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Sunday, October 05, 2008

When Isaac snuggles up to me like this...he falls asleep in
less than 5 minutes...
until Eli starts jumping around too much!I just LOVE Isaac in hats!!
This one is Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba!

Just reach through the screen and squeeze those cheeks!
Oh...this has been a really busy weekend. Joe finally went to the doctors and he has bronchitis (I'm sure that's what I had...I just didn't want to go in). Of course he thinks he's dying. But, he has asthma...so, it does hit him harder than me.

Isaac did great with his holter monitor....too great. He was connected for 24 hours...and I believe he was only awake for 6-7 hours of that entire 24 hour period. That means he will show low rates...urrghh. Dr. Mayman is going to think I've lost my mind! But, yesterday I made an amazing discovery. I mixed a little stage 2 baby food, rice cereal to thicken it, and heavy whipping cream (which is 60 calories for 1 tbsp)...and my man EATS IT!!! He did so good today that I skipped a feed with the milk. AND...the funny thing is that he's eating this...opening his mouth for each spoonful..AND...doing this while bouncing in his bouncy seat. I know that's not the best way to feed your baby...but, he can't sit up long in the high chair...and I've even tried reclining it for him. He just has the most stamina in that bouncy seat.

Eli finally picked out his Halloween costume...drum roll please....he's going to be a GANGSTER (or is it Gangsta) Alien. Seriously. It was at Target...and he fell in love with it! It's an alien mask, with a bandanna wrapped around it's head...a Area 51 sweatshirt, and an alien bling chain to top off the costume. He's in heaven. He walked down the sidewalk this weekend to show all the neighbors!!! Crazy Eli!

Chris has a JOB! Our friend Janice caters weddings and events...and she asked if Chris wanted to help this weekend. Well, he went and had a blast. He thinks that he's going to make $90...but, I had to explain about taxes...and he's a little disheartened...but, ready for the next wedding!

The big boys are getting so good at tennis! I think Chris will be ready to try out for the school team next year...and if Eli is anything like Joe..he'll be a pro by the time he reaches middle school.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I have one more tutu to make before bed...so, adios amigos!

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Mandy said...

The hat is so cute. I can't wait until Meghan gets the Fufa one. Thanks again for getting it for her. She is going to love you even more now!

Take a pic of Eli so we can see him in the costume.

Grandma Judy said...

Where did you get the hat?

I can't wait to talk to Chris about work. I wonder if he did more talking or working.

Tell Eli that Aunt Debbie said she would go to the place that makes the alien spacecraft and take pictures of them. The blimp company is in ELizabeth City, so Eli can see what they look like BEFORE the aliens board them! And by the way....Granddaddy Joe goes there from time to time to do some work for them. I'll bet he could sneak Eli in!

Have a good day!

crabby old man said...

what a neat family

The Portas said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so proud of the sweet Isaac and all the he's eating. What a stud. This eating progress is HUGE for him! I'm so happy. :)

Eli's costume sounds fun! How cute that he loves it so much that he gave the neighborhood a sneak peek.

The pic of Isaac snuggling up against you is PRECIOUS. I think I said, "Aaawwwwwwww" out loud for about 10 straight minutes.

Kelly said...

Way to go Isaac on that eating. =) Momma sure does know how to squeeze those calories in! =)

Did you get a new bouncer? Hey, if that works for feeding, then so be it. Eating is eating. Yahoo!

Aubrey is making great strides in that area too. Her new favorite is squash. Crazy, huh?

Have a good day.

jencooper said...

I am LOVING that hat. Could it be any cuter?? He is so adorable. And, I especially love the picture of the 3 of you in the bed all snuggly.

An entire jar of food?? Oh my goodness!!!! And with extra calories?? Amazing!!

I can't wait to see Eli's costume. I bet that it is adorable. Bennett is going to be a cowboy and Gracie a butterfly.

I used to work for a catering company. I am sure that Chris will really enjoy it.

Glad to hear that you are raising the next Roller Brothers tennis stars!


Lee Family said...

I am sorry to hear that Joe is sick. And Isaac I am so glad he is doing great, I would not worry to much about the high heart rate Logan gets like that also and Acherman told me not to worry. I hope every thing else is going good, I have not heard from you in awhile Kathy. I will be calling you tomorrow. Take care Karen

Lee Family said...

oh I forgot to mention I just love the hat, I just want to reach in and squeeze those checks and give him a big kiss.

Vanessa said...

I love snuggling with Arianna like that.

Chris working. Wow..that is pretty neat. He's just like his daddy.

Eli...now that is the perfect costume for him.

I am SO tired but I wanted you to know I'm thinking of you all.

Rachel said...

I just love that picture with him snuggling with him mama! I love this too. Melana will have her nights where she just doesn't wanna be in her crib (which is in my room) so I will get her out, snuggle for a few minutes, and out she goes.

Dont you just love that feeling?