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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ahhh.....we had a fun weekend!
Saturday we headed to the Fall festival...stayed for 3 HOURS...and
it was SO HOT!!!
Here's Chris and Eli trying this racing game
(Eli doesn't want me to show you the next pic with him on the ground!)
Here's my ham Eli jumping away!

Chris just being silly...and Isaac wondering why he's here!

Hi Isaac!
(and can you tell that Eli already has formed an attitude!)

My handsome boys!

Well....Mandy (my sister from CA) came in this weekend. We've been chasing kids and running on little sleep (well, I DID get a nap today!!! Yeah for ME!)

I can't remember all the things that happened this weekend. But, the festival on Saturday was FUN! I can't believe how hot it was here (not rubbing it in or anything!) Mr. Man is still eating a few meals each day--how unbelievable is that??

But, tonight something FREAKED me out!
I was sitting on the couch and Joe had just laid Isaac down on the floor to play...right at my feet. The next thing I know, Joe is in the other room...and something is rising from the floor! AHHHHHH!!! It was ISAAC! He SAT UP BY HIMSELF!!! Now, we've been working on it. But, really....I thought this wouldn't happen for a while! I didn't see how he did it. I just know that he was laying there playing with his frog paci....and then, he's sitting in the middle of the floor with the frog in his mouth...just looking around. HOLY COW!!!

It's too late at night to get him to do it again...but, HE DID IT! He never ceases to amaze me!!!

**I totally need to get in the bed. But, one more funny thing. Mandy's here...freezing her BUM OFF! I keep my house A/C on 68...and she keeps hers on 78....she's laying here on the couch snuggled all up in a blankie! That just cracks me up! She makes me sweat to death at her house...and I'm going to give her frost bite! I hope everyone had a great weekend!!! The boys here are all doing great....keeping me hopping!

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The Portas said...

I'm a 68 degree person, too. 78 is too warm for me!

YAY for Isaac sitting up by himself!! AND still eating so well! I'm so PROUD!!!!!

The fall festival looks fun. Eli looks a little upset in those last few pics. What a handsome bunch of men you've got there, Kathy. Look at them!

Have fun with your guests! xoxoox

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

love those boys...

glad you had a fun day....

i keep my temp at 68 too...
and i remember in reno.. my sister came to visit and she froze ...
she was a pampered vegas girl...
so i had to set the temp higher for her...


Grandma Judy said...

Kat, Eli is sitting on grass. I thought that was one of his allergies.

I'm surprised you got Chris to hang out with you for the day. What did you have to bribe him with?

Yeah for Isaac. I guess he will do things when he gets good and ready.

Where's the pics of Seth and Meghan?

Tina:0) said...

Eating AND sitting up?! How great is that?! Yaay for Isaac! Isn't it amazing how the sneak it in on us when we least expect it!

What a handsome bunch of guys you have there! The only thing that gets me is its a fall fest right? Shouldn't you all be wearing jeans & sweatshirts?! Oh, right... Vegas!

Hope you have a good week! Give Isaac big hugs from us!

Cindy said...

Look at all the fun you've been having! Love the new pictures...especially of our mysterious Chris! Nice of him to make an appearance!

Look at that sweet Isaac sitting still for his haircut. Too cute!

Love you guys!


Jane said...

Yea for sitting up! It's so great see Isaac growing into a big boy. And I also love that, even though he's a little behind, he's doing things right in the right order and in his own time. What a champ!

Thinking of you and checking in every day...

Lee Family said...

Love the pics and it was good to see you there for the short time it was. And yes it was HOT.

Vanessa said...

Wow 68 degrees would freeze me out too. I keep my house at 78 too.

YEAH FOR ISAAC! I can't wait to see this on video. Nowing him he won't do it for awhile cause he knows we all want to see it.

I'm so happy you guys had such a wonderful weekend. And I'm so happy with Isaac eating so much. We're having trouble in the eating department now so maybe Isaac can give Arianna some pointers. ;)



Rachel said...

Great picture of the boys together!!! I dont see that too often.

PS...Love the Hair cut pictures down below too. He looked like he did well.