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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Halloween rush is in FULL FORCE! Time to finish those goody bags, get juice boxes for Eli's class, finish a few tutus....AND...I WAS going to make Isaac a costume. (we'll see if I have time!)

The boys are all doing great. Isaac keeps doing what he's doing. Nothing new to report...and I LOVE THAT! Eli has his Halloween party tomorrow (they're both out of school on Friday). Mandy stuffed his goody bags for me...so, I just need to tie them up with pretty bows tonight! Chris is alive and kicking.

We just ran out to get the juice boxes...came home...and Katie (the DUMB DOG) ate a meatball sub that I was saving for Joe! She took it out off the table, out of the bag, and unwrapped it! I guess Joe will be eating cereal for dinner...which, by the way, it's after 9pm...and he's STILL AT WORK! seriously. He doesn't usually see the boys during the week. He leaves for work at 6:30am...and doesn't come in until after 9:00pm. One day....we'll meet him again...one day!

Here's a conversation with Eli tonight:

Eli: Mom...can a mom have a baby without a dad?
Me: Well...what do you mean??
Eli: You know...can a mom have a baby and not marry the daddy??
Me: Uhhhh...a mommy can have a baby and not marry the daddy....but, the mommy really should marry the daddy first.
Eli: Well...if they don't get married, how do they have the baby then??
Me: UUhhhhh.....the daddy gives the mommy a special kiss...and they can have a baby. BUT, they really should be married first. (I know...lame excuse...he's only 6 though)
Eli: Could you tell me about that kiss?? How do you do that kind of kiss??
Me: I'm not telling you. When you're older I'll tell you.
Eli: Can you just tell Chris...because he will tell me.
Me: NO...I will NOT tell Chris. I will tell you when you are older. (but, Chris does know...I just hope he keeps his trap closed!)
Eli: I'm just going to ask dad.

Then, as we were out tonight getting juice boxes for school...I was talking to him...and he said:

Eli: Mom....I don't talk Dork...I talk Cool.
Me: What did you just say??
Eli: You heard me. I don't talk Dork. You are a Dork. I only talk COOL!

Sometimes I wish that Eli had delayed speech...it's nice...sometimes.
Isaac doesn't nag me to death like Eli does.

OK...I'm getting off my couch now and finishing my list of "to do's" while I wait for my sweetie pie to come home!

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Vanessa said...

OMG...you crack me up! Actually Eli cracks me up too. What a conversation.

Mami Adame said...

Seriously I agree with Vanessa! I love hearing about your coversations!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Oh my heck..
that is hysterical!!!!!!!!!!

I love that little Eli...

and... giggles...

a special kiss alright!!!!!!!!!!!


Samantha said...

Kathy...you CRACK me up! I cannot believe that Eli wants the talk already...I do not even want to think about Noah asking me about that one! Eli is SO FUNNY!!!

You are SO BUSY! I do not understand how you say that I am busier than you...SO NOT TRUE!!!!

Love ya!

Rachel said...

I thought I was going to literally fall over dying with laughter! That is the cutest thing ever. What a conversation I'm hoping I dont have to have anytime soon. My oldest already knows...he told me, but my 9 and 7 year old have never asked. Whooo I dont wanna explain that one. LOL :)


The Portas said...

Oh ELI! Thanks for giving me a good laugh today. :) How funny! I'd be like, Uhhhhhhhh.....uhhhhh....uhhh..

I hope Joe got home to eat his cereal and you two got some cuddle time before bed. Have a good day!

Tina:0) said...

"THE" talk already?!?! Okay, I don't want to even think about that! What a crack up that Eli is!

I know the feeling of not seeing your husband... Jon probably won't be home until late Saturday (& Sunday's our anniversary:0()

Hope you were able to get the goody bags finished! Have a great weekend!

Cindy said...

Oh my gosh, I could just read Eli conversations one after the other. It's been a long day, so thanks for the big smile! (Leave it to the Roller family stories to put a smile on my face!)

Hope you guys had fun trick-or-treating tonight. Can't wait to see pictures of the cuties!!!!

Lots of love,


Andrea said...

I have been reading through and getting caught up on your blog and your conversations with Eli are hilarious. I hear those same things from Tyler more often than I want to. Does it ever stop??