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Monday, October 13, 2008

I am SO happy to report...that nothing's going on here!

Isaac has been off the O2 at night for four nights now...and he's doing great. I haven't let them come and pick it up...because the next cold he gets...it'll be back up his nose! I stole kisses from him all day! Last week, I could stick my tongue out at him and he'd try to grab it...today, I stuck my tongue out at him..and he leaned in to kiss it! Oh...I could just eat him up.

Megan...I'm trying so hard to teach him the parts of his face. But, baby steps. We've just practiced "nose"...for weeks now. So, today...I say..."where's mommy's nose?"...and it just cracks him up. He NEVER laughs...and he just started giggling. "Where's Isaac's nose"...and he looks towards Joe. So, he doesn't get it yet...but...I'll keep working on it!

Eli and Chris are perfect. They had swim lessons tonight...whooo..it's getting cold here at night...I'm a little worried...I have them signed up until Christmas! (They'll freeze their bums off when they go outside). There is a Mommy and Me swim class going on at the same time the boys are taking their lessons..but, the "normal" kids come out of the pool with purple lips...I can only imagine what color Isaac's whole body would turn...so, maybe in the Spring. But...I was wondering...when he takes a bath and I'm changing him...he does turn purple....so, if he was swimming in an indoor pool and it was cooler and he did turn bright purple...does that harm him...or just look funny??? I mean...is his circulation so restricted that it could be dangerous? I just never thought to ask the doc.

Well..I have some cleaning to do. Karen, Logan's mom, is coming over in the morning. I've warned her that I'm not a neat freak. Now...my house isn't dirty...just VERY cluttered. AND...I'm not one that cares that the laundry stays on the guest bed all week...there are more important things to do each day. I do end the day with loading the dishwasher, cleaning off the counters, and sweeping the floor. Everything else will get done in it's own time...or when my imaginary housekeeper comes over!

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Mandy said...

Kathy Roller.... you're house is never really messy!! Don't worry, I'll clean all your rooms when I come to visit. (or either I'll just Meghan destroy them.)

Have fun playing with Logan (he is coming with Karen right??)

And where are the pics from the concert???

Tina:0) said...

Yeah, where are the pics?! (lol)

And when you're done with that imaginary housekeeper, will you send her back east to Ohio?!

Vaeh does the same purple-y thing when she's in the tub. Although its gotten much better over the past 5 months since her repair. Right after her feet would be nearly blue & her lips matched. Now she just has this funny mottled look after taking a bath!

Hope you & Karen, Isaac & Logan have good time today! Smoochy on that little man for me!

Rachel said...

I could just eat him up too. So glad to hear he is going all night without Oxygen.


Rachel said...

PS....My daughter Melana is almost 15 months old....how much fo a tootoo outfit???


The Portas said...

I'll take the imaginary housekeeper, too! She could busy herself (or himself) for quite a while in my home.

The purple lips scare me. It hasn't really happened since E's repair, thankfully. I think blueness is a sign that there is a definite blood circulation problem, but because it happens to any heart healthy kid after getting out of a cold pool, I don't know how harmful it is or if at all. I'd be curious to know the answer, though!

Have a great day with Karen and Logan! I'm sure your house looks great. Tell Isaac to keep behaving..it's wonderful not to have any "news" to report sometimes, huh. Keep working on those body parts, they will come.


Vanessa said...

Nothing is a good sign. :) Yeah for Mr. Isaac being off O2. Just wanted to quickley check up on you guys.

Isn't the weather great!!!!

jencooper said...

Okay - as the swimming teacher who enrolled my child in swim lessons - in an indoor pool.....I had a long conversation with my Dr. Thomas - whom I adore!! Anywho - Grace did the whole purple lips, feet, and shivering thing. She also does it in the tub. He said that it was just the vessels reacting to the water temperature. There is nothing harmful about it. And, he thought that the benefit of her learning to "swim" (as much as a baby can in a Mommy and Me class) was important. Her teacher lovingly referred to her as "my favorite little science experiment." She enjoyed it and didn't seem bothered...just seemed to bother me. I just wrapped her up tight as a bug when we got out and warmed her bum right up. You could also check out warmbelly.com - they have wetsuits to help with the warmth.

Wow - now that I have written a novel. Glad to hear that the other boys are swimming. Bennett is a fish! We need to get these kids together!!