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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Eli is always will to pose for a picture...Isaac...just wants me to move!
I'm trying to watch my show....and my glasses are falling off!
I'm just a laid back man in my bumbo!!!

I made this today for my Grandma...her birthday is this week...
and I'll fill it with pictures!

We just relaxed at home today!!! I mean...Isaac and I didn't get out of bed until 8:30!!! (I mean...I started the feeding pump at 6am, flushed it at 7am, changed him at 2am and 6am....but, just hoping back into bed because he falls back asleep is HEAVENLY!

Isaac has been a little odd lately...more odd than usual. He's started wretching again and is a little more fussy than usual. He's still on the O2...and we haven't changed anything...so, it's just him messing with me again!

Poor Joe had to work today...but, he did make it home for dinner!

Eli doesn't know what to do with himself now that school has been out for a week. Every five minutes he tells me how bored he is. We'll read a book together...then, he'll tell me that he's bored again! I can't keep that little guy entertained.

Chris...he's been begging us for weeks for put some of his old video games on ebay to sell for him. FINALLY, today I gave in and put one up for him. He's so giddy...he keeps getting online to see how many people are watching it!

Me...I'm pooped. My back hurts (and we have a sleep number bed--I bet Joe changed my number to be mean!)...but, Eli and I had a talk today...and we're ALL taking a nap tomorrow!

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Mandy said...

Good luck on taking your nap tomorrow. You better turn your phones off!! I'll be at school with Seth but you still have other sisters and mom that will call.

I'm sure grandma will love the book. (you're just sucking up!! :) )

Tell Chris good luck on selling his games.

The Portas said...

Isaac looks so smart sitting in his big boy bumbo with his glasses on. What a sweetie pie!

Isaac, what's up with your retching?? Don't scare your mama...

Sorry to hear Joe had to work yesterday. Yuck! Is it going to slow down for him soon I hope?

Take care, you guys..xoxo

Wendy said...

Hey Kathy!

I'm sorry it's been so long since I've left you a note! I think of you guys all of the time, though, and I do check in! You're so sweet to leave me so many encouraging messages on Emma's site....they help me more than you know as we head into these next few days. (Knock on wood....so far, so good.)

I love the pictures of Isaac with his glasses falling down on his nose! He's so stinkin' adorable!!! :)

And you are one crafty momma! I love all of the stuff you're making! And the tu-tu on Isaac?! He's going to really appreciate that picture someday! ha!

Well, give that little man a big hug from us. I hope the wretching stops soon....just curious, does he take anything to speed up gastric emptying? (Emma had a lot of wretching problems at his age, too, and she takes a low dose of Erythromycin...because it has a side effect of gastric emptying. Just thought I'd share...)

Take care, and thanks for mentioning us on your blog! We need lots of prayer!

Heart Hugs from Utah,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)


jencooper said...

Isaac is too too cute in his glasses and bumbo seat!! What a little man! He is so cute.

I hope that you were able to get your nap. That sounds heavenly!


cindy said...

OK, how crazy was this...with all the Yo Gabba Gabba talk you're doing all the time I thought someday I'd look it up and see exactly what it was all about. So, today was the day..I go to the website and who do I see???? Isaac!!! Next picture?...Eli!!!! Maybe you'd mentioned it before and I didn't pay attention, but it freaked me out!!! Here's the link:


Way to go...you guys are famous!!!!!! :)


Kathy said...

I didn't even know that!
I uploaded the pics...but, that was a few weeks ago!
thanks Cindy!

Colin's Blog said...

Isaac looks so cute in his bumbo chair!! Colin wretched a little more than usual today too...why are they messing with us????

Samantha said...

Hey there my friends...it has been a few days...is Isaac still not cooperating? Just checking in on you all!


The Jones Family said...

Hey I love the paper bag album. I have a few I've done as well. They make GREAT gifts. I'm sure Grandma will love it.