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Thursday, October 16, 2008

I know that I promised pics of my big boys new hair dos...but, they
would not pose for me....so, here's Isaac and the new heart attack he
almost gave me!Did you see Isaac sleeping? Look closely...he's holding his nose, while
sucking on his pacifier. I've been worried about him sleeping face
down in the mattress...now...what do you think I did when I saw this!?!?!
Now...you tell me how he breathes when he's doing this? He's going
to give me a heart attack! You know that I made him wake up...I moved his hand
off of his nose...and took his paci! (Mean mama!)

Now...these next pics are for my Texas mamas (and Crabby Old Man!)...
I just LOVE hats...so, Isaac will HAVE to share my love!

I'll cut his hair this week. It's just so darn pretty...and I LOVE guys with long hair...but, I'll have to chop it off AGAIN! (oh, if he was a girl...I can just picture all the bows!)

The kids had a pretty good day. I don't really like Chris today. His mouth is too big, his ears are clogged, and his attitude needs adjusting. Eli is whining a lot, tattling on Chris when he can, and refusing to eat any food for dinner unless it's a Halloween cookie with frosting and sprinkles. I am trying SO hard not to make pumpkin pies this late...and then stay up later to eat them all! Isaac...is my angel. He doesn't talk back, run away, refuse to eat (anymore), let's me play dress up with him, likes my hobby of tutu making, and gives me kisses all day.
The big boys better pay attention....or I'm going to start picking favorites!!!

No...I won't pick favorites...but, they better shape up!

Did I tell you guys that I went to my annual doctors appointment a few weeks ago...and I told my doc that I wanted some medicine that would help me lose weight and give me more energy. Do you know what he said??
"Go down to Martin Luther King Blvd and I'll bet you can find some crack!"

Seriously....I need some crack from the boulevard! Ok...not crack...but, something to burn the fat (without eating healthy or exercising) and something to keep me awake so that I don't have to sleep so that I can get all the millions of things done that I need to and want to. and somewhere in there I need to find a place that will clone my husband...I miss him. It's 9:30, and I'm watching Grey's Anatomy by myself...he hasn't even left the office yet!

that's about it for my day! How was yours? Go ahead...tell me...I love you all!!!
Hope you enjoyed the pics of Sir Isaac.

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Lee Family said...

Hi Kathy I am getting ready to go to bed, Sorry I did not have a chance to call you back. So much to do in a short time. I will call you in the morning I promise. Oh and you always make me laugh every time I read your posts you CRACK me up:)
And as always I love all of the photos of Isaac. Eli reminds me so much of Elizabeth stubborn when it comes to eating food.
Have a good night.

Mandy said...

You are too funny missy. The pics of Isaac are also too cute. I can't wait to come play with him next Saturday. We are going to have a blast!!

Sorry but I'm not sure what to say about the other two. Just tell them they have to listen or no M&M World for them. (or no toys from there.)

Take care and have a great weekend. I'll try not to bother you.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

oh my heck..
those pics are precious..

and i can only imagine your thought when you saw him laying there pinching his nose..

*shakes head*

anyhoo... LOVE the pics...
he's simply adorable...

shhhhh, i'll meet you down at MLK..
i need something like that too....

that is hysterical your doc said that....
my doctor always says something dorky like...

eat right and exersize and you'll have more energy...


Terri@SteelMagnolia said...


i yuv you too....

i should start proving it by coming over.

The Portas said...

I love you, too!

And yes, the pics of Isaac are adorable as always. I love them. I could sit and stare at that cute face forever. AAaawww, such a sweetie. I always think of how gorgeous Elijah's hair would be, too, if he were a girl. :)

Crack, nice! Send some my way. I'm needing some energy and motivation.

I hope you got some snuggle time with your hubby before you went to sleep. Pumpking pies, yummmmmm.....

cindy said...

First things first...I had a piece of pumpin pie cheesecake with a pecan pie bottom at the Cheesecake Factory before everyone put me in quarantine over here! I stored enough fat to carry me through the last few days! Might need to go to Martin Luter King Blvd with you!

I'm going to run out of ways to say how freakin' cute Isaac is! Today I'll say he's scrumptious (to go along with the food theme!!) We just need to stick him in a pick-up or on a John Deere and he'd fit right in! OH, and he looks more and more like Eli every day!

I felt like you last night with my teenager...WE were up until 1am doing a science project. What was I doing??? COLORING!!! I know you've been there...I better get a good grade on MY project!! These big kids are gonna kill us!

Have a great weekend!

Love you guys right back!


P.S. Only a Roller child could/would sleep while holding their nose and
plugging their mouth! ;)

Tina:0) said...

TOO CUTE!!! What a little ham that Isaac is - you could put up a hundred pictures & we'd never get tired of looking at him!

I'll see what I can come up with in the drug dept. today since I'll be at the hospital... maybe I can find something great! I'll let you know!

Don't you just want to crack Izzy & Alex's heads together?! And what's up with Hahn & Callie - ewww!

Hope you have a great weekend & maybe actually get to see your hubby for a while! BTW - love ya back!:0)

crabby old man said...

I Really enjoyed the pictues & hearing about Ur life of leisure.
you just have to much spare time.

Grandma Judy said...

Wow...look at all the teeth. Isaac should be able to eat anything now!

Be nice to my boys. Chris called me last night to tell me you were mad with him. He did say though he was helping Eli with his homework.
All of my boys are good boys. Play nice.

Samantha said...

Love, love, love the pictures. He is SO cute!!! I love the cowboy hats...and he is getting SO BIG! He looks so grown up! You are doing great! Just wait though...he will turn on you soon enough...I thought that Micah would be my "nice" one...boy was I wrong...he tests me daily :) But you just have to love them!

Have a wonderful weekend! I hope that Joe gets to actually spend some time at home with you guys...I think that he and Jonathan work the same hours!

Much love,

Vanessa said...

I would of freaked out if I saw Arianna sleeping like that.

I just love all his pictures. He is such a cutie!

Oh the joys of having a teenager in the house. I don't envy you one bit. As my mom always tells me, "This too shall pass."

That was too funny what your doctor told you. I guess he's right. Crack would do the job. Too bad it's an illegal drug and not good for you. I think we should clone you so you can get everything done without being so tired.

So your a Grey's Anatomy fan. I LOVe this show. I was amazed to see the heart mom and child on there. I was in tears of course as she was talking about her fears when her child sleeps. I was sitting there saying, "I totally understand this woman." I didn't realize her sone had a heart defect then I put it all together. Wow...didn't think Grey's could make me cry. I'm so emotional sometimes.

Hope your having a great weekend. I'm a little behind on your posts but I'm catching up.