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Monday, October 27, 2008

Just another BUSY day in our house!

Isaac is still eating like a champ...although, all this FOOD is not helping his food come out very easily (trying to word that eloquently). But...I'll get the right mixture of water, milk, food, and pear juice....I'll get him moving just fine soon enough! GUESS WHAT he did today? Ok, I don't have a picture...so, just imagine....he's in the crawling position, forearms on the ground, bum in the air, knees on the ground....then, he stands on feet...his bum is straight in the air...his legs are locked out STRAIGHT! This, from the little man that will NOT put pressure on his feet...was putting pressure on his feet. Now, he wasn't moving anywhere...but, he kept doing that ALL DAY! I can't even believe it! He didn't sit up alone today...but, we did practice a few times. He's been trying to pull out his mic-key button all the time now. I can't even put him in shirt and shorts...because he can get to his tummy. He has to be in clothes that can tuck in...or one piece outfits! I'm going to have to try Terri's trick of wrapping the ace bandage around his belly if he doesn't leave it alone! He's still giving us kisses ALL DAY long! I just love it!

SO...Isaac is 19 months old now! He's growing up so fast. Sometimes it's hard seeing how delayed he is. I don't get discouraged....just a little sad for him. But, then he goes and surprises me. He always knows how to melt my heart. My goal was for him to be crawling by Christmas and walking (even if it's with a walker) by his 3rd birthday....and I think he might do it!

Eli had swim practice today....and he's swimming like a champ...you'd be so proud Jen!

Chris has another Algebra test tomorrow. He's so scared. But, I did make sure he went to bed early tonight...so, maybe he'll feel better in the morning.

NOW...did you watch Extreme Home Edition last night?? Ok, you need to know that I'm always talking to the tv during this show. "Are you kidding me..is that all that kid has"? Just a g-tube...and you need a new kitchen? Just asthma...seriously!" Isn't that horrible...but, I'm always comparing Isaac to those kids....but, last night....they picked such a sweet family...I didn't say one bad thing to the tv.

thank you.

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Mami Adame said...

Yeay for Isaac! Good job strenghtening those legs! Can't wait to see videos of you all over the place!


Mandy said...

Okay. So before Kat tells all about my kidos, my little princess Meghan doesn't like sleeping in any bed that isn't hers. I'm sure Kat will tell you all about the yelling later.

Thanks Kat for letting us spend the past few days with you and also thanks for making Meghan her tutu (FINALLY). And thanks for getting the kids everything you did. The kids had a blast and now Seth wants to move to Las Vegas since they have lights on all the buildings. (AZ and Cali just aren't cool enough.)

We love you and tell the boys I owe them a trip to M&M world. (We went without the Roller boys because Kat said they had homework to do. i'm in trouble with them.)

The Portas said...

That's so funny about you talking to the tv during the Home Makeover show. :)

ISAAC! You are awesome! Honestly, that is really really huge that he is pushing up like that. It's a good strength building workout for those little legs and I think you will more than meet your crawling/walking goals. And the eating....YAY!!!!! I am so happy for that little man.

Have a good day.......take a nap for me please! oxoxxx

Samantha said...

I am right there with you with the Home Makeover show. I typically am doing the same thing...seriously...even we have more going one then some of these families! But the family on this weekend was so sweet...that poor little boy...so puffy but such a strong little guy. Jonathan was so pessimistic about his health...not a good situation to have to be in :(

I am glad that Sir Isaac is doing so well and that he is doing so much!

Much love,

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

I had a great visual of Isaac...

I have to admit... the whole ace bandage around the mic key is working great....

I have two.. one that is kinda sticky and one that is regular.. but you'll need those little clippie things..

Tina:0) said...

Okay, Vaeh does the same stance thing with her head down & her bum up in the air! Looks as if she's about to roll into a summersault (& she has once or twice:0)). I can picture exactly what you're talking about! You know, once she started doing that, it wasn't too long & she was WALKING!!!

Not to mention this eating - way to go Isaac!! Keep it up, buddy! There's soooo many fun & tasty things out there, like your Momma's pumpkin pies!

What a great family on the Makeover this weekend! I know that conversation with the TV, I've pictured us in that scenario many times! Oh well, we could be worse off!

Good luck to Chris on his test! Hope you guys have a good day!

kc'sbunch said...

Hey Cathy, Yay for Isaac. We (KC and I) like to call that little move your champ did the Mogley. You know from the jungle book, how Mogley gets around on his feet and hands. It is so cute!! Also, if you want me to help with Chris and Algebra let me know!

crabby old man said...

God Bless The Rollers

Lee Family said...

Wow putting pressure on his feet how cool is that. Keep up the great work Isaac. And the eating by mouth good job, he is really coming far Kathy you should be so proud. Love ya Karen

jencooper said...

Woohoo!!! Isaac is amazing!! How proud I am of you little guy! He can meet all of those goals. He is such a champ.

I HAVE to come to Vegas so that I can see Eli swim. I am sure that he is awesome. Could I bring Bennett and Gracie for some fun?? (but, you will have to send me a plane ticket!)

I am so happy to hear all of the good news!!


Kelly said...

Would that be the "downward facing dog"? Awesome job Isaac! That's two days in a row he has surprised you! He's just keeping you on your toes! =) I'm excited for him!

And, way to go with the eating too! He's on a roll!

Try and get some rest, you've been a busy Momma!

Vanessa said...

One good milestone right after the other...way to go Mr. Isaac!

I totally agree with you on the Extreme Home Edition shows.