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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hi...Good Lookin'...
Guess what Isaac likes to eat??
His tiny shoes!!! It's ok though...because the shoes NEVER touch the ground!
Still has the crazy eyes! And the tongue that thrusts forward..and the canula
up the nose. POOR little thing!

Mr. Mischief indeed!!!
This one is for you Colin! We tried chocolate pudding...didn't swallow much..
but, had fun making a BIG MESS!!!
Doesn't he look like a little old man?!?!?
and then, this is what he does to the glasses....
and then this.... Do you see a pattern?? He eats EVERYTHING but food!!!

Sorry that I haven't updated in a few days. It's been CRAZY here! I've been working like a mad woman trying to get the store website up...AND still working on it!!! We're all still working on the sniffles. MOSTLY, it's allergies for everyone...but, still exhausting. Isaac's been wretching again...so, I've backed his feeds down to only 6ozs every four hours (and only 5ozs of netrem jr. and 2 ozs of his old formula...I know that's 7 ozs....but, that mixture seems to work on his tummy...and so, I waste almost an ounce)... Nothing else new going on with Isaac....he's still on the amox for his ear infections...and still on for his MRI and cath on Thursday.

Let's see....GOSH..it's hard to remember the what's happened the last few days!

GUESS what we did tonight???
I went on a DATE with ELI to see Drake Bell in concert at the pavilion! (Drake from "Drake and Josh" on nickelodean!)... We took Eli's friend, Olivia...and they had a blast. We just had lawn seats....but, they got t-shirts, snacks, and rolled down that hill a million times! Joe was a SWEETIE and watched Isaac while we went....and Chris had a few friends over to play video games and watch movies. SO....TWO things that you should know from our day today....ONE...that Joe has been such a SWEETIE today, helping with the kids and OFFERING to help out (yes...this was the norm...then, the stinky job took the sweetness away...now, the sweetness is back--if only for a day!).. TWO...I think Eli is allergic to grass!!! Here's the thing...JOE is allergic to everything under the sun...including grass! Well, we don't have grass. We have dirt, rocks, and fake grass. Tonight, while at the concert....they were rolling on the grass all night...Eli's face and arms are ALL broken out and hurting him. I've given him benadryl and his showered....but, that poor little thing. He's NEVER rolled around in grass....and..I guess this will be his last time!

I'm sure there were funny stories to share...but, my brain is fried! So...I leave you with this...

**I love my kids and my husband--for continuously putting up with my nagging...even though the nagging doesn't make them move any faster, harder, or move at all
**I love my family (mom, dad, sisters, brother...and in-laws) for always being willing to help us with whatever craziness is going on in our lives
**I love all my heart friends--for always offering a shoulder to cry on, a second opinion, and just an open-door into their lives so that WE don't feel like we're the only CRAZY ones out there
**I love my friends at church--and even though we don't get out often, and I don't have playdates and friends over like we use to...I MISS it...and I'm trying to get back to "normal"...or at least a "new normal" for us.
**I love T&T and the love and friendship they give us daily
**I love my sweetie pie neighbor and her willingness to always help us
**I love the weather in Las Vegas...because I'd be TOO depressed if the sun didn't shine everyday
**I love our doctors...and the compassion that they give to Isaac...
**and I love our Heavenly Father....for giving us Isaac...for knowing that we NEEDED him in our lives and for all the experiences that we've had this LONG year...and for hearing our prayers when we prayed...and guiding us when we felt lost...and loving us when we felt alone.

***Really....the moon is full....and if I'm not LOVING too much...then, my attitude would probably be opposite...so....I'll spread the love!!!

I hope that everyone has a great weekend...and as for baby Elijah...I hope you start peeing, coughing, and get out of the ICU soon young man!!!

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Mandy said...

Lady, what is the world has gotten into you. This isn't my sister that I just talked to earlier today!! What did you do at that concert???

See, all you needed was time out of the house and away from all the boys. Terri, please take Kathy out for another girls night out soon. Or Tasha, please kidnap Kathy and take her shopping. She's been trapped in the house too much and is going crazy.

