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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Well...how about this picture...crazy eyes and snaggle tooth! (Chris doesn't pose for me very often...but, he still exists!)

We made it to the swap meet today....VERY COOL! It was HUGE and just like walking in Mexico! Nothing that I could work at...but, very neat to visit and wonder around!!!

Chris had a basketball game this afternoon...and he SCORED a THREE pointer (well, I thought it was only 2...but, he told me his foot was behind the 3...so, I'll let him have his glory!) He barely made it...he's SICK as a poor little puppy dog. SO..you know what that means...HE HAS TO STAY FAR AWAY FROM ICKY! I've started him on antibiotics that we have...hoping that he'll stop coughing and sneezing everywhere.

If Icky gets sick and can't have his cath and MRI...GOSH...I don't even want to think about it. Here's why it's so important to have all of these procedures in this one day:
1)to find out if his heart is healthy, or if his pa's are narrowing, the valve leaking too much, or the RV pressure is too high
2)if the heart is healthy...YEAH...then, we will be cleared to have his cleft palate surgery in June
3)we need the MRI of his brain and spine to check the dimple at the end of his spine and check his little melon to make sure everything is working properly up there
4)they NEED to draw those immunology panels. His CD-8 count has been low...and if it isn't increasing...then, they've warned us of bone marrow studies in California

SO...although I really don't want to know any of the above...I'd just like to keep him home and pretend that he's a perfectly normal, happy, healthy baby...I know ALL of these tests need to be done. So...we're going to have to be on lock down for the next 2 weeks...I may have to ship Chris outta' here! (and anyone else that starts sneezing!)

We HEATED the pool today....it's in the 80s (MEGAN) and we've heated the pool to about 80...tomorrow I MIGHT put Icky in it and see what he does. Probably, he'll just poop in it...or throw up in it...but, I'll get pics if we get him in!

He had another good day. He's still on the O2. He just likes watching me take it around, tripping over the hose, and untangling the feeding pump hose and the O2 hose. Still tolerating the transition of the new feeds well...just making me work my bum off everyday as usual!!!

Keep my heart babies in your prayers.

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Mandy said...

It was 88 here is CA!! Too bad I'm sick so I didn't really go out. I just rilled out for lunch and that was about it. Even with the doors and windows open in the house it was in the 80's inside.

Tell Chris we will pay him to take pics while you are in the pool with Iky. He can come stay with me. We will both just stay druged up.

The Portas said...

80s!!!!!!! Send some our way please!

I'm praying that you guys ALL get and stay healthy, especially that little Isaac man. It will be good to get those tests over with and get some answers so you can actually make plans for the next few months.

I love the pic! Isaac is too cute and Eli is just adorable. xoxo

Samantha said...

The boys look cute as ever! I am jealous of the heat...maybe we should move to Vegas! I am hoping for you all to stay well so that Icky can get his tests run and find out that all is good with him. Glad that the new formula transition is going well...I have a picture of you with the O2 and feeding pump hoses wrapped all up and you just smiling all the while...so funny!

Have a great Sunday!


P.S. MEGAN...WHY are you awake SO EARLY??????????????

crabby old man said...

Enjoyed the pics: If You have to ship Chris & Elias send them to deep North East Texas. Then I would have someone to ride horses & fish with.
May God Bless Your Family

Kelly said...

That picture is the cutest! It was in the 80's here too! I love the weather... just not THAT warm! We had to go out shopping just for some air conditioning!

Stay healthy little man! You don't need to stress your momma out!

Colin's Blog said...

Great picture of your cuties!! Yes-have to get those tests!! Praying for low RV pressure, no narrowings or leaks!! We're all in the same boat!! These little guys keep us on our toes.

Little Baby Manning said...

isaac looks SO cute in that picture - there's something so sweet about it! maybe it's the way he's grabbing his cute feet! we heated our pool too! let's have a swim party!

when is your next cath? we need one too - dr.m said in the next couple months - yuck. we'll be praying for you.

lots of love!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Love the pics...

you're such a great mommy!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Love the pics...

you're such a great mommy!