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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Zoom in on this picture....do you notice the scratches on the lenses??
It's where he's been eating them!! It's a good thing that we see the eye
doctor tomorrow!!! How in the WORLD can they even sell kids glasses
that can't resist two little baby teeth!?!?
All smiles...crazy eyes and all!!!

We had a nice, quiet Sunday. I started it off like everyday...giving Isaac a bath. Which...by the way...takes FOREVER due to all the supplies that he needs taken off and then put back on! Anyway, off the O2 today...he was still in the 80s...We see the pulmonologist on Tuesday...so, maybe he can shed some light in to why we are still requiring oxygen. Tomorrow we see the eye doctor, which is good due to the state of his glasses! I can't afford to buy him $300 glasses every month...I hope they make teeth-resistant lenses!!

He's tolerated his feeds pretty well today...but, he still has a runny nose (that's accompanying those ear infections)...I hope that doesn't force us to reschedule our Thursday events...I couldn't stand it if we had to reschedule everything!

So...here's' our week (like you don't have your own weekly events!):
**I forgot when our RSV appt is...so, I have to call her first thing in the morning...I know it's this week...just not sure which day and time
Monday--11am-Isaac eye appt
Tuesday--1pm--Isaac pulmonologist
6:30pm--Chris basketball practice
6:30pm--Chris scouts (hmmm...which one will he attend??)
Thursday--9:30--heart cath and MRI
8:00pm--Chris basketball team pics (I know...kinda late isn't it??)
Friday--HOPEFULLY, we got discharged from the hospital late on Thursday night..and we're home chillin!!!
Kyle (Joe's bro) and Brittany and their princesses come in from Utah for a weekend visit
**We're lucky that Eli (by total chance) doesn't have any t-ball games this week. There are normally 2 a week. Now...we all have time to get over the sniffles and one less thing to worry about!

Really...it's not too crazy...I'm just nervous about Isaac's Thursday. I know he'll do great....I just don't like EVER handing him over for anything~
I hope everyone had a great Sunday...and has a good week this week!

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Mandy said...

You better get to work on making those tutus with all those lenses you will have to buy. We'll have to start doing car washes on weekends to help raise money. Come on Isaac, we are never going to make it to Disney World in December if you keep this up.

Vanessa said...

Wow you guys have a busy week. I know I tell you this all the time but you really are a super mom in my book! I'l be keeping Isaac in my prayers all week. I know what you mean, I hate handing my baby over too.

Hey one good thing...I just found out that one of Robert's air force buddies is being sent to Las Vegas in June or July. I told him that was great cause now we have 3 reasons to go to Vegas 1) Visit his friend 2) Visit the Rollers!!!! 3) It's Vegas...you got to gamble!

Samantha said...

Not TOO busy...you really are losing it sweetie! You are swamped this week!

I cannot believe Isaac's glasses...that is horrible! I am sorry that he finds them so tasty and not food...these kids...so silly! I also cannot believe that they do not make them more "teeth" resistant! You would think!

I hope that you find some answers about this oxygen nonsense on Tuesday, and I am happy that you are getting the RSV shot this week before the MRI & cath. I know that Isaac will be just fine by Thursday so that we can get these tests run and get him all fixed up so that he can go on vacation!!!

Call me if you need anything...my week is not nearly as crazy as yours is this week :)

Lots of love!

crabby old man said...

I can see right now YOU just have to much spare time.
May the week bring good results

Andrea said...

I'll definitely be thinking of you this week with all your appointments and especially on Thursday! Sorry to hear about Isaac's scratchy glasses, maybe you need to invent something and become a millionaire!