We love you Kat.

Grandma Judy said...

Hey Kat,
I decided NOT to call you yesterday. Mandy said you had a busy day planned. But what was up with the incident of Eli and Walmart? I'm waiting for that story.

I know how much you love and appreciate everything and EVERYBODY. Take a little time to love yourself. Take a nap today.
Go get your hair done, NOT on Sunday though. Do something!

We all love you too! As Eli says,
"You're the BEST MOM EVER."

Colin's Blog said...

Yeah for pudding!! Colina also does more playing than eating!! Love the pics-Isaac you are so cute! Glad that you got out with Eli-sounds like fun. Will be thinking of Isaac on Thursday-get better Isaac for your cath/MRI!!

cindy said...

Wow...lots of love going on! That's great! I'm going to make a list, too, so whenever I'm feeling down or just going non-stop around here I can take a break to look at it and think of all the good things in my life. What a great idea that is.

Glad you had fun at the concert. Eli probably thought you were the COOLEST mom ever, too!

Love the pictures. Maybe someday isaac is going to just have a "moment" and realize that food is much better than things like, shoes and glasses!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


The Portas said...

I love your list!! You have lots of people that love you right back. You're an awesome person and we love YOU!

I'm so glad you got a date with your little Eli! How cute! Too bad about the grass but at least you live in (sunny, grassless) Vegas where he won't have a lot of rolling around opportunities. He'd be in trouble here!

The pics are great! Isaac, you're melting my heart this morning, you little sweetie pie.

Thank you SO MUCH for the care package we got from you yesterday. It was incredibly sweet and absolutely perfect! You guys are the best. Thanks so much for thinking of us. xoxoxoxox

jencooper said...

Okay - I sat down to read your blog...while Bennett was wearing the Mr. Mischief shirt!! (Gotta love Target!) That is my favorite shirt that Bennett has these days.

One thing that Isaac and Gracie have in common....they both LOVE to eat their feet! Seriously - Grace bawls when I take her feet out of her mouth to put her in her carseat.

So glad that you and Eli had a date. It sounds like TONS of fun!!

I love your list of love. Thanks for making me stop and think all the things that I love!

Lots of love to you!


crabby old man said...

I like Isaac better minus the tutu. May God Bless the Rollers

Samantha said...

I thought I responded earlier, but apparently not! I read the post earlier today and now I cannot remember too much of it...I will have to reread, but I wanted you to know that I was here...

Hey...are Micah and Isaac eating the same food? (Nutren Jr)

I love your list of things that you love...I think that it is easy for us to get lost in all the chaos and confusion and the mega stress when we have kids that require so much extra. I know that when I had just Noah and Leah, I would think that there was stress, but now that I have Micah I get consumed in all the medical mumbo-jumbo and forget to look at all the wonderful things...anyway, what I am trying to say is that I am happy that you were able to vocalize that...I think it helps with our "fried brains".

You are such a busy lady...you always are doing more than me!

Love ya lots!

Krista said...

Hey friend...I just love your pics. I can't imagine you even beginning to scrap all of those will all you have going on! Just consider your blog one great scrapbook!

What an awesome list...we really do have a lot to be thankful for...thanks for helping us remember! What an inspiration you are with your awesome attitude! You're amazing!

T & T said...

Kat kat kat...OMG you know what a blubbering mush of gush I am! I'm reading your blog today and my kids are just looking at me and asking "what's wrong mommy, what's wrong??" (of course I'm all teary eyed) I love love love to write down all the things you love because it just makes it more tangible and real. You guys are so special and I'm always grateful for that "place" (which will go unnamed :-) that brought us together! If it weren't for them...we would be rollerless, and that just wouldn't be good!
When your sweetie pie gets out of his procedue on Thursday and your up for it, let's go out hunting for material. I need some stuff, you need some stuff and it would make my mom so happy!!
Kisses & hugs to Joe for bringin the sweet back (if just for a day) You can never have enough sugar!!