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Monday, April 21, 2008

I'll make this short and sweet....

Isaac is still blind. But, the glasses do help his eyes stay "centered"...so, I had to order new lenses. Which, are $189. But, they are going to ask the lab if I can get a free set under the warranty since we've only had them less than 2 months... (that would be AWESOME!). I asked the doc how I was suppose to keep the glasses on his head and out of his mouth....she told me to put "no nos" on his arms! Is she kidding me? Could you see Isaac sitting in his bouncy seat, glasses on, no no's on, trying to put his paci in his mouth, trying to put his glasses in his mouth....and then just looking at me in disbelief and screaming!~ I'll have to think of something else!

We see pulmonology tomorrow. Maybe they'll tell me something that I don't already know about his O2 requirements...or just reassure me that his body has been through a lot this year....and this is only temporary.

Chris and Eli are alive and well...working hard at school and hard on my nerves.

Joe...something has taken over his body...he has been the sweetest thing this weekend. Three days in a row...I'm in HEAVEN!

Me..,my snot is clearing out...my house is still messy, I did make dinner tonight (although the big boys only wanted Kraft Macaroni and cheese)....and I am tired. We're heading up to bed soon....so, ta ta for now!

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Mandy said...

Hey lady. Glad to see that ALL the boys are being good. After you clean your house, will you come clean mine? Please!!

Have fun tomorrow and let me know if I need to help with the website.

Vanessa said...

I hope you get the free set of glasses. I really don't know how you'll keep those out of his mouth...good luck.

I hope the pulmo appointment goes well. I'll be checking back tomorrow.

Samantha said...

Oh my, I sure hope you get the free glasses...that is just crazy...they should be much more tooth resistant if they are for kids!!!

Good luck with the pulmo today...I think that Sir Isaac has just been through a lot this year and his lungs just need some extra help with the o2...I hope you get some well deserved answered.

Love ya!

T & T said...

ok, Kat...what's a no no? I'm sure i'll laugh later that I asked you that but I just haven't a clue.

Wendy said...

Hey Kathy,

Just me peeking in on how things are going in your neck of the woods. :) I want you to know that I've been thinking of Isaac and remembering his heart cath this week. I hope he's able to get it done and over with without having to re-schedule (we know what a pain that is! ha!)

I also wanted to tell you what a sweetheart you've been....always keeping up with us and leaving us wonderful notes that always make me smile. I sure hope you're feeling better soon...and able to keep up with your very busy schedule!

Give that little sweet potato of yours a big smooch from us! I hope he starts keeping those adorable glasses out of his mouth!!! :)

Lots of Love & Prayers,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)


The Portas said...

I'm so glad to hear your hubby is being so sweet! That makes life so much better. And everything will go GREAT on Thursday, I can feel it. I know it stinks handing your baby over for anything, but it will be GOOD. You'll get some answers and can get rid of some worries. It'll be great!

Thanks for calling yesterday. You do have the world's cutest southern accent. I want it! I need Kathy Accent lessons. :)

p.s. The no-nos suggestion from the doc is RIDICULOUS. Right!

jencooper said...

I hope that you get the glasses sorted out! I can't believe the suggestion about the "no-nos" (although I am not entirely sure what they are....just imagining.)

I hope that you were able to get to bed early.

Thinking of you always!


cindy said...

I am going to have to agree with everyone on the whole glasses thing! I sure hope you get a free pair! Jacob snapped Steph's glasses a couple months after she got them and hers were covered by warranty so hopefully these will be too!

Saying big prayers that Isaac's appts go well this week.

And...I'm so glad you're feeling better and that Joe is being "super husband"! You deserve it!