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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Short and sweet again....

WE ARE HOME!!! They discharged us a little after 7:00pm!! So, the cath went great. The MRI...the nurse glanced at the report on the computer and told me that the spine looked fine. I said, "What about the brain?"...she said, "Oh..they found things"...but, she wouldn't tell me!!!

It's a good thing I pulled a Vanessa and had already gone to medical records and told them that I needed a copy of all reports today for other doctors (so, I could read them myself)...because who KNOWS when we'll get in to see the neurologist to read the results to me!

Icky's doing good...a little junky, cranky, and puffy...nothing the breathing treatments, Tylenol, and lasix can't fix!

Thanks for all the prayers...we felt SO loved today!

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Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

I'll call you tomorrow..
I've been in Beaver...

good thinking on the medical records!

Mandy said...

Good job Icky. Tell mom that you deserve Pizza Hut tomorrow with the rest of the boys.

We love you. Get some sleep and tell Eli to be nice.

cindy said...

So glad everything went well today! That Isaac is such a trooper!! Sending you guys lots of prayers....hope you get some good sleep tonight!!!

BTW...Eli is such a ham! What a silly kid.


Andrea said...

Yay! I'm glad you are home getting some good rest tonight! Try to have a relaxing day tomorrow.

Samantha said...

I am so happy that you got to go home last night...what a relief...your own bed!!!

I am so happy that the cath went well and that the spine looked good. Now...that nurse I want to kick her tushy...what does that mean??? They found things...well yea...his BRAIN!!! Anyway, let us know what the MRI and the profusion scan found...

Give that adorable little man a big hug from me...

Lots of love,

The Portas said...

YAY for being back at home! I'm hoping you can get some results quickly because it sure isn't helpful to hear they found "things."

Hugs to the cute Isaac! Way to go!


kc'sbunch said...

Kathy, I am so glad everyghing went well yesturday. After watching Kate's kart (and sobbing) I realized a little more what you heart mommy's go through. I am SO thrilled that Issac's tests look good. Our family loves you and thinks about you all of the time.

T & T said...

You ALL are loved, so happy for a smooth process yesterday and happy they allowed you to go home to your safe haven and be together.

crabby old man said...

"Thanks for all the prayers...we felt SO loved today!" Ur loved every day.

jencooper said...

Yea! You know - I have been having to hand out the Grace Cooper Rockstar Award quite frequently! But Isaac is deserving of it!! I am so glad that you went home and were able to love on that little boy.

Tell that nurse that she has some people out to get her so she better HIDE!! You don't tell a parent something like that. I hope that I don't run into her in a dark alley!

Love ya'll!!



Grandma Susie said...

So good to know you are both home and the results of Isaacs cath are good.
I'll call you later to check on him. Give everybody kisses for us.
Love you Kathy!

Samantha said...

HELLO...you left us just hanging about the whole MRI...you said you had the results with you...so tell us!!!

Thinking of you guys!

BTW...no we do not have a karoke machine for the princess...but I think that we need to get one...I love the idea about the earplugs...I guess I should just buy his Kindergarten teacher some too :)

Love ya!