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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Look at my little sleeping angel...he makes my heart melt!!!

We had a really good day. I'm not coughing as much...so, I'm feeling better....Christopher brought home his report card (although we already knew that he made the A/B honor roll again...and Eli was excited to get back to school!

Our developmental specialist and physical therapist came over today. We had Isaac's annual evaluation. And...for the most part...he's on a 10 month level (so...not too bad!). BUT...for speech, he's on the 5 month level and for gross motor, he's on a 6 month level. Overall...it's what we already knew....but, he is improving so much everyday. He WILL talk one day...and he WILL sit up one day (soon I hope!). I've got big plans for my little man....

So...I made a new tutu today. It's one that can be slipped on a sleeping baby girl for a cute photo op~
So...of course I had to try it on my sleeping beauty....
He's going to kill me one day!!! It would be SO CUTE if he was naked, and his little bum was poking up in the air...with pink little puffs around him!!

So...tomorrow...I'm making one for Katie (our dog!)....

**Thanks for all the prayers for my heart babies...but, keep them coming...Elijah is still sedated, Emma isn't cleared to go home yet, and Drew is having a problem with his insurance approving his upcoming surgery at Stanford...please pray for my babies and their parents!!

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Mandy said...

Kathy, Joe is going to kill you if you keep turning all his boys into girly boys!!! He needs someone to play guy sports and work in the garage with him. If you keep this up, maybe he really will let Meghan come move in with you. :)

Monitor de LCD said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Portas said...

Mr. Tutu Isaac! Look at those sweet sleeping pics!

Ah, Isaac will catch up on everything soon enough. He's such a smart boy.

Kathy, how are you feeling? I hope you're not still sick!! Take care, guys. xoxoxo

Samantha said...

Love, love, love the sleepy baby boy! He is so adorable...how cute would your tutu's be if you made them a little shorter and into headbands??? Yes, that is a request...try that one out...my princess LOVES headbands...You are so good at this stuff!!!

I hope you are feeling better today...

Yea for the evaluation...Isaac is doing so well...just remember what all that little trooper has been through this year...I think that they told me that every day that is spent in the hospital takes something like 2 weeks off of their development, so with all the time that our little man has spent in the hospital...he is AHEAD of where he should be...YEA!!!

I will have to call you later...mousey is not tolerating his food very well...this is not so fun :( Oh well...we will get through this too.

Lots of love!

cindy said...

Love the sleeping baby pictures and I'm so glad you're feeling better! Chris knows how to keep himself in that house...keep getting good grades!!

You're gonna get in trouble from Isaac when he grows up and sees all these tutu pics.....but he's be even MORE mad at you if his little naked but was sticking out from under it!!!

Have a great day!


jmckeel said...

Glad you feel a little better. Isaac, your a doll! The tutu is very cute! But if there are men out there like James, he would not want the bum showing at ALL! So, make some a little longer so you can't see the diaper. haha :)

Colin's Blog said...

Awww...what a cutie. Don't they always look so angelic when they're sleeping?? Like the tutu-how cute!! Hope everyone is feeling better in the Roller household!!

Kelly said...

Yipee for feeling better! It sounds like Isaac is making lots of progress with his development. You'll soon be hearing "no mommy" soon.... I'm sure =)

OHHH to tutu is beautiful! I didn't realize that's what they meant by "slip on". Aubrey's going to look ADORABLE in it! You did a great job! TUTU cute!

jencooper said...

Seriously -- he is adorable. Grace is going to have a tough decision when she gets older!! I love him in a tutu but he is going to kick your caboose when he gets older!!

I hope that everyone is felling better.


cindy said...

Just stopping in to say "have a great weekend!" I'm sure there will be many stories from it when Monday rolls around!!