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Thursday, April 10, 2008

We heard from the Heart Center today and Isaac's cath and MRI are scheduled for April 24th at 10:30am. SO...I just need to keep him healthy until then! They are going to do the cath first, then wheel him down the hall while he's still intabated and do the MRI of the brain and spine...and then wake my little man up (oh...and they'll get the blood for the immunology panels that we need!). I hope we're home that night...but, Isaac likes to hang out with the nurses...so, maybe just an overnight stay.

Isaac is only getting 1 ounce of his new milk mixed with his old formula each feed...and he is tolerating it well. SO, we'll start with 2 ounces tomorrow. No wretching or throwing up today...but, still on the O2.

Eli made me play battleship with him today...and he is such a CHEATER!
Chris had basketball practice tonight.
That's about ALL I've got for today...and I FORGOT to wash Isaac's teeth today. (bad mama!)

**My heart babies are acting up...Emma is scheduled for her big surgery tomorrow, Micah is keeping the nurses on their toes with his g-tube surgery, and Elijah is back in the hospital worrying us all...please keep them in your prayers.

Please keep

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Mandy said...

Hey, if you want me to come on the 24th, let me know. I can have Dan stay home and watch the kids.

Have a nice warm weekend. And don't forget the sunblock!! :)

Samantha said...

I am so glad that you have a date to prepare for. Don't tell Isaac that his friends are acting crazy...that should kep him under control! I am glad that they will be able to get his blood while he is sleeping...the lab people came in here a bit ago asking something, I played dumb and they went away! Thank you for all your support...I am sure that I will be calling often with this whole thing. What kind of pump do you have? We have a Joey Kangaroo??? I have already over fed this morning b/c he fell asleep--so I did too...only 14mls though!

Love ya!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

I need to CALL YOU!

cindy said...

OK, now we need Isaac to stay healthy for 2 weeks!! There was a time I thought that was not such a hard thing for these babies to do!!!!

Hope you guys have a fun weekend..and have lots of great weather!!