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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

**A short and sweet post**

I am TIRED! It is 10:30...and Isaac is bouncing like a mad man in his bouncy seat. Doesn't he know what time it is?? Here's the reason...he was awake only FOUR hours today! That's it...he'll just sleep the day away if you let him.

I made two MORE pumpkin pies tonight....and one is almost gone. oops!

Isaac ate THREE times today! That's right...three jars of baby food, sprinkled with mct oil (for calories), whipping cream (for calories), and rice cereal (to thicken it up a little after all the junk I added). He's my superstar!!!

Eli said that Olivia loves him now...ohh....I LOVE Olivia too...

Chris has a re-test in Algebra tomorrow...my fingers are crossed for that little man!

Joe...had a piece of my pie...but, that's all I'm sharing!

Good night my friends!!!

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Mandy said...

Poor Kathy. When I come over the weekend we will go shopping to work off the extra pounds that the pies are adding. :) (Sorry everyone, but I just love giving my big sister crap.)

Don't get too tired making all the tutus. And remember, FUFU for MEGHAN!! :)

See you Sunday.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

where do you get mct oil???

I'm sorry you're so tired.. I would be too ...

Sarah said...

You and me both... for different reasons but... man I'm tired. Hope everyone behaves and Joe and Eli start to feel better. Wish I could be sitting here eating a piece of these pumkin pies you keep talking about.

The Portas said...

I want to sleep the day away, too! I'm jealous of Isaac's slumber. Tell him to share.

YAY for the eating, Isaac! That is so awesome. I'm sooo happy about that!

Good luck on the re-test, Chris!

I hope you got some good sleep with lots of yummy pie in your bellies.

Tina:0) said...

So, are you sharing your pie with Isaac?! Sounds like he's eating like a champ!! You go, little man!

Ah, puppy love... too cute!

Good luck on the re-test, Chris!

Krista said...

Hey crazy momma! Sounds like things just are staying crazy busy...oh how I wish I could take you with us...you are so deserving of a break!

Yeah for Isaac...looks like he is making strides in the eating...one step at a time!

Sending hugs

crabby old man said...

May God Bless the Rollers