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Thursday, April 24, 2008


Isaac's RV pressures are good. Not in the "gray" area...not in the "great" area...but, just fine for now! His pa's are open and not narrowing...which means...that we are CLEARED for cleft palate surgery in JUNE!! WHOO HOO!!! (I mean....Isaac will NOT be thrilled...but, I am. ) Better a cleft surgery this summer than a heart surgery!!!

Now...he's being wheeled down the hall for his MRI...then, Dr. G decided that he wanted to do a lung profusion scan after the MRI (poor boy will be GLOWING from all the radiation today!)

Thanks for checking on us!!!

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Mandy said...

Yea!!! Great job Icky. Now you can come play in Cali with us in June. I'll take you to six flags. Maybe we can get mom to let Eli skip school and join us. Be good for the rest of the day.

Tina said...

Glad to hear that the cath went well! Yea for the cleft palate surgery; hopefully it will make eating a bit easier! Gotta love those lung profusion scans. Vaeh's last one she pulled her mic-key out by catching the extension set between her toes! Your little guy & my little girl sound so similar! I think Nevaeh started glowing about a year ago! LOL! Hopefully he wakes up fairly easily & you can head home soon! Take care!

Tina Walp:0)

Andrea said...

Yay! I'm glad the cath is over and everything went well! Kathy, you truly amaze me. You dropped the boys off at school and you are waiting at the hospital by yourself. You are a supermom and superwife!

Samantha said...

Yay!!! Glow on little man...it is best to get it all done while he is already knocked out! What great news about his heart...he is behaving himself today!!!

Love ya!

jmckeel said...

Keep up the good work Isaac. Love, Abby