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Sunday, October 12, 2008

I think the pictures speak for themselves....
someone is VERY SILLY and HAPPY!

OHHH....isn't he just the sweetest! He started something new this weekend. Everyday, I say, "Kiss Kiss" and I make the kissing sound and blow him kisses. But, he normally just looks at me like I'm weird...and I just steal my kisses. WELL, this weekend, I said, "Kiss Kiss" and he leaned in for a kiss on the lips. Now, he doesn't pucker up yet...but, he puts his lips on mine..I almost cried! So...you KNOW all day long I'm begging for kisses...and he gives them!!!

I've been a little worried about how delayed he is...and how much is he really processing...but, I think he's getting it! This is the first thing that he's shown me that he understands. I ask him every night..."where's Daddy?"...and he just looks around....like, "I don't know..where is he?" It's so sweet...he always looks confused. I haven't even tried sign language with him yet...because he's so delayed....but, it looks like I'm going to have to find my dvd! He finally plays peek a boo...he'll move my hands now to see my face. And when we hide a toy under the blanket, he'll move the blanket to find it. Isaac's really on a 6 month level...but, he's just so darn lovable! He still doesn't babble (not even ma ma, da da, ba ba...not one sound has come from him)...but, it's amazing that we always know what he wants. He does cry, laugh, giggle, and grunt. He's still eating by mouth about twice a day. He would eat more...but, he sleeps too much during the day. He's only awake for about two hours at a time and then he needs a nap. He's still rolling all over the living room....still a bobble head...but, he gets everything he wants. He even caught our dog today! (Katie was not happy about that one...but, she just moved out of his way).

Chris and Eli had a good weekend. Chris decided that he wants to be scary for Halloween...so, they ordered him the Jason costume. Eli decided that his gangster alien needed a wig and sunglasses. SO, Joe let him pick them out. Eli came home with this Michael Jackson wig (black hair down to his shoulders) and big sunglasses on an alien mask that has big bug eyes, a bald head (that's why it needed a wig), and a bandanna wrapped around it's forehead with "Area 51" on it. Eli is crazy. That's all there is to that little guy! He made me listen to him read about 3 books today...he's such a good reader. Chris RUNS from books...he'd rather see the movie first, then skim through the book.

Joe is still sick...a big, fat, grouchy sick man. (that's all I'm saying about him..because he reads this sometimes for quality assurance).

and...I'm still smiling from my night out!!! YEAH FOR ME!
I got a nap today with Isaac...it's just been a really good weekend (expect for Joe's sickies).

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Cindy said...

Just when I think there can't be any cuter Isaac pictures you throw some more out there! I would be kissing that face all day, too!

Hooray for going to NKOTB! I'll bet you were all sweaty and hoarse from dancing and singing...just like in the old days! Very nice of Joe to watch the kids even in all his sickness!

Can't wait till Halloween so we can see pictures of those crazy boys in their costumes!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Love ya!


T & T - K&K said...

Kathy Kathy Kathy, what are we doing still up???
Yes..Isaac is just the cutest little pumpkin pie anybody has ever seen and how can help but not say, kiss kiss!!
Christopher cracks me up and Eli keeps me in stitches! Oh Joe..I'm comin to make that Southern Hot toddy for ya (minus the hard stuff)
I'm still recovering Kat from last night! I'm so out of shape (knees hurting today from dancing)
Oh yeah, and I promise I'll pick up the pace on my driving....NOT! I'm just a granny goo and I can't help it :-)
You guys are the best!

Mami Adame said...

Kathy, I'm sure you've read that VCFS kids have a resemblance in their look. I've seen pics of other kids and occasionally you do see a bit of resemblance here and there. It trips my hubby out when I point it out.
The last pic of Isaac...wow! Angelina gives me that smile all the time! They could be brother & sister! If I hugged him would he just fall into my arms? Angelina does that, its like she melts and lets me kiss and squeeze all I want!
You know I use to worry that I didn't stimulate Angelina enough, I still do at times. We have to work harder with our babies, because whether we like to talk about it or not they are behind. But honestly I'm sure if you challenged him a little, I bet he would surprise you! I'm sure he uderstands more than what he's shown you. Plus I think it helps a ton to have older siblings.
By the way, I can't wait to see Halloween pictures!

The Portas said...

You're getting kisses! That is sooo cute, and also such good news for his development. I'm sure he understands way more than he lets on. Be patient (as you are) and soon he will be impressing you with all kinds of new things. He's such an amazing little guy. His pictures are ADORABLE. I could just kiss that face all over.

I'm so happy you had such a good weekend (except for the Joe sicky thing). I'm excited to see pics of Eli's costume. Sounds fun!

Have a good, relaxing Monday. Yuck, it's Monday.

Tina:0) said...

He has the cutest smile ever! And I love that little tongue sticking out! Too cute!

I agree - he's just starting to come out of his shell! You are worried now, but just think in a year you'll wonder why you ever were! I used to think the same things about Vaeh & now look at her! At her last assessment she went from an 8 month to 21 month level with speech. And that was from May to September! It'll come, don't worry Momma!

Give that little man hugs from us!

Samantha said...

KISSES!!!!!!!! YAY FOR KISSES!!!!! That is my favorite thing ever...well, maybe a snuggle too, but snuggles and kisses are like being handed a blank check! There is NOTHING better. And your Isaac is getting there...if he is at a 6 month level, I would get those dvds out and get that boy signing!!! I am so happy that you were able to go to the NKOTB concert...you deserved a night to escape away from your WAY TOO BUSY life and enjoy yourself.

I hope that you have a great week!!!

Much love,

Grandma Judy said...

He is just soooo cute, even with the crazy eye. He will be able to control that bobble head and crazy eye soon enough. I am just so thankful he is still here with us.
I was reading Jonathan's blog the other day, and can't imagine what his parents must be going through.

Glad all is well in the Roller house!

Rachel said...

YES HE IS the sweetest thing ever! He really can't get any cuter!

Your gonna have your hands full with the girls sooner than you think. He's gonna be a chick magnent.


Vanessa said...

Isaac is so adorable! Just thinking of you guys and wanted to say hi!

kc'sbunch said...

Hey Kathy, I am so jelous about New kids. I totally loved them. I remember Mia gave Jamie tickes for her birthday (when I was in 3rd grade) and I couldn't believe how AWESOME that gift was. Those tickes were like $16.00. Then the concert was canceled and i was glad. What a brat I was. Hey I am usually down to one child on Tuesday and Thursdays from 9-11. You pick a day for cooking lessons (like you really need them) and I'll be there. Or stall for another couple of days and i'll call you

Christine said...

What a beautiful post. Your little boy is just heavenly. He is such a blessing. We have a son who just turned 2 years old and he is the light of ourlives! He has special needs but it doesn't stop him either!

jencooper said...

Could that child get any cuter?? I mean - really - he is adorable. I want to come to Vegas and get some of those kisses.

I am so happy that you made it to NKOTB.......but extremely jealous!! How much fun!!!

I can't wait to see pics of the Halloween costumes.