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Friday, October 03, 2008

This is the attitude that filled Elias today. Isaac was falling asleep in his arms...
and Eli...just wanted to make that mad, pouty face!


The boys were home ALL DAY...and TWO extra teenagers roamed around my house too! But, we made it! It was homecoming tonight...and they went to the football game and had a blast.
Although, Eli had a few meltdowns...and told me that he was depressed (because the big kids don't play with him enough). But...I made it up to him when he helped me make pumpkin pies! yummy yummy!

Now...onto Isaac. I called Dr. Mayman's office (our card) and left a message about all of his labs coming back normal...but, told him that I was still concerned about his high heart rate. Dr. Mayman called me back...and told me to go to his office and get another holter monitor...just in case. He's sure that we won't find anything...but, just wants to ease my mind (thank you!). I was just a little worried...he did that thing again where he starts screaming for no reason. So, I hook him up to the sat monitor...and he's satting at 90 and his heart rate is in the 190s! Well, he calms down and falls asleep...but, for 2 hours straight, while he's sleeping, his heart rate doesn't go lower than 150...while he's asleep! My little bean pole! Maybe this higher rate is just his new baseline...and I'll have to settle down.

And...for Joe. He finally got my cooties!! Poor thing. He felt warm and so I decided to get the thermometer out (it's the ear one)..well, I turn it on and jam it in his ear...and he just SCREAMED! You see, Joe has sensitive little ears...and I guess I shoved it in too fast and far...oh...sorry babe. Now, he's coughing, stuffy head...and his ear hurts! oopps!

We turn in the holter monitor on Monday...and it takes a few days for them to call me with the results...so, we'll see!

**OH...and I got Isaac another bouncy seat today. Although, I'm not sure how long it's going to last...he's a mad man on that thing!!!

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!!

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Mandy said...

oh no.... not more of Eli meltdowns. :) The pics are cute. And what do you think you are going to do with Eli when he's off track next month??

Sorry Joe's sick but now maybe you will see a little more of him. Enjoy all your pumpkin pies. I'm sure you are eating one a day.

Tina:0) said...

Whatever that bug is, it needs to leave you guys alone!

Hope the new bouncy seat works out!

The girls would be glad to be your models:0) They love dancing around in their tutus! Thanks again!:0)

Vanessa said...

What a face! It's the age where the big kids don't want anything to do with the young ones.

Isaac and that bouncy seat...he cracks me up. Good thing you got him a new one.

You know maybe your right...maybe this really is his baseline now. But your like me and will want to know why. I'm glad you got the second holter monitor. And I'm so excited to hear his labs were all normal. Yeah Isaac!

Vanessa said...

Bug vaccum?!?! Are you serious. I didn't know there was such a thing. I'll have to try and find that cause she would love it.

Samantha said...

Elias...that FACE!!!! My goodness, I did not know he could make such a stinker face!

I hope you get that heart rate figured out...that is just plain crazy!

I hope you had some good rest this weekend...you are like me and never get enough rest!

Much love,

crabby old man said...

Next time try a rectal themomter & hear Joe really holler, Just kidding hope all gets better

cindy said...

Tell Eli to go back to making his silly, hamming it up faces! I've never seen him with a "mean" face before...didn't know he's even capable of one when a camera is pointed at him!

Hope Isaac has fun bouncing again! Oh....and I hope Joe feels better now!

Lots of love,


The Portas said...

That is quite the look, Eli! I think you'd win a staring contest with about anybody. :)

Joe, feel better soon! Sorry you are sick. Poor thing.

I'm glad everyone had fun at homecoming. How fun...