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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Happy Birthday STINK BOMB CHRIS!!!
Look at that cheesy grin...
Eli got Chris a video game for his birthday...
What's this...an APPLE BAG???
oh my GOSH...what is it!!!


I got a phone....I got a phone....
pinch me please!

I got a new COW!

What are YOU looking at???

I got a cupcake...
and can't find my shirt!

That's our day. I didn't make a montage of Chris...I really don't need to remember all the things he did to aggravate me this past year...I'm looking ahead (just joking..I don't have time to make a cutesy video...isn't that bad of mE!?) So, we ALL woke up at 5am with him this morning. He almost cried when he opened his presents. NO ONE ate any cupcakes today...so, of course I had to eat FOUR today (and the day isn't over)!!!! JOE got off work early and was home by 5:30!!! We took Chris to his favorite Chinese restaurant (where he just eats crab legs and lo mein noodles), then to the video game store to buy a game with his birthday cash. I think he had a really good birthday (except for the algebra homework that we had to do tonight---that boy always tries my patience!)

Eli had it tough today...he wanted something for himself at every store and didn't understand why it wasn't "Eli" day. He had a minor meltdown at the video store...but, he was up SO early this morning...so, it's understandable. They are both in bed before 9:00..so, maybe they'll sleep good tonight!

Isaac....is rolling ALL over this floor. We saw our GI doc today. Isaac weighed in at 18.9lbs!!! He's gained a few ounces. yippie! He's a little worried about all this wretching and throwing up too...so, we're scheduling an endoscopy in the next few weeks to biopsy his throat and stomach, check on that fundo, check for ulcers, and for a hernia. He does have to be intubated, but they assured my that they wouldn't do any harm to that newly repaired palate. AND Guess what...I got to meet new heart mama Karen (Logan's mom). She had an appointment in the same building and she waited for me to get out of my appointment. We couldn't let the boys play because Isaac is still coughing up a lung...but, she is the SWEETEST and Logan...too cute!!!

I've got to catch Mr. Isaac and ask him if he'd like to sleep SOMETIME tonight,...so, thanks for checking in on us..and for all the well wishes for Isaac and Chris. (and poor Eli...I'll do something special with him this weekend--oh...the DRAMA!)

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Lee Family said...

I am so glad I fianlly got to meet you Kathy you are such a sweet person with a kind Heart,and I look foward to getting to know you and your family better. I am glad everyone had a nice day today.
P.S. I will take a couple of cupcakes also :)
Lots of hugs Karen

Mandy said...

Kat... every day is Eli day. He's got to understand that he doesn't get toys in every store. (or at least this is what you tell me to say to my kids. :) )

I'm glad Chris had a blast today. You better stop spoiling Eli!!!

Give Isaac kisses for us.

Mami Adame said...

Wow, Happy Birthday Chris! What a handsome dude! All your boys are so handsome!
And I have questions! How long is Isaac? Angelina is 19lbs & 1oz. She was on the growth chart and now has knocked herself off. They are not happy about it, I'm ok with it. She's 29 inches long.
And what did he have done to his palate? When did this happen?
Sorry can't help it...he's so close in age to Angelina and fellow VCFSer.
Sorry about my postings have so much on my mind...not sure where to start! But we ok!
Hopefully you'll get answers with the endoscopy. Take care!

Mommaof2 said...

Okay, where do I sign up for the cupcakes?! I need to decide what to make for Miss V's birthday next week - we'll have to trade!:0)
Looks like Chris had a great birthday!! Tell him I'll trade him phones - LOL!
Eli will be just fine. We have this problem with Miss Gabby & all the attention that Vaeh gets. She has her fit, but then is fine.
I LOVE the cow! My Grandpa was a dairy & later a beef farmer so I was around the real things as a kid. I miss that for my girls:0( Oh well, guess they'll be complete city kids!
Hopefully they find something out with the endoscopy! I didn't realize (in my pea brain!) that he had a fundo?! These kids... I tell ya! Did he ever get to sleep for you?
Hope you have a good Wednesday! Give Mr. Isaac BIG hugs from us!

The Portas said...

Chris looks so happy! I'm so glad he had such a special day. An iPhone, wow! That's on my wish list, too.

Sorry to hear you didn't really get any answers about Isaac's throwing up, etc.. Hopefully the endoscopy will provide some insight.

I hope you all got good sleep last night and have a good day today...xoxoxox

Rachel said...

OMGosh and Iphone? My son would be so JEALOUS!!! How special is that. My Mason has a phone but it is a cheap phone. Could never afford an I Phone (however you spell that). Happy Birthday Chris...You are a very lucky boy!


Samantha said...

Happy Birthday Chris!!! Glad you had a great day! I cannot believe you got him a phone...actually, I guess I can...I guess I just cannot believe that you have a high schooler! Okay...tell Eli that it is now always about him...let his big brother have his moment! Silly boy! And Isaac...you are just a trouble maker...there is not much more to it than that! Give your mommy a break!

I am glad you were able to meet Karen...what a great friend you are Kathy!

Much Love,

Kelly said...

Happy birthday Chris! Gesh, I wanna come live at your house. Those are NICE gifts! I bet he was thrilled.

Isaac looks great. 18 1/2 pounds, what a big boy! Good job Mama! Keep feedin' that boy. Hopefully the tests will reveal what's causing the retching. Poor baby.

Have a good one.