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Monday, October 06, 2008

It's LATE...so, this update will be short and sweet.

I'm coughing again! If Joe gave me those cooties again...oh...I might have to hurt him!!!

It's just been a busy day. One where you're moving ALL day long...and at the end of it...the house is still a wreck, you vacuumed, but it doesn't look like it, you loaded the dishwasher...but, the table is a mess...then, you realize, you live with a baby that needs your undivided attention, a 6 year old that can't remember to put his bowls away, a teenager that likes to take a bath in your room because your tub is big..and leaves his clothes all over it...and a husband, bless his heart...he works so hard, he's sick, but he seems to leave trails of clothes and food everywhere he goes.

I would like my full time housekeeper please.
Now...would be good!

Isaac was a champ today. He ate two bowls of my super-high-calorie baby food mix! He slept through swim practice tonight (How is that even possible...with all the noise??). He rolled everywhere...only sat up for brief periods. OH...and he finally knows how to turn the pages in a book. He doesn't really like to point yet...just turns them and then eats them. He hasn't broken his bouncy seat yet...(thank goodness). He's just a perfect little baby--who's getting bigger each day!!!

Eli is excelling in school. He read a book to me tonight and one to Joe. He uses correct punctuation...screams at exclamation points, talks with a question voice at question marks...and stops at periods. OH...I wish I had video of Chris reading at this age. That boy would NOT stop for a period if his life depended on it. AND...when he was reading, he could tell if you weren't really paying attention...and would just start making up the story...not even trying to read. All I can say is...THANK HEAVENS FOR ELI...he was the break and refreshment that I needed among two high maintenance boys!
(he keeps telling me that he knows that he's my favorite...he's such a sweetie pie)

Chris...is a teenager. He has that new iphone...and it's getting on my last nerve! He walks around the house with the headphones in his ears...and can't hear a word I'm saying unless I yell at him first to get his attention. Well, since we had Isaac...I'm trying NOT to yell..to breathe... He's making me yell! But, I don't yell at Isaac and Eli...just Chris. He's lost his mind lately...and I'm just talking loud enough so that it can find my voice!

Joe is coughing all over the house. I need to buy a box of masks for him. I know all this yuckiness is just allergies...but, come on already!

AND..it's going to get cold this weekend!! YEAH...like high in the 80s!!! We're going to have to break out our coats!!!

AND...one more thing. It's sad but true. Do you remember back in June...I bought my New Kids on the Block tickets. WELL...the concert is this weekend..and I'm going to have to sell them on ebay or something. Joe is too sick to go, I don't really trust anyone to watch Isaac...so, my dreams of watching Joey Joe and the other guys is slowly slipping away:( I do have a free southwest ticket if anyone wants to fly out and go with me...then, Joe can watch Isaac! YEAH!

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jencooper said...

Please,please,please let me come. I will be there step by step while you are hanging tough with your boys!! NKOTB aren't even coming to Dallas. That was the first concert I ever went to see...they were with Tiffany! Ahhh.....good times!

I am so proud of Icky!! 2 whole bowls of food?? Wow!!

Eli - you are a stud buddy!! Keep up the great reading!

I will be honest. Craig gets mad at me because I am always on my phone too!! Hang in there Mama. Try not to yell too loudly!

I hope that Joe feels better....and that you stop coughing!


The Portas said...

Nooo! You HAVE to get to that concert! There has to be someone to go with you. How disappointing if you have to get rid of the tickets. I wish I was closer..

Sounds like there is too much coughing going on in the Roller house. I hope you are all feeling better soon.

I am so impressed by Isaac's eating! This is so wonderful. Keep it up, little man. And Eli, what a good little reader you are!

I hope your full-time housekeeper shows up today and relieves you of all of your household duties. :) Have a good day...xoxox

Grandma Judy said...

You know Mandy will go with you.....she's been waiting for those tickets ! ! !

T & T - K&K said...

Kathy my sweet..I feel your pain! It is yuck season and it's bound to be spread. Didn't you know that's why they put the best holidays in fall and winter? Yep to keep us filled with holiday cheer.
Ok, what to do about your dilemma.. so this is what we could do...I could either come over and follow your explicit instructions on care for Isaac or I can come with you (but Joe come to if he's better)..and I stay in the car for a couple of hours and just hold that little bumpkin who is perfect or....I can stay in the lobby and you can come check on him if u like. Whatever it takes to give you a "little" piece of mind that will go a long way when it's done. Or better yet, you know my kids are down by 7:30pm so it could just be Isaac and me. Whatever you like, he will be treated like the prince he is!! Love you guys ......I'm waiting......

Mandy said...

I'll take Saturday night off and drive out but you have to take Joe. I'll feel bad if I came and he was at home. You really do need to find someone to go with you. Don't miss out!!!

cindy said...

First of all, I would pay alot of money for Jacob to snuggle with me and actually fall asleep like Isaac does. That is the sweetest thing! And yay on the eating!

Sorry Chris is giving you a hard time. The thing that drives me nuts with Steph is all the TEXTING! There's no way she can be paying attention to me and betexting at the same time! Ugh!

Keep up all the great work, Eli! Being a smarty is going to pay off when you're grown up!

Hope Joe feels better and Kathy, you HAVE to go to that concert! You've been so excited about that for months!! I wish I lived there...I would totally go with you!

Love ya!


Kelly said...

Oh no! You can't miss NKOTB! If it wasn't Aubrey's birthday party this weekend I'd totally come out and go to the concert with you!

I hope Joe feels better soon. Happy to hear little man has decided he likes his yummy food.

Tina:0) said...

I agree - you CAN'T miss NKOTB!!! Are we dating ourselves here?! I'd love to come out, but no one to watch the girls - boohoo:0(

You need to get rid of these cooties! You guys are all to sharing (lol)!

As for the weather, if you need a coat for 80 degree weather, what would you wear here tomorrow - its supposed to be in the low 70's!

Hope you find a way to the concert & are all feeling better soon! If the concert is a go - you MUST post pictures! I could use a good remeniscing moment!

Vanessa said...

Don't even play...I'll be there in a heartbeat. I just don't think Robert would be to happy.

I'm so sorry you guys are still feeling yucky. It's not even winter yet. UGH! Oh yes...the cold weather we get with our high 80's. It's so funny cause last night I didn't go to bed till 4am. I know...I just can't seem to fall asleep. Who knows whats wrong with me. But anyways, I let my dog outside at 4am and it was cold outside. It's sad when we need coats in the low 80's. LOL!

Okay..I think I'm rambling I better go to bed.