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Saturday, April 05, 2008

**Let me start this post tonight by telling everyone to please pray for our friend Elijah and his parents. Eli is in the hospital and they may have to perform his heart surgery earlier than expected. AND Emma is still due for her surgery on 4/11.**

Ok...we started our day off with a t-ball game at 10am. There's nothing like eating nachos and coke on a Saturday morning (where the weather was already in the mid 70s), watching your son play t-ball, while your heart baby sleeps in the stroller beside you, your teen-age son is sulking in the chair on the other side of you, and your husband is helping your 5 year old put his helmet on! What a great morning!
Until...I took out the camera to get some pics...and I FORGOT that I charged the battery last night and FORGOT to put it back in the camera. (I'll get pics at the next game!). Then, we just came home, ate lunch, and did a little house work before heading to Christopher's basketball game that starts at 5pm. We get to that game...Chris is looking quite handsome in his uniform...and I take out the camera...and FORGOT again to put that stinking battery in!!! (I've lost my mind!) Chris' team won the game...and we went home!
It was FORCED FAMILY NIGHT...where we rented movies from Blockbuster and brought in Chinese food. The boys wanted to watch Blades of Glory (on the editing machine)...oh...what a fun movie (can you feel the sarcasm in my words??)
Thank goodness we have the editing machine (we make them watch ALL PG-13 movies on that thing)...and for your funny story:
The boys rented Norbit last week. It's PG-13...so, they watch it on the editing machine. (I haven't seen it yet). Eli and I were in the car the other day and he said,
"Mom...I know what kind of job dad needs. He doesn't even have to do anything...and people just give him free things."
I said, "wow Eli...what kind of job is that!"
He said, "Oh...he needs to be a pimp!"
"A WHAT??!!"
"You know...a pimp. They don't do anything, they get free tickets to go places...and they get to wear COOL clothes!"
"Eli...where did you hear the word pimp?"
He said, 'From the movie Norbit"....
"Well...do you know what a pimp does??"
"Sure...he doesn't do anything! That's great!"

So....we just ended that talk there. Then, I had a talk with Chris and told him that even though the editing machine takes out all violent and sex scenes and all bad words....we still have to make sure that what the movie is talking about is something that Eli should be watching.
I suppose that I'm a bad mom for not watching it first....but...that conversation sure was one that I'll remember for a long time!!!!

I hope everyone has a good Sunday.

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Mandy said...

Good one Kat. Even Seth hasn't watched Norbit. But then again, he watches all movies without the editing machine. Keep an ee on Eli, he is going to turn into a little Seth soon.

Have a great Sunday and I'll TRY not to bother you.

Vanessa said...

Okay..I have never heard of an editing machine but I think I need one for Arianna when she gets older. That is an awesome machine!

Oh...and what can I say about Eli...well, at least he's looking out for his Dad!

I love the business your starting up...I can't wait to see the website. Your such an amazing woman!

hayngrl101 said...

A PIMP!!! That is priceless and adorable and hilarious! Oh, I am laughing so hard right now!

Grandma Judy said...

Well, actually I think "Fat Daddy Joe" would make a GREAT pimp! He has the cool clothes and the jewelry, and is quite the schmoozer. All he has to do is just LOOK the part, right? Aat least you know Eli is looking out for him!

cindy said...

Very funny! I'm sure he looked so serious and innocent while he was saying the word "pimp"!! How could you not just look at him and crack up?!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Forced family nights are great, aren't they?! BIG hit with the teenagers! ;)


The Portas said...

I'm sure Joe is glad that his new profession has been found! Omg, that had me in laughter imagining a little 5-yr-old determining his dad's destiny as a pimp. You guys definitely bring the good stories!!

I'm glad you had a nice day out and about. Still, so jealous of your weather. We actually had a BEAUTIFUL day here on Saturday but guess where we got to spend that?!?

Thanks for the prayer requests.....the prayers worked!

Thinking of you guys always...

Andrea said...

Ah...the innocence of children. Isn't it great? That is definitely one for the "kids say the darnedest things" list. At least you have an editing machine and are trying. I love that story. Tyler says things like that from time to time and I have no idea where he gets it from. He blames it on his brain...at least you know the source.

crabby old man said...

Looks like Eli has the right idea, that boy should go far in life

jencooper said...

That is some funny stuff. I love kid stories! They are the best.

I have never heard of the editing maching either. That is pretty cool.

I hope that you had a great weekend!!