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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ok...you know it's another late night for me. GEEZ...where does the time go??

I'll tell you:
**Get up at 5:30am to get Chris up and off to church
**Call and tell my sweet neighbor that I'm too tired to walk today
**Go back to sleep and FINALLY get up at 7:50am...where I take the world's fastest shower to wake Eli up and be out the door for his school by 8:30.
**Isaac had an immunology appointment at 10:00 am...and it's across town...past the strip. With all the tourist and road construction...I thought I would lose my mind!!

BUT...here's what our sweet doc said: Isaac looks terrific! His lungs are clear! He's getting me a sat monitor with an alarm to try to get him off the O2 at night. His sats were 90-95 while we were there. He's just hoovering over the number where I need to put him back on it full time....but, I'll just wait and watch. THEN, we're scheduled to get our RSV shots...and were told that we'd get the call the first week of October...so, Dr. Nakamura said that Isaac was too high risk...so, he got two shots. AND...he gave me a prescription for the numbing cream to put on his legs before these shots...(now...I don't know why I didn't get it last year)...AND...mamas out there..if you don't know about this cream...email me and I'll type the correct name for you (Emla...something like that--imla)...I can't remember and it's in my purse downstairs...and it's just too far to walk right now!

We picked up my sister from the airport tonight...and she's crazy enough to try and make the LONG drive up to Utah tonight (so she doesn't have to hear the kids scream)...Good luck with that one! I'd rather sleep at night...and the next day, turn up the radio, give them junk food, and just relax with the windows down!

Joe's still sick. and my cough has returned. We're all taking turns with the breathing treatments. Maybe mom was right..all these feathers that I'm working with are getting in our lungs!!! It's the bird flu!


Ok..that's enough for now. Oh..and for Chris. Of course he's in trouble. He was talking on xbox live to someone he doesn't know...and that's not allowed. I said, "give me your microphone"...he said, "I have three...do you want them all?" Smart *#(!!! He makes me think bad words...I never say them...but, I sure do think them a lot. I have to stop and just breathe....many times with him. I know it's because I hold him to a higher standard...but, still. He's my biggest worry at the moment. I think Isaac is at a safe place, Eli is always wonderful...but, Chris...he's just at that age..around those kids...trying to cross the line ALL the time. But...he's my baby...and he is a good kid..really...I'm just striving for perfection here. Is there anything wrong with that???

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Vanessa said...

I'm glad your getting a new pulse ox. I can't believe the one you have already doesn't alarm. Have fun with that one. ;)

I SO hope we get the Synagis this year. We go in on Monday for her flu shot and I'm hoping to hear something then. Probably not but I'm hoping.

And yes, we have the cream. We actually got it when Arianna was a baby cause I was so worried about her crying and having a tet spell (paranoid heart mom) that the doc gave me the cream to use before her synagis every month. I'm not sure if it really works but I can't believe I didn't use it on her last year. What a mean mommy I am. I'll definintly use it again this year if we get approved. (Crossing my fingers)

The Portas said...

I want the cream! I want the name of that. Must get it...

Good immunology report, yay! Your Isaac is such a strong boy. What a champ. I'm just so proud of him. I hope you are able to ditch the O2 very soon.

Chris is testing the waters...ahhh yes, I remember those days of doing that myself. He's a good kid, he'll be just fine. You're doing everything you can do. You guys are awesome parents!

Hugs to you today. xoxooxx

Grandma Judy said...

About the cream.......put it on JUST the area where the shot will go. A college student from UNC was going in for some type of laser surgery on her legs (hair removal or something), put on the cream, and within a couple of hours she was DEAD! !

I know all you moms don't need anything else to stress you out, but watch out for that cream! ! !

Be NICE to Chris. I'm quite sure you were talking to people you didn't know at that age. I didn't even like you talking to some of those that you DID know!

Have a good day!

jencooper said...

Way to go Isaac! I love hearing good reports.

Ahhh - Chris. I teach middle school...and leave me to go to high school...and I am sorry.

We love you guys!!


cindy said...

Yay for the good report, Isaac! And be careful with that cream...Grandma Judy's warning could have had scary music with it! It scared me and we don't even get the shot!!

Oh, just talk to me about Chris sometime. I'm living it over here, too! Why do they have to turn on us when they get to be teenagers??

Love ya!


Krista said...

There's nothing wrong at all to want to strive for perfection! I can't believe you're in that world...xbox live???? microphones?? Oh I regret the day Seth grows up and wants big toys!

Isaac...what a little mystery. I'm so glad all the tests are coming back great...and that he is looking so good to the docs. And so exciting to start weaning him from the O2...you'll be a new woman.

Thinking of you bunches...wishing I could give you a hug.

Lee Family said...

Hey Kathy how come you don't get your shots at the cardio doc. Logan got his on Monday and we also got 2 shots, I think it is because they are getting bigger. Also I want the name of the cream you use. Did the Doc say it was ok, I could have sworn that Dr Rhee told me Logan can't use it because it gets in the blood and affects the heart.???

Mami Adame said...

Yeay for the good immunology report! And I agree Isaac looks terrific- he's such a cutie pie!
Sorry about your cough, it can take weeks to go away, especially when it keeps going around. When I got bronchitis months ago, I was told even with the meds (albuterol & Advair) it could take weeks for the cough to totally go away. How annoying!
The cream is called Emla, it has lidocaine and prilocaine in it. When I worked on the peds floor we used it alot. You have to give it enough time to take effect. Its best to apply an hour before procedure, but we would do it as close as half hour before. Just make sure you cover it with an occlusive dressing. I'm guessing your cream probably came with one. And make it a thick layer too.
What do you mean he got 2 shots?! I'm wondering if its because they usually do it for the little babies and the dose is figured out by their weight. So now that they are bigger, the dose is too much to give in one shot. Poor babies! Ms Angelina will not be pleased!
Ok sorry I dont mean to "post" on your post! Hope you and Joe feel better real soon!
BTW, you know I posted quickly just for you! ;)

Tina:0) said...

Oh, the synagis shots! Vaeh actually is old enough (& finally healthy enough) to go without them! Last year she had to get two shots with each dose. She was heavy enough to need that much med & they had to draw it up in 2 separate syringes! Poor kiddo! Although thank goodness for insurance! Each dose was over $8000.00!!! Crazy!

Of course, they came right to the house to dose them & we didn't have the cream:0( It works great, though. They used it in the hospital when she had any type of injection. At least they tried to be nice!

Okay, do we need to come to your house & have a 'cootie cleaning' party?! (lol) Hope you're all feeling better soon! (BTW - I LOVE the bumble bee tutus!)