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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Look...our feeding pump supplies arrived today...with our NEW milk!!!
(I guess it will stay by the front door...I don't have an empty cabinet!)
OK...here's a new way to help Isaac sit up. It only takes 1 Boppy
and THREE pillows...and my hand...just in case!
OK...so, he thinks the idea of sitting up is leaning forward!
He looks like an old man looking over those glasses!
So..I take the glasses off. Look at that tongue...he has started
moving it forward alot. The speech therapist at Stanford said that
maybe he does it because it's easier for him to breathe...what?!?!
Now...he's getting the sideways lean!
The tv is funny to him...I guess he can see the big screen!
This little man has me WRAPPED around his little chubby fingers
ok...I'm not finished messing with him...it's tummy time!
Can you tell that he's not happy with me! poor little thing!

We had early interventions over this morning. Isaac weighed in at 17lbs 4 ozs, 28 3/4 in long, and I can't remember his head numbers...but, his head is on the charts. So..he's short, underweight, and has a big head (considering)....what a LOVE BUG!!! (oh...and he has tiny feet)...like he wears 0-3 month shoes...I can't even buy real shoes for him yet! They helped me develop a schedule to transition Isaac to his new milk. (he was very cranky after his last feed...I hope that he was just tired and it isn't the milk hurting his tummy!) Oh..and she saw that Isaac has two teeth....and she asked me if I was washing them daily with a washcloth. OH MY GOSH...I AM NOT! Silly me...I've been too busy with the O2, feeding pump every 4 hours, 4 breathing treatments a day, and NINE meds given in a day (and two other kids to acknowledge each day) ...I haven't been brushing his little teeth! What's WRONG with me!!!??? I guess I'll add that to the list of negligent things that I've done to my poor baby...and put it on my to-do list! (seriously...I never even thought about it...i've lost my mind!)

I haven't taken a nap yet this week...there just isn't a free minute. I know..if I'd stay off the computer...I could sleep HALF of the day away!!!

Joe is at a gala tonight for work (black tie)...and he popped in, changed into his tux and Eli asked him why he looked so FANCY! Joe wears a full suit to work everyday...i couldn't believe that Eli could tell the difference (because his tux had a necktie, not a bow tie). He's very observant!

ummm....I can't think of anything else that's happened....so, here's your funny story for the day...of course...it's Eli AGAIN!

Because we spent half of last year in the hospital with Isaac...we had lots of help with the big boys. So, I made little signs to put on the door out to the garage. Reminding them about things that they needed to make sure they had with them for school that day (books, homework, coat...etc). Well, there was a list posted high for Chris and one posted low for Eli. The lists are still up...and they (ELI) still reads his everyday. WELL...the last thing on each of their lists is, "Have a good day....I LoVE YOU!) Eli ran into the living room and said to Chris, "Mom loves ME more!"
Chris said, "What??"
Eli said, "I have TWO exclamation points after I love you and YOU only have ONE! That means that she loves me MORE!!!"
Can you believe that little stinker. Chris just rolls his eyes at Eli and Eli is just giddy because he thinks he has proof now that I love him more!!!
(at least he pays attention in school and knows about exclamation points!)

Hope that gave you a chuckle. I hope all my heart babies behave tonight. Please keep Micah, Elijah, and Emma in your prayers. (and that Isaac tolerates this new milk...I don't know if they'll take it back if it doesn't work!!!)

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Wendy said...

Hi Kathy,

I just followed the Nick Jr. link you put up!!! Wow! Isaac is famous!!! :) I loved seeing his picture on there, that is so cool! Yo-Gabba-Gabba is one of Emma's most favorite shows, too!!!

I liked the story about Chris and Eli....too funny! Gotta watch those exclamation points! :)

Thanks again for the bear and tu-tu! My girls came home from school and thought they were adorable....did you hear the "AWWWs" all the way in Vegas??!! And Eli....you are excellent at building cute bears! Emma just loves her!!

