just because of those t-cells).

I made Eli cry tonight. We have this "thing" in our house...where we will buy small $5.00 toys and set them on a shelf. BUT, he has to earn them (do his chores all week and any extra help that I need)...and he gets the toy on Friday. Well, he has some sea creatures on the shelf and he was just dying to open them tonight...and I wouldn't give in...and he just had a melt down:(
Poor Eli...he gave a good argument...but, rules are rules (and...I know his room wasn't as clean as it could have been)...so, he'll have to wait another day.

Chris...came home today and did his homework ALL by himself. He had a Japanese quiz this week and made a 100!!! He had an algebra quiz...but, he SAID that he hadn't gotten that grade back yet (I know he's just hoping I'll forget to ask!)

Joe...made it home by 8:30...and we're both sitting on the couch, watching tv, typing away on our laptops...like big fat DORKS!

Thanks for checking in on us!

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T & T - K&K said...

From one dork to you...we are mirror images of you both right now. Watching the funniest comedy show on showtime with our laptops on our laps...oh goodness. Isaac looks so good! Don't you just love cameras (they dont really tell you what's goin on but then again...they do! He's perfect!!
So proud of Chistopher for taking Japanese...Go Christopher!!
It must of been meltdown Thursday because we had a boat load of that over here too! Kalob's meltdown was so bad he fell asleep at the table while NOT eating lunch. Oh man....what will we do?? Nite nite...
Oh yeah...I LOVE the preschool...I'll call ya

Amber said...

How did he get so cute? I love this "hat series"...by the way.

I love seeing him with food on his face! Grace took 10 bites of sausage tonight!!! (she probably won't try again for weeks, but tonight was exciting!)

To answer your questions: CT was to look at anatomy of her missing gall bladder. Echo...we did not get the results of the echo yet, we will talk with the doctors from St. V's about it in a couple of weeks.

Jamie said she has a new appreciation for ALL heart moms and can completely understand the immediate connection between such women. :^)

The Portas said...

Thanks for my Isaac fix! He is so cute, Kathy. What a sweetie. I love the food on the face. Hopefully a lot got in the belly, too.

You do a great job cutting his hair! Does he freak out when you do it? I'm afraid to try to cut Elijah's, but it would have to be better than the total crazy monster he turns into when we take him somewhere to have it done.

You're such a good mama, sticking to your rules. Eli will thank you for that someday! And way to go, Chris, on all the good work at school! I always thought Japanese would be an interesting language to learn.

I hope you guys have a good, healthy weekend. And no working for Joe!!! xoxoxoxo

Grandma Judy said...

Love the cowboy hat....

Where's the picture of the negotiator and the teenager?

Rachel said...

Those pics are so cute and his eyes look so much better lately!

Beautiful boy you have there! Absolutely beautiful.


jmckeel said...

Hey Kathy,
Those last 2 pictures are adorable. I also have some little devils roaming around here too! :)
It seems that the drs could figure out what is going on, with as many episodes that Isaac has; it's weird. Give him lots of sugar for us, he's a doll. Take care, Abby

Vanessa said...

Isaac looks great! I love his haircut. You did a great job Kathy. And to see his face without the cannula on him is priceless.

I have Arianna pulling on me...gotta go.



jencooper said...

He is so flipping adorable!! I love the hat! I hope that some sweet potatoes in that belly of his.

Eli....ahhh...Bennett has already learned the art of negotiation!

Hope that the Rollers have a fantastic evening!!!


Samantha said...

He is so cute!!! Isaac...please stop throwing up...your mommy needs a break...you boys scare us!!!!!!

Love ya,

Mommaof2 said...

Yes, we've already had tube crossing incidents! Poor Miley looks at me like - "HELP!" But despite the mix ups we're having fun!

I LOVE the 'food on the face' shots! He's just so darn cute in that hat, too! :0( for the shots, but we'll take 'em if they help Mr. Isaac stay healthy!

Poor Eli, sounds like he & Gabby are cut from the same cloth. "That's not fair" is a very familiar phrase in our house!

100 on a Japanese quiz?! I don't think I could score that on an English quiz!! Way to go, Chris!!

You & Joe need to put those 'dorky laptops' away & spend some time together! Hope you all have a good weekend!