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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ok...everyone knows that Eli's been searching for aliens. Well, tonight we were picking the big boys up from church...and Eli yelled out, "THERE'S AN ALIEN SHIP!!"
Well, it wasn't an alien ship...but, a HUGE blimp with a television on the side!
(only in Vegas!)
Here's a picture we took when we got home...it's the top light in the sky.
He was SO excited at the thought of actually seeing a UFO!"This was Isaac eating yesterday. He ate a whole jar at one time!!! (again)
OK...so, maybe there's 1/8 of a jar on his bib..but, still...YEAH for Isaac!

I put some of his vanilla milk in a cup...he really just chewed on it...
but, I'll keep trying.

He could hold the cup himself...he just couldn't tip it up enough to attempt
to drink anything.

So...I knew this day would come...and today he did it...
I was talking on the phone, I looked back at him...and he was kicking his feet...
trying to get that seat to bounce...and it was just sitting on the floor!

Look a him...just wondering why he can't bounce!
(I almost peed in my pants laughing!)

And...guess what else happened today? Dr. A called back with the other lab results (except the immunology ones)...and everything is NORMAL! Seriously, he's not anemic, his thyroid is functioning properly....so...what's up with that heart rate??? We may never know.

The big boys are out of school tomorrow....yippie??

Isaac had his flu shot yesterday...so, this morning about 3am..he was burning up and crying:( But, after some Motrin and pedialyte...he went back to sleep. I did have to keep Tylenol and Motrin in him all day...but, other than the slight fever today..he's been good. He ate a little food at lunch time...but, he's slept most of the day.

Wish me luck with my big boys tomorrow....maybe we can all sleep all day!!!

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Lee Family said...

I am glad he is eating a whole jar of food and holding his own cup, he will get it. Logan does the same thing. Glad Isaac is doing great. Karen

Lee Family said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mandy said...

Yes everyone, I was talking to Kat and she couldn't stop laughing. but hey, at least she took pics and even put them up tonight.

So, did you go get the Macys stuff? Come on, you gotta tell everyone that story. Only you would have done this one. :)

If Eli gets bored, tell him he can call us. Seth is out of school at 12:30.

Tina:0) said...

Yaay for Isaac for eating a whole jar!! That is kinda interesting that all his labs were normal... can't wait to hear about the immunology report (praying for normal!). Have you tried a cup with a straw? Then he wouldn't have to tip it up to take a drink!

How cool that Eli got to see "aliens"! Gabby would be jealous - she's been on an alien kick!

Good luck with the boys! I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time!

The Portas said...

The broken bouncy pics are funny. Poor guy! He's wondering why his favorite chair stopped working properly! GREAT news about the baby food. That's so awesome!! It's good stuff, isn't it, Isaac? It's such good news that all his bloodwork is coming back normal. I do hope you can get an answer on the high HR, though.

That pic of Eli is SO CUTE. He looks so happy. Way to go on finally finding some of those aliens!

Have a great day together today. Get lots of naps in. Take one for me! Thanks! xoxooxxx

Cindy said...

OK, seriously, that last picture of Isaac looking like he's totally ticked off is hysterical! It's terrible to laugh at him when he's not happy about something, but it really is priceless.

Glad the labs all came back normal, but it stinks that it doesn't explain the heart rate. Wonder what's up with that?

Love the picture of Eli in all his glory with his UFO. He's one happy kid now!

Have a great weekend, Rollers!

Lots of love,


Kelly said...

Hilarious! I was wondering the weight limit was. Clearly his was at it's max. =) Just evidence of what a big boy he's become!

Ah Eli and the aliens. He's funny!

Krista said...

Your entries just always entertain...seriously woman...your life is better than what's on tv! So now what...no bouncy...maybe he's ready for a bounce-aroo (or whatever they call them) Maybe it get him liking that weightbearing on his feet better!

Hope you are having a great weekend...and that he continues to gobble up the food!