Well, I guess I'd better go and get ready for Emma's pre-op. UGH...I know we've got to do this whole surgery thing, but I sure wish we didn't have to. Spent all night cuddling with my baby, then this morning she woke up and blew raspberries in my face. She's such a 2-year-old! :)

Take care, Kathy, and give Isaac our love! I just love him in those glasses.....he's adorable!

Lots of Love & Prayers,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)


T & T said...

Very cool Sir Isaac, Eli's on there too! I love it.
What are we going to do with Isaac? Mr funny man, keeps you guys entertained for sure (Thanks Isaac for tickling us all)
What kind of milk is that Kathy?

When I first had the twins I made a schedule for me and literally posted and updated it every time there was a change (I had a few skeptics but I just didn't have the memory skills left) I look back on it now and crack up because of the simple stuff I put on there but that's what life is all about....laughing and loving!
You guys have a good day!
Kiss & Hugs...and many many prayers to all.
Sams Family

crabby old man said...

I liked the pictures , sounds like You need to be triplets to get everything done

Mandy said...

Okay Kathy. I read Micahs blog this morning. I guess your not such a drama queen after all. I actually thought you made up some of the stories about Isaac in the hospital. But now after reading what Samantha is going thru, I believe you. I promise for now on I'll totally believe everything you say!!

Have a good rest of the week and weekend. I'll talk to you later. Oh, tell Chris we all know you love Eli more. That's why he's Grandma Judys favoriate.

Colin's Blog said...

Yeah-Nutren Junior!! FYI-if Isaac continues to have an issue with it try Peptamen Jr-it's the partially digested form of Nutren. It's easier to digest. Colin seemed to do better with it. Isaac looks really cute in his boppy!! Love the story about the signs-that is too cute. AND-I thought Isaac and Eli's pics on the Nick Jr website were great!!

The Portas said...

The !! story is great! Thanks for the giggle, I'm in serious need right now.

This should make you feel better....Elijah has TWELVE teeth and guess who never cleans them...yep, me! Well, I do when I remember, but lately I've been a bit more concerned about oxygen. Oh well, I'm sure they'll be just fine.

Loved the pics!! Hugs to you guys. I hope Isaac's tummy is feeling ok.

Samantha said...

Okay...where am I going to store all that nonsense when we get home? My house has more clutter than any home I have ever seen, so now this darn feeding tube is going to add to that chaos! UG!!!

I love the pictures as always...I will write more later...the pump is beeping at me...

Love ya,

P.S. Thanks for all your support...it sure has been helpful!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Matthew uses Nutren Jr w/ Fiber ...
that picture looks like what is in my dining room!

We saw Nakamura today... we see Mayman tomorrow.

All your boys are so adorable.

Kelly said...

That's funny! Silly Mommy... why aren't you focused on those two new teeth? I mean come on... ha. You're one busy momma!

Love the photos. He's looking great! He tells stories with his facial expression and eyes, that's for sure!

Glad your boys think your love is a competion. =) Your stories always crack me up!

hayngrl101 said...

Oh, Kathy... thanks for the giggle that Eli is adorable!! I love reading about his stories.

BTW, Isaac's glasses are cute also. He looks like a little professor. :)

Just a comment on the tongue thing. I think it could be a low muscle tone issue, especially if he's not sitting up. Kids use tongue and jaw to help stabilize when they have trunk weakness... Kanani did that, but it eventually went away after she was reeeally good at sitting and crawling. At least, that's what our OT and SLP told us!!

jencooper said...

That is some funny stuff - mom loves me more! I love it!!

Isaac looks so handsome in his glasses. He is super duper cute. Grace is going to have her pick of the lot!!

Okay - I need the details on the tutu's. I will try to remember to shoot you an email tomorrow.

Lots of love!!


Krista said...

I'm back...I was going crazy without my computer...almost drove down the mountain to find a Starbucks...but then my husband would have REALLY thought I was addicted!

Wow...what a week...so much drama with these boys...I feel like I have so much catching up to do. I'm glad that Isaac appears to be behaving himself. Love all the pictures...they just make me smile!