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Monday, October 20, 2008

Sure...he looks all sweet and innocent....Do you know what that is in his mouth??

He was eating (well, being tube fed)...and he disconnected it
from the tube connected to his belly. SO...the tube in his mouth is dropping milk in
his face....and the tube in his belly is leaking milk all over the floor!!!!

and he's just smiling...

So...Isaac is my stinker for the day (and this just happened at 10:00 pm!

Last night was TOUGH....Eli was up with a fever. So, that means getting meds, water, a bed at the foot of our bed. whooo....now he's settled. THEN, Joe's up throwing up. It seems that someone ate BAD cookies (or too many). Poor guys. But, between the two of them...we were up all night LONG. And by WE...I mean ME!

SO, Eli skipped school. I took him in...it's just a cold...uurrghhh...
Chris made it through school today and me with little sleep...and LIVED through it!!!
and Joe...poor sweet Joe...is still having a rough time with his asthma and bronchitis. He's inhaling a breathing treatment as I type.

Other than the above...there's NOTHING going on here!
yeah right!!!

AND....you guys need to know that my granddad is going to be 80 years old next month...and he knows how to get on the computer and check Isaac's blog each day! How sweet is that????
AND...you should also know that I'm named after this granddad and grandma (Catherine and Joseph.... Kathy Jo)...but, don't you EVER call me KATHY JO or I'll have to hurt you (we're not in the country anymore!)
So...thanks for taking the time each day to check on us Granddaddy Joe...I LOVE you and Grandma!!!

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Mandy said...

Wait.... how did granddaddy learn to check the computer???

Get everyone well soon so we can have fun when we get there Sunday. :)

We must party! Maybe you and Isaac will go with the kids and i to M&M world! But, you have to not yell at me when I buy the kids something.

See you Sunday Kathy Jo.

The Portas said...

Oh yucky, so sorry for all the sickness and lack of sleep. We can relate right now! Why is it that the mama is always the one to get the least amount of sleep?

I hope Joe and Eli are both feeling better and that Isaac is eating everything in the house.

Kathy Jo, how cute! :)

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Matthew is always rippin out his mic key... and it spews stomach contents everywhere...

I just started putting an ace bandage type deal around it like a girdle... seems to help...

You guys have the most awesome Grandaughter... Kathy Jo...


Rachel said...

What a horrible night. I am dealing with the asthma thing too with my son, Jackson.

I have to say....Isaac must have wanted the Real Thing in his mouth and not his belly...how smart is he? Awesome!

Praying for you guys daily,


Tina:0) said...

Okay, so do we need to make a trip to Vegas to disinfect your house?! NO MORE SICKIES!! Praying everyone is feeling better soon!

With him eating so much by mouth, it'll be no time & he'll not need the mic-key!

Hope you all have a good week! And Happy Birthday (early) to Grandaddy Joe!

crabby old man said...

Hope all gets better, whats wrong with the country . Makes You sound like NOBAMA "gun toting bible thumpers"LOL May God bless the rollers

cindy said...

Yucky visual of milk squirting everywhere! Love how he just smiles right through it! Silly boy!

Glad Eli just has a cold, hope Joe feels better...and I hope YOU get some rest!

Sending lots of love!


Lee Family said...

He reminds me of Logan. I can not believe he pulled the feeding tube out of his Extention and laughs about it to funny. I have to come over and fumigate your house and sanitize it so you all can get better.
Lots of love Karen

Vanessa said...

Your too funny Kathy. That is sweet that your named after both of them.

Hope you all start feeling better. Get some rest.