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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Isaac started eating something new!!

That's right...BUTT PASTE!!!
Caught ya!!!

We saw the pulmonologist today (which is the sweetest doc EVER!)...anyway...he said that Isaac's lungs were GREAT! Very clear, he checked his ears and the infection is gone...he gave us an ALL CLEAR for the heart cath on Thursday. He told me that Isaac's lungs are just still trying to rebuild good, healthy tissue...it will just take time. (they've just taken a beating with the heart failure, and all the intubations...but, he WILL be off O2 one day!)
Tomorrow....we rest.

One quick funny story for you:
Eli was counting backwards to me tonight and goes:
"five, four, three, two, one...one and a half, two quarters and one penny...."
Isn't that the funniest!!! (ok...if you didn't get it..read it again SLOWLY!)

I'm pooped and STILL have a million things to get done tonight!

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Mandy said...

If I knew you were up this late I would have called. I was going to call after American Idol was over (so Joe wouldn't get interrupted during the show) but I was afraid you would be in bed.

Ask Eli if Seth can start going to school with him. Schools here in Cali are good but I think Eli is still learning more. And Seth is out in 4 weeks where as Eli still has what, 2 months?

Glad to see Isaac is good to go for Thursday. Hopefully he can come hang out with us in June. But let me know as soon as you have a date. We are heading to NC sometime in June/July. Hey, I'll take Eli and Sto with me. All the kids can drive mom and dad crazy.

Have a great day off I'll TRY not to call. (You'll call me I'm sure.) :)

Vanessa said...

Poor Isaac, does mommy not feed you. LOL! Hey, that Butt Paste works great though.

I'm glad the pulmonology appointment went great. Maybe we need to travel to Vegas so see yours. He just needs some time for those little lungs to heal.

I'm glad you have a day to relax...or at least not full of appointments, cause we all know a day in your house is a full time job.

Hope you got some rest!

Grandma Judy said...

That's my Eli!!!!

Samantha said...

Love the butt paste...too funny...kinda like Micah yesterday...he won't eat any food, but when given the empty syringe of phenobarbital (which is the NASTIEST thing I have ever tasted), he was sucking every last drop out and then asking for more...seriously...what is it with our kids???

Love the pictures...glad the pulmonologist appt went well and glad that tomorrow is a go...get your answers and plans in place!

Lots of love,

cindy said...

Hey, maybe butt paste is loaded with nutrients!!! ;) He sure looks like he's enjoying himself with it!

Glad the appt went well and you have a day to rest up. How early do you go to have the cath done tomorrow?

Cute Eli story...what a little smarty he is!!

Enjoy your day!


jmckeel said...

Isaac, I know that you didn't climb up and get the butt paste off of a shelf! Why does your mama leave that laying where you can reach it? haha
I want to wish you best of luck for your surprise tomorrow. Be good and don't make everybody worry. Take care, Love, Abby

The Jones Family said...

You got to love Butt Paste! It's good for more than just a diaper rash....Looks like you have the industrial size!

Colin's Blog said...

Everything in the mouth but food right?? We'll be thinking of Isaac tomorrow-good luck with the MRI/cath. Hope all goes well!!

The Domanicos

jencooper said...

Now that is some funny stuff!!! I didn't realize that they sold butt paste in that large of a tub!

So I am officially digging on David Cook on Idol. He is amazing!!

Saying big prayers for you!! Lots and lots of love to you!!


cindy said...

Just wanted to stop in and say I'm saying big prayers for Isaac's cath tomorrow!!!! I'll be thinking about you guys!!!!

Big hugs!