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Sunday, April 27, 2008

OHHH...my sweeties~ I told Joe that I was just taking this picture for us....and
that I would NOT post it on the BLOG...oh well...I told a little white lie!
it was just too cute!
I got a message on Thursday while we were at the hospital and his glasses are ready!
So, maybe we'll swing by the eye docs after our RSV shot :( and get those glasses back on his little head (to help those crossed eyes out!)

We had fun this weekend with Kyle and Brittany and the kids! Chris skipped his basketball game on Saturday to go see a movie with the guys...while Brittany and I took the little kids to Jo Ann's to get fabric to make fancy tutus!!!!

So...this big, fluffy pink one was Kristy's (she's 7). This picture was taken BEFORE we added a MILLION rhinestones and flower ribbon!

This was Katie's tutu dress. It's my FAVORITE one so far! It's pale blue and purple and has marabou feathers around the top under the flowers! (So...Jen and Samantha...tell me if you want a dress instead of the regular tutu...Or I might just have to make a "dress up" box for my girls!!)
NOW...this picture is for MEGAN!!! The kids have been swimming ALL weekend! I hope it warms up for you guys soon! I HAVE to get off my lazy bum and get Eli in swimming lessons...he knows how to open the "child proof" gate that we have around the pool!!!
Yes....Chris is STILL a DORK! (but, he's my sweetie pie dork!) He's been trying to teach Eli how to swim...it's SO cute!

Isaac's been throwing up about 4-6 times a day:(...I'm going to give him another week to rest up before I call GI. I'm hoping it's not the new milk, but just all the other things that have been going on with him (the ear infections, now the cath)...poor thing just needs a break.
AHH...and we made it to church today!! We just stayed for the first hour...but, it was nice to go. It's 8pm, and Isaac is asleep on the floor, Chris is taking a bath, and Eli is playing games....how wonderful!! OH...me and the little guys GOT A NAP TODAY!!! (I was SO asleep...I drooled ALL over my pillow!) It was heavenly!
Hope everyone has a good week!
Our only appointments this week are RSV tomorrow, pick up new glasses, and Mark comes to work with feeding on Wednesday. EASY WEEK! If I get the hospital results...I will scan them and post them so that we can ALL REVIEW them and you can tell me what's new with my little man!

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Mandy said...

Nice pics Kat. It was in the 90's here in Cali. I bet Vegas was close to the same. Oh, did you feel the earthquake Saturday? It was based in Reno but it was felt all the way here in Sac.. Poor Brandon probley freaked out if he was awake for it.

Take care of the boys and let me know when you get your package. Tell Eli I forgot to put something in it for him but I'm still looking for the star wars people.

Vanessa said...

I just LOVE the tutu's!! You are so creative Kathy.

I also love the pictures. I'm sure Joe won't mind since they look adorable together.

I'm glad you have an easy week. Who knows maybe you'll get some more nap time with Isaac. You are such a hard working mama and deserve it.

Well it's off to relax with my baby girl before our long day of moving tomorrow. I'll talk to you soon!


Grandma Susie said...

The pic are great Kathy, thanks for posting them (even Joe & Isaac)
I love the tutu's they are adorable - maybe Brittany will start a blog of her own so that we get to see her girls - in the tutu's.
Glad to know you have an easy week. We'll check in on Wednesday or so.

Colin's Blog said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! No more wretching Isaac!! What is with these guys?? Colin still wretches all the time too. Isaac has been through a lot the last few days-anesthesia always makes me throw up for a few days. Hopefully, it's just that. Yeah for an easy week!!

The Portas said...

Oh my gosh! I am SOooooo jealous! At least our snow has melted but it's still cold and I'm so tired of winter. That's it, I'm moving to Vegas!

I hope Mr. Isaac starts feeling better and stops throwing up. Poor guy.

Sending you lots of hugs and love! Oh and I LOVE the pics. You do have the cutest boys in the whole world.

jencooper said...

I am going to email you today with my requests!!

I love new pics. Isaac is starting to look like such a little man. If I lived closer, I would come and give Eli swimming lessons. I teach them here in Texas.

Hope that you have a great day! Check your email.


Grandma Judy said...

Okay now, what are we doing about Isaac's hair. I know it's still long on top. How does he keep it out of his eyes? Do you "slick" it back, or do you still make the curl on top?

Now, his teeth. Are you brushing them?

He's looking healthy and happy. Keep up the good work!

Jane said...

Kathy! That tutu dress is the cutest thing I have ever seen :)

Sorry about the vomiting, that's a bummer. Ramona did that also until her overall saturations got a little higher. Perhaps it's due to poor blood perfusion?

You have a beautiful family...

Tina said...

I'm with ya on the vomiting. Vaeh, too, does it several times a day. Her's is usually gag triggered, an d here lately her finger triggers the gag! She's got some congestion so she's been bringing a lot of mucus up, too! The pics are great! Its finally warming up here, but not swimming weather yet, but nice enough to get outside for a few minutes! I'm with everyone else - the tutu's are adorable!


Andrea said...

I love that tutu dress! I have to have one for my little girl. She's turning two next week! I'm sorry to hear about the throwing up. You talk about it so casually, but it must be so hard to have to clean it up and change Isaac every time. I just found out today that Drew is going to need a CT scan to look at his cervical spine. So then we can look at our results together!

Samantha said...

Can't believe I did it again...read the site but did not sign!! Crazy me! Anyway...I am so jealous that you guys are in the pool! I just bought a new swimsuit yesterday, so we are on a plane to come swimming at your house!!! I don't even have to bring half my stuff since you have it all there already! Now I can't decide if Leah should get the original tutu or the dress tutu...I may have to buy one of both and in all the colors!!!!! So cute!!!

Love ya!