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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I'm FULL of empty promises...promises of pictures...and letting you down again.
I'm sorry.
Just too much to do and I can't stay up toooo late!

But...I do have much to share..so, sit back and enjoy our life:

FIRST...Isaac had his 18 month well check today. He weighed in at 19 lbs 4 ozs!!! WOW...we're finally bigger than 18 pounds!!! YEAH for Isaac!! He's 32 inches tall and he has a fat head (can't remember the exact number--but, it's WAY on the charts!). Oh wait...did I tell you that we waited ONE HOUR in the waiting room before going back...it's ok though...Isaac was sleeping for most of the weight. So, we're in the back visiting with our wonderful ped, Dr. Alazard...and I ask him if he'll give me the LabCorp sheet to get the blood work that Dr. Mayman wanted...remember, Isaac's heart rate is still higher than it should be, so he wanted to check for anemia and his thyroid function. Ok...so, Dr. A said that he could draw the blood there! what?!? I didn't know that they drew blood at the peds....I said, "he's a hard stick...you'll have to send your best nurse in". He said, "nope, I'm doing it myself!" How cool is that!!!

SO...i have to wait for him to do another well check...and he finally comes in..with their best NP also (whom I also LOVE). I warn them...they tried twice...NO LUCK. (hmmm...do you think?) But, Dr. A decides to do an art stick in his wrist...and that's one of the most painful places...but, these are important labs...and Isaac's heart rate has been too high for three months now. So, he hits the artery...and the blood flows!!! He even gets enough to check his immunology panels again.

Well, tonight I get a call...and the chem 10 panel is back and it's all NORMAL! So, that's good..but, yet bad..because I still don't have a reason for Isaac's high heart rate. (it was 145 today at the doctor's office...and he was asleep). Maybe the thyroid functions will be a little off. If not...I'm calling Dr. Mayman to check little man's heart.

Elias is nothing but a stinker. A smart, cute, STINKER. They're loving swim lessons...and I LOVE that the lessons are at the same time, that Isaac is happy eating and watching everything...and the kids are getting tired before bedtime!

Ok...I'm watching Project Runway so...ta ta for now!

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Lee Family said...

Well I am glad the well check went good, Who knows why his heart rate is so high huh?
He is getting so big Good boy keep up that eating by mouth stuff :)
Hugs Karen

Mandy said...

You are still a nerd. Hey, I saw the tutus on ebay. Good job Kat!! :)

If I don't talk to you the rest of the week, tell Chris to have fun at WORK on Saturday and he has to buy me something with his money. I'll call him Sunday and ask if I can borrow some. :)

Tell Joe Joe hello.

Vanessa said...

You have such a great doctor! And Isaac has such a great mother! I know it's so frustrating not knowing what is wrong with your little man, or should I say big man with that nice weight gain. :)

The high heart rate is puzzling. What is going on Mister? You have a great plan of action right now so let us know what you find out.



The Portas said...

Answers that bring non-answers. It's all a big mystery! How frustrating this must be for you. At least you are able to rule another thing out. How wonderful that your doctor is so caring and compassionate. I just hope you guys can get some concrete answers very soon about that high heart rate.

Good job on the growth, Isaac! You're practically 20 lbs! And you're taller than Elijah. Keep it up, cute man.

I hope you guys got a good night of sleep and that you have a low-key day today. xoxooxxx

Tina:0) said...

19 lbs?!?! How great is that?! Way to go Isaac! What a great pedi you have - to do the stick himself! Not too many like that!

I can't imagine any of your boys being stinkers (LOL - aren't all boys stinkers? I know my girls are!)?!

Hope you all have a good rest of your week. Give that 'chunky' little man some smooches from us!

Rachel said...

WAY TO GO ISAAC!!!! You are getting to be so big.

I am jealous, my little Tubby Pants is only 14 months old and weighs in at 22 lbs.

Love you guys,


Wendy said...

Hey Kathy,

I'm glad to hear that Isaac is growing and that his labs look good...I hope his little heart is well, too, and that you can figure out what's going on with that high heart rate. Isaac is looking like such a big boy these days! Who said these babies could grow up on us???!!! :) Well, I hear Miss Emma crying...gotta run! Take care and know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Heart Hugs,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)