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Monday, April 28, 2008

Isaac just thew up all day...so, I gave him a break with pedialyte...now, it's 9pm and he's tolerated his 6pm feed...so, maybe he just needed a little break. GEEZ!

We had our last RSV shot this morning!!! YIPPIE!! Then, we got our new lenses put in his glasses...now he can see! We took Eli to t-ball practice tonight...and now we're just watching Deal or No Deal. Dr. Mayman called Joe tonight on his way home (he's SO SWEET) and he told Joe that he had copies of ALL of our reports and that I could swing by his office tomorrow and pick them up or he would have them faxed to me!!! SO...I'll call the office tomorrow. He told Joe that he just glanced at his MRI...and it talked about gray areas and white areas in his head...but, nothing EXTREME really stuck out at him. There are talks about adding a new med because his lung profusion scan showed off balanced numbers STILL. So...looks like nothing MAJOR...but, I will post everything as soon as I get my hands on the reports!

Other than that....I've got NOTHING! I've got tutus to make this week and I better get shaking!!

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Mandy said...

Don't work too hard on the tutu's. Let me know if I need to come and help. I'm always up for a roadtrip to vegas.

Tell Isaac to be nice. I hope you got the box today.

T & T said...

This is good news guys!...luv nothing "major" take a break little man and get all strong for your summer fun. This is me smoochin on those toesies......muah......!

Samantha said...

Yay for "nothing major". Looks like Micah and Isaac are on the same page...Micah has been throwing up all day (Monday) so today I am doing Pedialyte feeds too...by the way...how exactly does that work? The same number of ounces through the tube as the milk only pedialyte???

Don't work too hard on tutus...take your time!

Let us know when you get those results and what in the world does white and gray areas mean????

Love ya!

The Portas said...

I bet you're so excited to get your hands on those reports. I would be! Hopefully you can get some answers soon. I hope Isaac is feeling better today.

I had a dream about you guys last night! It was long and weird. We were having movie and puzzle night (??) and all of us were snuggling up to watch a movie and put together a puzzle that had a picture of Isaac on it. Other strange things were taking place but that was the main part. Hmmmmm!

Have a good day! xoxoxo

Samantha said...

hmmm Megan...I think you need to post more details of that dream :) Sounds really interesting and fun to interpret!!!

Love ya!

Sarah said...

Hmmm... lung profusion %'s off, wondering what Isaac's are. Evan has a profusion scan every year and is having one on May 16th. I've never known any other kid's %'s. Hope that Isaac is having a good morning.

Grandma Judy said...

I want to read the MRI results.

jencooper said...

Yea for "nothing!" I hope that Isaac is feeling much better. Poor tummy! I hope that you are having a terrific day!!


Tina said...

Great that nothing showed up on the tests! As for the feeding thing, it must be in the air! Vaeh had a pukey day yesterday! So we just took a few longer breaks for the day. Although I usually do the pedialyte through the G-tube! I think all of us heart mom's should be given honorary nursing degrees! Does he usually do that after his RSV shots? Vaeh usually ends up with a stuffy nose & sometimes has a bit more trouble with her feeds. Just curious if there's a connection! Hopefully the vomiting clears up & he has a better day Tuesday!


cindy said...

Hope Isaac was feeling better today! Poor thing..throwing up is just no fun for anyone, especially for a little guy!

So glad nothing major is going on...looking forward to hearing exactly what gray and white areas are??!!

Have fun making your tutus. Wonder if Steph is too old for one???