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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No one's happy in the house if "mama's sick"! And...I am...so, everyone...feel sorry for my kids. Chris is the one who brought this snot into our house...and Eli and I have it now...I think I'll ground him! My head feels like it's going to explode, my throat is all scratchy when I talk....and Chris is getting on my last nerves! Eli and Isaac are asleep right now in the living room with me...I banished Chris upstairs.

I started Isaac back on his feeds of new milk and the old formula (almost half and half now)...and he has tolerated the transition very well today. He still has a fever...so, I just don't let the Tylenol and Motrin lapse. We also added Claritin to arsenoyl of drugs...maybe we'll clear him up.

Ok...so many of you sound as poopy as I do...so, here's your funny story (which, of course is brought to you by Eli):
"mom....there's a flood again!"
"What are you talking about??"
"The bathroom...there's a flood in there AGAIN!"
"Which bathroom Eli?? What happened?"
"The downstairs bathroom...there was a HUGE flood...but, don't worry...I PUT ALL the towels and washcloths on it and it's ok now."
"Ah....and where are all of those towels and washcloths now?"
"Oh...they're on the floor in the bathroom. I mean...there's still a little flood on the floor...but, don't worry...I cleaned most of it up. You know that plunger thing...YEAH! I used that and the towels...and I cleaned it all up!"
and he did.
I went into the bathroom and there were about 20 towels on the floor and about 30 washcloths...and there was still 1/2 inch of water STILL on the floor (I suppose it did look like a flood!)
Now....Eli makes it "flood" quite often lately. So, we had to have a talk about how much toilet paper to use and how often to flush the toilets (I can't stand low flow toilets...I like the old ones that flush 100 gallons with every flush...there were no problems back in those days!)
So...Eli assures me that he'll watch the tp usage when he's laying his stink bombs!
(all this while I'm laying on the couch DYING because I can't breathe one minute...or keep the snot from running out of my nose the next minute).

OH...and do you know what CHRISTOPHER did to me today. He called the house at 11:05 (I know...because I looked at the clock). He told me that he was in the office and he NEEDED me to bring his English book to him NOW or he'd get a bad grade! Now...I have to leave my house at 11:15 to pick up Eli from school. Luckily...the schools are only 1 mile in opposite directions from our house....so, I loaded up Icky and jetted to the middle school..handed off the book (which, by the way, he didn't even give me a hug OR kiss for) then, we loaded icky back in the car and jetted to the elementary school where we were EARLY picking up Eli.

It's CRAZY windy in Vegas today...dust is just blowing everywhere...so, this city is just full of snot balls I'm sure!

**Heart baby updates: Emma might get out of the hospital SOON and Elijah's surgery went great today...thanks for including my heart babies in your prayers. Every time that we've had a major surgery with Isaac (or just a trying time)...we feel such peace...and we know that it's from the faith and prayers that we have and that we receive from others.

ok..that's it...i'm laying on the couch...NOT cooking anyone dinner....and just filling up my plastic bag with tissues~

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Krista said...

Leave it to Miss Kathy to make a comedy sketch about being sick! You just crack me up all the time...I am so sorry about the drama in your life...but is sure brings joy to the rest of us!

So sorry you are feeling sick...I"m sure you have no time for that...but make some time for YOU! you deserve it!

Love ya

Samantha said...

Oh Kathy...feel better soon...I have not read the entire post yet...but I saw you were sick...I have to go write my paper that is due tomorrow...I will check back and read more as soon as possible...until then...order the kids pizza for dinner and relax!!!

Lots of love,

Kelly said...

Ugh! Poor thing. Some how you seem to always have it together even when things are rough! Get some rest and order some pizza for the kids (the ones that aren't sick). I'm sending get well vibes your way!

Andrea said...

So sorry to hear you are sick. It is no fun when mom is sick because you still have jobs to do. I hope you are all feeling better soon!

Mandy said...

Maybe this is what you get for picking on everyone about how HOT is was last week and over the weekend. Don't worry, it's just the weather change and you'll be fine in a few days. Stop being a baby. :)

I love you

Vanessa said...

Oh sweetie, you can't be sick....your super mom!! :)

I hope you kick this bug soon. And all the rest of you in that house as well.

We've also had the crazy wind over here and my allergies are acting up big time. I've been popping benadryls like their candy. And the weird thing is, I've never had allergies until I got pregnant. Man, this kid has sure changed me in more ways than one! :)

Take care!

Grandma Judy said...

Just remember the word MUCINEX.

It works wonders ! ! !

Samantha said...

Okay...I just reread and again you have me laughing hysterically! You are so funny Kathy...perhaps you should become a comic while you are looking into other things to do with your incredibly dull, boring life that leaves you with nothing to do all day long ;)

You know, Charmin makes some toilet paper now with doggie paw prints on it so the kids know how much toilet paper is enough to use...it is pricey, but I only had to buy one packet to teach Noah & Leah how much to use...

Lots of love,

The Portas said...

Oh no, sick Mama! Houses just don't run the same with sick mamas around. I really hope you're feeling better very very soon.

I loved the Eli story, as usual. What a funny kid. Thanks for the giggle!

Thanks for all the prayers! xoxoxoxoxo

T & T said...

ok, mrs. Kathy..just say the word and I'll bring some of my southern Hot Tody mix (oh yeah, it'll fix you up in no time) and ditto on the mucinex, that stuff is wonderful! But there's nothing to say about how a mommy feels when she's down, kids are sick (and coughing all over you) and no one to take of mommy! If this information would be posted somewhere before we all have children the world might be empty :-) Or we just wouldn't get it and have em anyway....(are you smiling)
Get better so I can have you guys over for some comfort food sure to put smiles on your face and keep your toes twiddlin...Homemade waffles, grits, bacon, potatoes and all the fruit you can eat.

Feel better and luv ya
Sams Family

Colin's Blog said...

Even sick you are funny!! Hope you are feeling better. I can't imagine being sick and still taking care of 3 kids!! Loved the Eli story. Get better quick!!

Tina said...

The snots must be in the air across the country (here in Ohio)! I've been down the past week - going through boxes of tissues, too! It just amazes me how much our little ones parallel each other (1 stomach,2 open heart,5 caths!). Hopefully the flood waters subside & you are all feeling better soon! Enjoy lounging on the couch!

Tina Walp:0)

Tina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
crabby old man said...

Hang TUFF ,U need to be triplets. Wish I was close enough to help.

cindy said...

Thanks for making me laugh today!! Hope you all feel better soon.. Sounds like Mommy's after Chris so he'd better watch his step!!!!