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Thursday, October 30, 2008

For your viewing pleasure....
A little Icky!Still lovin' the tulle....

This is how I found him....laying right in the middle of my cutting mat!

Maybe he wants me to cut him up!

He's still as cute as EVER!
(but...still not as many teeth as Gracie!)

SO....Isaac is doing awesome! No throwing up or wretching--it's been about 2 months now! He's still eating (when he's awake to eat)--that's 2 or 3 times a day. He hasn't sat up by himself again...but, we're still practicing. He's a rolling machine...rolling all over the living room!

I found a SCREAMIN' deal at the Disney store this week. It was a Pirates of the Caribbean costume...a glow in the dark bony guy. It was only $9.00! SO, of course I grabbed it. I thought that Eli might want to wear the outfit part with his alien mask...but, NO...he just LOVES the whole costume. SO, he's saving the gangster alien for next year (yeah...right!). I'll take plenty of pics tomorrow! I'm SUPPOSE to be making Isaac's costume...but, I've been slacking! Really, it's so DARN HOT here...I'm re-thinking his costume. Like, right now...it's 10:30 at night..and the news just said that it's 77 degrees outside.

Funny Eli conversations for the day: (the first)
Eli: Mom...look what I found! A silver and gold crayon...can I take it to school
Me: Sure. Why are you asking??
Eli: Haley has a box of 46 crayons...I mean they have cool colors..like sky blue, sea foam green. Can we go and get me a box of 46 crayons tomorrow??
Me: Sure....I think they even make boxes bigger than 46!
Eli: Awesome!

(second conversation)
We came in the house and Inside Edition or Entertainment Tonight was on. There was a story on about that woman who's had 8 breast augmentations and wants to get larger. SO....that's where the conversation starts:

Eli: Mom....what's FFF??
Me: That's her bra size.
Eli: well, what's KKK?
Me: That's the size she wants her boobs to be. That's huge!
Eli: So, what's your size?
Me: None of your business.
Eli: Well...what's the smallest size?
Me: A.
Eli: So...what does A look like...are those like puney boobs or something??
Me: Not puney...just small.

Seriously. And I can't even tell you the conversation I had with Chris today. (he would KILL ME)...just know it has something to do with girl boobs too!

What's going on with my boys???? They are driving me CRAZY! BUT, the good thing is that they tell me EVERYTHING! Even if it's something I'd rather not want to know...I'm glad that they still fess up and spill the beans! (Chris hasn't realized yet that he's a teenager and expected to be sneaky...he tattles on himself all the time!)

Joe came in after mid-night last night! My poor man. I just sent him up to go to sleep...the boys are all WIDE AWAKE! They don't have school tomorrow and they're excited about tomorrow!

I'll take TONS of pics...and I expect everyone else out there to do the same and share!!!

**Ok...I just went up to bed, but had to tell you ONE more thing that Mr. Smart Mouth had to say:

Me: Eli...it's almost 11:00....let's go up to bed now.
Eli: No!
Me: Eli...that wasn't a request...it was a command...now move it!
Eli: No... I don't want to.
Me: Elias...get upstairs NOW!
Eli: See...that's what I''m talking about. YOU have anger issues. You get so angry. YOU need to go to anger school.
and he's just muttering words under his breathe the entire time he's walking up the stairs to his room.

THAT LITTLE stink bomb! He has NO IDEA what kind of anger this mom can unleash on him (now...Chris knows...but, Eli...he hasn't a clue!)

Ok...that's it...maybe he'll go to sleep now...and stop talking!~

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Mandy said...

Nice!! I'm soooooo sorry I wasn't there to be a part of all the conversations!! Man, I should have never left your house. And you think Seth has a mouth on him.

I'll call you later to find out the Chris story. :)

Oh, did you get the email pics of Moo Moo??

Amber said...

Are you bragging about the weather or complaining??? I have some 30-40 degree stuff that I would be MORE than happy to trade you for. :0)

I'm not evening touching the "boobs", just know that you are NOT alone in those conversations. (unfortunately)

All of that tulle....are you cranking out the tutu's or what?! Good for you!

I'm considering sending you green polish...maybe for Christmas! :0)

The Portas said...

Oh, that Eli....all those fun conversations. What a silly kids. :)

I can't wait to see Halloween pics of all those cuties! Have a great day/evening....get lots of candy!


Terri@SteelMagnolia said...


Love your boys...

I can't wait to see Halloween pics too...

Tina:0) said...

The whole "boob" conversation was just too funny! I'm glad that I have girls - I don't know if I could handle that conversation! (lol) Then the "anger" class - don't you think all Mom's would be eligible for that class according to their kids - ha!

Can't wait to see the pics... I'll post some of the girls in their tutus!

Tina:0) said...

Oh, yeah! I'm with Amber on the weather - I think it got down to 39 here last night! We'll take that 77 stuff!

Samantha said...

If YOU have anger management issues, I would hate to hear what he has to say about me! You crack me up...that boy is so sassy! I can tell that Noah is just like him! Oh my, he is just one year behind...I do not even want to think about it! And Chris...oh dear heavens...how do they grow up so fast?

You have your hands full! It is going to be on the warmer side here today too...I think I saw 80...I wish fall would just stay here already...I know that you don't really cool off much, but we are constantly up and down...warm one day, freezing the next and warm again the next...it drives me crazy!

Isaac looks great!!!

Have fun tonight!!! I can only imagine Halloween in Vegas...scary!!!

Much love,

Vanessa said...

I love the converstaion with Eli. He is a nut!

kc'sbunch said...

I love your posts. You are hilarious. I need to add some of the conversations with my girls. I must admit, Eli seems a bit advanced for his age with these quesions he comes up with. But Savanah likes to listen to every phone conversation and show I watch to get smart (in ways that she need not be yet) I seriously do not look foreward to a conversation about boob size. "Well, size a is me, I refer to them as misquito bites" You can tell him that, but we do live in the desert so he may not know what misquito bites are (HEHE)